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The Un'oit are a sapient species native to somewhere in the region now controlled by the Un'oit Collective in Via Aylathiya. While their exact home-world is unknown, they most likely originated on the planet Torlak. As carbon-based organisms, their biochemistry is not particularly out of the ordinary. They are likely the most ancient still-living species within the galaxy, likely evolving sometime around one million BCE.

Physical Description

The Un'oit are centipedal organisms with the 8 front legs capable of grasping objects with smaller digits affixed to them. The Un’oit are mostly carnivorous but can sustain themselves on plants if the need ever arises. They eat through a large circular mouth located underneath their head. This mouth is covered with around three rows of sharp incisor-like teeth with which the Un’oit can tear through some of the tougher prey on their planet. Atop their head are 8 eyes with two principal eyes in front. The two principal eyes have no irises and instead rely on a telescope-like approach in which two lenses are in the eye. They can alter the angle of this internal "telescope" to focus on objects. The other eyes have much poorer vision, but more or less grant omni-directional vision.

They speak through the use of four muscles located inside their mouths. These muscles vibrate rapidly to produce a wide array of sounds ranging from near-ultrasonic to well into the common frequencies used in sound-based communication.

The Un'oit have two sexes, male and female. Males, however, do not qualify as sapient and are, instead, more akin to pets taken care of by the females. They are biologically expendable. Males are essentially just smaller versions of their larger female counterparts, except they have much less intelligence, are fairly shiny (with the intent of drawing away predators), do not live for as long, and mature much quicker.

The baseline Un’oit are capable of surviving underwater for an entire local day before needing to resurface for air. Many subspecies of Un'oit spend the majority of their time underwater and have become far more amphibious, the same has happened in reverse, with similar numbers opting to survive in more terrestrial environments.


The first Un’oit are thought to have evolved on Torlak, but this is not confirmed. Since at least 500,000 BCE, they have existed across hundreds of thousands of star systems. For most of their history, they existed in dozens of disunited nation-states ranging in size from space stations to hundreds of star systems. As the galaxy came under the control of the Triumvirate Civilization, the Three leaders noted their existence, but did not bother taking their space due to its low value. As history went on, they were interfered with very little, in fact, they were unaware of the existence of other species in the galaxy until about 1,507 BCE. They were invaded shortly thereafter in 1,301 BCE by the Yohjan Confederacy. After the invasion failed, they remained united in the Un'oit Collective rather than splitting apart.

When the War of the Ancients began, the Collective was hit hard by the Celestial Plague, forcing them to become much more involved with the rest of the galaxy. They joined the Confederacy shortly after the war began, however, due to their relative insignificance, only a handful of skirmishes happened within their borders. They remain in the Confederacy to this day.


Those who practiced Yav’iina were under the belief that they (read: Un’oit) were the superior race among the life on their planet and later the universe. Upon the discovery of other sapient lifeforms in the galaxy, the Dendrons, religious leaders of Yav’iina, declared that other alien life who claimed to be sapient was an affront to their ancestor-gods the Yav.

It was taught by those who practiced this religion that those less than them were to be either exterminated of brought “Into the fold” as they called it. It was this belief that led the Un’oit Collective to enslave many other different races.

The believers of Yav’iina believed that their religious leaders, the Dendron, were capable of contacting their ancestor-gods and communicating with them. From these communions the many rules and practices came about.

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