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The Typhonian Tongue was the first ever language in existence. It is a dialect that came about at the creation of the second generation of sapient beings of Ambrosia, the Typhonians, the divine successors of the primordial Annuat. The language of the Typhonian Tongue was inherent and ever present to the Typhonians as a people, every divine spawned off of Amaranthia began to speak aloud their self-given name upon creation, forging a title from the words intrinsic to the Tongue.

During the Great Age Typhonia, the Tongue was the only language in the whole of creation, however as time passed following the divines banishment from Ambrosia, the Inomeni races left in their wake began to adapt and remix the Tongue to forge new languages such as the, Sovereign's Word of the Inomeni race, the Seraphnim, as well as the Edian Language of planet Haven.

In the present day of 10,000 AGY, the Typhonian Tongue language is only ever rarely spoken by the various sapient races throughout the galaxy, however the previously mentioned offshoot languages still see somewhat popular use, with the most major being the Sanlagosa Concordant's use of Soveregin's Word, or the Emerald Empire of Sidera's use of Emerianic. More notably however, within the Thirteen Realms, Typhonian Tongue remains as an ever present language as nearly the whole of the populace of the numerous planes that create its number have the language of the Divines as their native tongue.


Numerous offshoot languages have spawned off of the mother language of the Typhonian Tongue, these offshoot languages are collectively referred to as the Maternal Languages.

  • Sovereign's Word: Often times considered to be the second ever true language to come about in Ambrosia, the Sovereign's Word was devised by the sixth ever Golden Sovereign who took the common language of his Seraphnim subjects and began to adapt it to a new tongue as a show that all within his empire held undying and unwavering loyalty to the Seraphnim Empire. After his death, the next crowned Golden Sovereign took the common language and changed it once again, leading to each succeeding Golden Sovereign to further update the language until' the collapse of the Seraphnim as a galactic power.
  • Edian Language: The Edian language was a type of speech developed by the group of Edia known as the Elakios who resettled planet Haven following the Edia's expulsion from the Mavimyst and reality itself. Despite being adapted from the Typhonian Tongue, very few similarities between the two remain today as it was developed to function more like a type of code rather then a traditional language. It was created by the Elakios to be able to be istantly heard and understood by each of the subsequent descendant Havenborne races that would come about following the evolution into them by both the Elakos themselves, and various the various settlers of other Inomeni races, making the Edian Language impossible to understand by any non-Havenborne species without assistance.


Typhonian Tongue - Concepts:

Typhonian Tongue: Translation:
Typhonia -Universe





Uat -All



Vavill -Infinite




Ruun -Opposite



Typhonian Tongue - Titles:

Typhonian Tongue: Trnaslation:
Typhonian -God


Amaranthi -Mortal



Edo -Continuation



Typhonian Tongue - Numbers:

Typhonian Tongue: Translation:
Uni -One




Anii -Two




Vriii -Three




Gatniiii -Four




Banuli - Five




Syxuli -Six



Seveuli -Seven




Metiauli -Eight



Zeveaiuli -Nine



Grevnatuli -Ten



Typhonian Tongue - Elements and States of Matter:

Typhonian Tongue: Translation:
Aqhy -Water




Inpy -Fire




Lent -Air




Gran -Earth




Dyna -Lightning




Crio -Ice