"This World is an achievement on its own, the first planet ever settled by the Lewis Nations outside its own Galaxy, its safe place. The foundation of this colony gave way to an expansion through thousands of Galaxies, a new race and era through unexplored space. But this world is also famous for its beautiful rings, and is hardworking military people, with services, mining, military and civilian manufacturing at its core" - Senator Maes Prim.

Turon is a Terran World, a terrestrial terra, located in the Taio System, in the Megara Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It was the First human colony in the Megara Galaxy, as well as the first colony founded by the Lewis Nations outside the Lewis Galaxy. It was founded by the Empire of Mankind to which it belongs to this day.

The first colonist arrived in 115,002 CE from the world of Haldar in 3 colony ships carrying up to 5 million settlers each. The colony soon flourished and has, since then, become one of the Big Five Worlds of the Empire of Mankind in the Megara Galaxy.

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