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The Union of Narenna, also referred to as the Narennan Federation, is a small but deceptively powerful nation that resides in the outer reaches of the Florathel Galaxy. It's member states have a combined area of roughly 2.9 billion stars in and around the Crown Cluster. The Union also contains a population of 1.9 quintillion intelligent beings. The member states have merged into one nation for all purposes of foreign relations and wars, but they have a great deal of autonomy as well. The Union of Narenna was born out of the end of the Crown Wars, a series of wars which ravaged the Crown Cluster until the various parties made peace and joined together to avoid any other wars happening in, and later beyond, the cluster.

The union, usually regarded as a singular entity, is the third largest modern nation in the Outer Paleas Arm, surpassed by the Republic of the Spider Nebula and the Kormin Empire. Some of the bigger nations that existed before the Treaty of Union were superpowers in their own right of their region of the galaxy, which demonstrates the really quite excessive power it has relative to its small stature. The Union borders the other three major nations in the area and many smaller nations squished between them.


Before the Union of Narenna, this region of the galaxy was never united entirely since the fall of the Lareas Alliance for unknown reasons. Since then, there was the Providence Union shortly before its fall, but it left the nations to mostly self-rule, so it doesn't really count.

The region has had many type II civilizations over its long history, the earliest known one being from over eleven billion years ago. There have been almost a billion Kardashev II civilizations throughout the galaxy's history, but very few of them have expanded beyond their local stellar neighborhood.

Many Kardashev II civilizations in the Crown Cluster were fighting over the rich resources in the cluster, until a secret meeting of the higher-ups in the governments of these civilizations noted that this was doing all the civilizations more harm than good, and started a plan to end the endless infighting and merge into one prosperous nation, the Union of Narenna.

As the wars wound to a close, "heated discussions" happened over where to place the capital of this new empire, which were staring contests on the best of days, and often devolved into all-out brawls. To end that fighting, a neutral capital was hastily chosen: Narenna, a Luminous Blue Variable near the center of the cluster, with a super-terra in a low orbit around it that could be easily disassembled to construct a starlifting assembly to extract the required resources to build the vast arrays of orbital habitats.

This resulted in long years of peace as the newly formed Union of Narenna colonized the unusually civilizationless zone of space surrounding the cluster. However, the Union eventually bumped against the colonization waves of the two other major nations in the area, the Republic of the Spider Nebula and the Kormin Empire. Disputes over which border systems belonged to who sparked all along the borders. Then, General Talken the Ruthless of the Kormin Empire orchestrated a horrifically disproportionate attack on Narenna's dyson swarm with a Narennan colony ship accidentally infringing on what the empire thought was their territory as a pretext. This attack triggered an explosion, demolishing a huge amount of the infrastructure on the Narenna Dyson Swarm, including Goros Station, the seat of the Narennan Parliament. After a similarly horrifying attack hit the Republic of the Spider Nebula, the two nations joined forces against the Kormin Empire relatively recently.

Diplomatic Relations

The Union of Narenna has diplomatic relations with many nations, ranging from very positive to outright hostile. The Union is currently at war with the Kormin Empire.

Republic of the Spider Nebula

The Union of Narenna used to have many skirmishes between them and the Republic of the Spider Nebula over small pieces of territory near the edges of their empires. However, after they were both attacked by the Kormin Empire, they both teamed up against the Empire, and they are currently fighting alongside each other in the Forever War.

Kormin Empire

The Union used to have many skirmishes between them and the Kormin Empire during the prelude to the Forever War. However, after a simultaneous assault on the Narenna Dyson Swarm, capital the Union of Narenna, and the Archas System, capital of the Republic of the Spider Nebula, the two nations began an all-out war against the Kormin Empire. The vast majority of the citizens of both nations strongly dislike the Kormin Empire.

Cnara-Frealee Federation

The Cnara-Frealee Federation is quite distant to the Union's territory, being located in the Flower Core, but as the only intervening stuff between Union territory and the Florathel Galaxy is mostly uninhabited space, communication is relatively easy. Some Federation citizens are secretly sending some resources to help the war effort.

The Forever War
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