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The Umaki Scattered Systems are an area of space connecting the Termula Region with the rest of the Lewis Galaxy, thus they are located in this Galaxy, in the Nisu Branch Megaregion of the Drakori Arm, and thus in Herschel Space. The Umaki Scattered systems are as it name indicates, scattered through a vast area. On one side lies the vast emptiness of the outer space of the Universe and on the other the Mikos Void that splits the Termula Region away from the rest of the Galaxy. This means that those systems are one of the only points of connection, being the other one the Nisapa Strait.

The Umaki Scattered Systems have been very low on population for most of their history due to their isolation. However, two hyperspace connect the Termula Region with the rest of the Galaxy, both crossing through those systems. However, one of the Hyperspace is almost never used due to it being a very dangerous way. Many mercenaries, Pirates and others have grown in those areas thus meaning that the use of that hyperspace lane is too dangerous for any cargo to or civilian ship to use.

On the contrary, the other hyperspace line, who crossed through the more civilized systems of the area, the Umaki lane as it is known is much more secured and reliable and thus is the main route for commerce, trade, civilian passage etc. The systems around this lane are well inhabited and are more secured.

This lie mostly facing towards the Mikos Void while the dangerous systems are concentrated away, towards the Universe's void, the edge of the Lewis Galaxy. This is the home of the Wreteren Sydicate, named after the Wreteren, the species that rules the syndicate (some say they came from the world of Duksis but the etymology suggest that their original world probably was Petren. The Farshlag Syndicate also has notable presence in the region.

The Umaki systems have a very particular culture and even a small language unique to them. For the most part they were considered brave soldiers and civilians who protected the Plutocracy from the invasion of the Empire (or viceversa). The area is currently divided between the Empire and the Plutocracy with most of it belonging to the Plutocracy.


Esselin Vakuren was the first explored to ventured through the Scattered Systems into the Termula region. She spent many years travelling around the region and mapping the systems for interstellar charts. She even encountered the Umaki, a local species from which the region got it's name. The Scattered System name got added when the explorers noted that the distance between system and systems was far greater and also the abundance of systems was much lower than in other areas. The Umaki are the most devellopped species of the region and the only one to have arose here other than the primitives Torotti and Beernu.

The Umaki were soon overrun by a massive arrival of human settlers. At first from the Empire who settled in some of the systems but later, with the passing of time, a steady flow of colonist from the Termula Region (Plutocracy Citizens) floaded the area, trapping the Umaki in their few colonized worlds.

Notable Systems

  • Kemika System (Home to the Umaki)
  • Afgalon System (Home to the world of Guboida)
  • Deplox System (Home to the world Vissinax)
  • Vaini Sytem (Home to the world of Usen)
  • Corbet System (Home to the world of Dertina and Polubias)
  • Ansun System (Home to the Beernu and the Human world of Kulkis)
  • Yexassi System (Home to Noratton, the homeworld of the Torotti)
  • Newel System (Home to the syndicate world of Yaasi)
  • Ixnis System (Home to the criminal world of Petren)
  • Huglana System (Home to the criminal ecumenopolis moon of Duksis)