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The Unionist Language is the main spoken and working language of The Union and one of the most spoken among Herschel Space and the Lewis Nations. It belongs to the Anarian Language Family and is thus related to other Lewisian Languages. It is used as the main language for communication and internal affairs. It belongs to the Anarian Language family and is related to other Lewisian languages such as Kreonese, Sionese, Imperial Language and the Federal Language.

The Unionist language it's highly similar to the Imperial Language from which it derives and very similar to the Federal Language. Being the later a product of mixing imperial and unionist languages. The language was born out of refugees scaping the Imperial-Unionist War. The Unionist language traces back to the Great Slave Revolt of 34 720 CE, when scaped slaves settled the worlds of Isso and Tarsus. This far away settlement from imperial territory and the ability to go unoticed by the Empire for thousands of years, allowed the Union to be isolated and thus create a new divergent tongue.

The total amount of speakers is around 75 Quintilion (as mother tongue speakers) and 82 Quintilion (considering second language speakers and and people who speak the language abroad). It is also spoken largely by a large unionist community in the Intergalactic Federation as well as abroad in far away places, such as other galactic clusters. The language is as well of great importance among the Unionist Religion, and thus it is highly used in rituals and other acts of this religion by religious communities in far away territories outside the Union.

Language Family

Anarian Family of Languages

Proto-Anarian Language : An early version of the Old Anarian language

  • Old Anarian: (Language spoken until the Anarian Fever Crisis, after which it divided in two Branches)
    • (Modern) Anarian Language: Spoken in Anar to the present day by those who remain. After Anar's integration into the Empire of Mankind, the language has been ongoing a progressive decline due the influence and pressure of the Imperial Language.
    • Lewisian Languages: (A family of languages spoken by those who left and settled in and around Herschel Space)
      • Imperial Language: Spoken and developed by the settlers who arrived in Elpida and scaped the Anarian Fever incident. It started as a dialect of Anarian who diverted greatly on its own, and from which derive the rest of the languages spoken in the region. It is spoken and the official language of the Empire of Mankind and the Plutocracy of Gish
        • Unionist Language: Broke out from Imperial language when the Imperial Scape Slaves founded the Union. It started as a distinct dialect of the Imperial language but due to isolation it became a language of its own (although still very very close to the Imperial language)
        • Federal Language: The language was created by refugees of the Empire and to a lesser extend from the Union, after the war between both nations. The Federal language started as a dialect that evolved in the Akai Nebula to become a language of its own and the Official language of the Intergalactic Federation. This languages can be said to be in between the Unionist and Imperial Languages although its closer to the later due to Imperial Refugees making the mayority of the Refugees.
          • Kreonese Language: Born out of a mix between the Federal Tongue and influences of Alien languages. It was spoken in an isolated area of the Intergalactic Federation, most notably in the planet Kreon, but due to limited access at the time with other areas of the Federation, it degenerate into a distinct language. With independence of the region and the creation of the United Alliance, Kreon became its capital, and Kreonese its oficial tongue, expanding the language all over United territory.
            • Sionese Language: Very similar to the Kreonese Language. It started as a distinct dialect of Kreonese, with less Alien influence. After independence, the language evolved on its own to form Sionese, which is very similar to Kreonese.


The History of the language began with the Great Slave Revolt and the exodus that human-born slaves and anti-slavery activists were forced to do when their revolt was successfully crushed. It was then, that was amounts of people settled the hidden worlds of Sion and Isso among others. This planets nearby stayed in touch and looked for possible attacks from the Empire that never occured. This worlds were far away from the Empire and this created a way of isolating themselves from the rest of the Humans in the Lewis Galaxy. After a long period of isolation, the language diverted into what would be known as the old unionist language, that is still similar and intelligable with the modern unionist tongue.

The languages became more and more important when the unionist settlers, resently converted to the Unionist religion expanded away to uncharted and undiscovered areas of the Galaxy, colonizing new worlds and claiming them for the Union. This massive expantion made the Union a noticable power and soon led to the discovery after millennia of its existence by the Empire. This led to new but old-rooted rivalries and a cold war began among the two. During this period, large amounts of Imperial vocabulary and expressions were introduced in the Unionist language again by indirect contact among the two nations. Same occured the other way.

It is worth noting that during the war with the Empire, the language also tried to get rid of Imperial idioms but this attempt was largely unsuccessful. Not only that, but the language got more infused with Imperial language loanwords, idioms and expressions than before when millions upon millions of Imperial citizens were annexed into the Union and forcefully converted. Their languages and influences entered the Unionist dialects as a whole, greating shaping the language. Nevertheless, this war also was fundamental in the birth of the Federal tongue, which was a mix of Unionist and Imperial tongues alongside its own isolation and evolutionary process.

When the language was exported to other Galaxies, it began a process of change and contact with other lewisian languages as well as other foreign ones. This has shaped significantly the language and has made it evolve from its humble beginnings.