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The Uhara are an ethnic group of the Aldorian species, native to the continent of Enuhara, in the north of the Aldorian homeworld of Birnis. They are one of the five principal ethnic groups of the Aldorians, but are by far the most primitive. They are a warrior-like culture, very much based on honor, prestige, constant fights and illegal activities. They are one of the most mercenaries species found in Herschel Space.


They arose in the frozen tundric and arthic lands of the continent of Enuhara, from were they take their name. This continent is bordered by the ocean to the south and the east and by the Enor Mountains and the continent of Fandor to the west. They became a cohesive group of cultures by conquest and assimilation. However, the Uhara are not the only ethnic group in the continent, as they share it with the Tarkas (who live in the arthic fields of the north of Enuhara), a group the Uhara take into great consideration due to their strenght and survival skills, and the Mirthis, native to the eastern side of the continent, usually based on trading and agriculture, to which the Uhara profit greatly and thus avoid assaulting their lands.

They got their hands on technology that the other ethnic groups of the Aldorians had created and soon, they learned to used and keep up such technology and even to repair it, launching themselves into the space conquest.


The Uhara are divided into multiple clans, and each one of them is different. Some are matrilineal while some are patrilineal. The matrilineal ones have a clan base who considers the children born out of the females of the clan as members. If your mother is from the clan, you are from the clan. On the patrilineal side all children considered themselves from the clan if they father is from the clan. Most Uhara are largely matrilinieal clans. Also no marriage forms exist and thus the father doesn't count at all as long as the female provides members to it. All clans are ruled by the Intti, the most powerful warrior of the Clan. The Intti is not hereditary, as it must be owned. The Intti however, are strong individuals who have access to the most powerfull female Uhara and thus their children usually inherit the strenght from both (having in turn more probabilities to be an Intti someday).


The Aldorians of the Uhara ethnicity are responsable for the creation of this nation, which is a projection of their own nation in Birnis into space. As the Inosh Aldorians, the Uhara are splitt into two large groups. One, inhabits large City-Ships in which they travel through the cosmos as nomads (just as they would do in Birnis) assaulting and attaching anything in their path. They live out as pirates, sackers, and most notably enslavers. They take big profit on abducting people from a world on a quick attack before the planet is able to respond and leave fast with as many slaves as they can take. Then they usually sell them to the Aldorian High Kingdom or to other enslaving nations. Humans slaves are sometimes sold to the Empire, but this is a rare practice. The other half of the population lives in planetary worlds (usually artic, tundric or cold moons) that serve as the Uhara bases for their trading, refurbishement of Assemblies. Most of their worlds are hidden in unexplore areas with few inhabitants. All clans have their own planetary dominion. Some worlds gather shrines or other important buildings for the Uhara.

A large portion of the Uhara live abroad, most notably hired as mercenaries or guardians. Some have settled in other nations like the United Alliance or to a much lesser extend the Intergalactic Federation. They are numerous however as members of the Farshlag Syndicate..


Honor is very much appreciated among this aldorians. Society is classified in a meritocracy and strict code of loyalty and belonging. Thus they act as a community rather than an individual. However the strong do fight themselves for power of their communities in order to become Inttis of their Tribe.