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The United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy (commonly known as UNFG, UNotFG, or simply the United Nations) is a military and economic international alliance located in the Florathel Galaxy consisting of many member nations, autonomous territories, and federal districts. With approximately 35 sexillion individuals, which populate every system in the United Nations' territory, the Nations is the most populous government in the Local Universe. The capital of the Nations is Astra, and the most populated state is the Cnara-Frealee Federation.


The United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy is an international union of nations that preserves good relations between the many states of the Florathel Galaxy. It mainly decides foreign policy and settles disputes between two nations, and citizens of each nation are elected to represent them in the Quorum of Nations. The UNFG have 143 different nations under its wing, all of whom have elected representatives based on population. The Quorum of Nations also passes laws that override the laws of individual nations where applicable and ensure that every citizen of every nation, biological, cybernetic, or virtual, gets what it needs to have a prosperous life.

The Government of the United Nations oversees many workings of day-to-day life in its territory, and is able to declare war on hostile nations such as the Somnar Hive, and mediate peace treaties between the nations under its wing and others. It also can control the national budget and authorize construction of major megastructures.

All government officials in the United Nations are highly trained in the fields of humanitarianism, the history and structure of the United Nations, economics, and other fields that help them govern the nations well. All government officials are also expected to verify that they still have the capacity to be a government official of their position, and usually include implants alongside other systems of authentication. Qualifications for being a high member of the government are also complex, and usually take many years of experience in other fields.

Quorum of Nations

United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy Quorum of Nations.png

The Quorum of Nations is a selection of experienced elected officials from all nations in the UNFG. In the seats of the Quorum of Nations, there exists all nation leaders, CEOs of prominent corporations, superintelligences, military executives, and many many others.


The United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy has the vast majority of its territory within the Florathel Galaxy, as well as many of its satellite galaxies.

The Nations also have a large number of wormhole gateways throughout its territory, allowing rapid travel between all its domains, and some travel between the UNFG and its allied nations, such as the Union of Narenna.

Tables of Populated Regions

Florathel Core

Name Image Notable Planets/Megastructures Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Florathel Core FlorathelCore.png PNZ Flag.jpg MegastructureIcon.png The Heart of Providence

PNZ Flag.jpg PlanetIcon.png Glanadi

Cnara-Frealee Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Carlea

Cnara-Frealee Federation Flag.png MegastructureIcon.png Birran Matrioshka

EFS Flag.png MegastructureIcon.png Elidoro

~200,000,000,000 Star Systems UNFG Flag.png Total National Influence: 73%


PNZ Flag.jpg Providence Neutral Zone: 47%

Cnara-Frealee Federation Flag.png Cnara-Frealee Federation: 23%

EFS Flag.png Economic Federation of Saleas: 3%

MIU Flag.png Marakat Interstellar Union: 12%

UnknownFlag.png Non-UNFG Territory: 27%

The Florathel Core is the densest and most populated region of the UNFG, with the heart of the largest nation in the galaxy, the Cnara System, located in this region. It also contains the Providence Neutral Zone, a zone which every member nation of the UNFG has equal influence in, and also contains many different relics from the extinct Providence Union, and is as such a region that is heavily studied by scientists and historians.

The Florathel Core contains The Heart of Providence, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Florathel Galaxy. This is surrounded by a partially constructed Birch Planet, known as the Sphere of Nations, and is not yet fully populated. The Heart of Providence is also the site where many, many, many important treaties were signed.

Surrounding the Heart of Providence is the Providence Cluster and Nebula, a dense cluster surrounding the core of the galaxy that many stars are forming in. The Providence Cluster has many habitable planets, which has helped increase the population density of the region. Most of the Cluster is in the Providence Neutral Zone, and these habitable planets have been colonized by citizens of every single nation in the Galaxy, with the notable exception of the Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi.

Frealee Arm

Name Image Notable Planets/Megastructures Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Frealee Arm Frealee Arm.png Cnara-Frealee Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Darvikus

UNFG Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Astra

EFS Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Saleas

EFS Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Azavante

FTIC Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Frolira

FTIC Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Tuar

~200,000,000,000 Star Systems TBA

The Frealee Arm is the second most populated region of the UNFG, and contains its administrative capital, Astra. It also contains many other major worlds, including Saleas, Darvikus, Frolira, Tuar, and others. It contains the heart of the Economic Federation of Saleas, and in its outer reaches, the Frolira-Tuar Interstellar Commune.

The Frealee Arm contains the largest proportion of UNFG Neutral Territory outside of the Providence Neutral Zone, which is in a different classification.

The Frealee Arm also contains a relatively high density of Aroteon Stars, a strange class of star which appears to have a wide variety of colors across its surface. Some of these are in UNFG Neutral Territory for study.

Elerad Arm

Name Image Notable Planets/Megastructures Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Elerad Arm Elerad Arm.png MIU Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Artaclate

MIU Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Perol

MIU Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Vea

CSW Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Wryn

Amanian Federation Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Amana

Trezhath Republic Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Trezhath

Moktosha Flag.jpg PlanetIcon.png Ektara

Whedan Union Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Wheda

UNFG Flag.png MegastructureIcon.png Plokeon SICTIRIAD Gate

~200,000,000,000 Star Systems TBA

The Elerad Arm is the largest region in the Florathel Galaxy, but it is not the most populated. The Elerad Arm contains many nations that are not part of the UNFG due to their governmental systems or they simply didn't want to. Because of this, the Elerad Arm is not as heavily developed as the Frealee Arm, and they particularly have high levels of poverty in some places.

However, the UNFG is working to fix this, with aid packages to afflicted nations. Even the MIU is affected by this due to the relative sparseness of its population.

The population of the Elerad Arm is notably quite spread out compared to the Frealee Arm and Florathel Core, with less than a third of its population. It is not entirely known why this is.

Elerad Arm

Name Image Notable Planets/Megastructures Total Star Systems National Influence (%)

Encalet Confederacy Flag.png Encalet Confederacy: TBA

UnknownFlag.png Nationalist Liberation Front: TBA

MIU Flag.png Marakat Interstellar Union: TBA

Areial Union Flag.jpg Areial Union: TBA

FNG Flag.png Free Nation of Garrea: TBA

UNFG Flag.png UNFG Neutral Territory: TBA

UnknownFlag.png Other: TBA

UnknownFlag.png Non-UNFG Territory: TBA

Elerad Arm Elerad Arm.png Areial Union Flag.jpg PlanetIcon.png Eiar

Areial Union Flag.jpg PlanetIcon.png Nysha

Areial Union Flag.jpg MegastructureIcon.png Treana Dyson Swarm

FNG Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Garrea

FNG Flag.png MegastructureIcon.png Fornes SICTIRIAD Gate

MIU Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Argano

Encalet Confederacy Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Encalet

UnknownFlag.png PlanetIcon.png Parvakel

FNG Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Aldar

~200,000,000,000 Star Systems TBA

The Elerad Arm is the least populated region of the galactic disk. It contains a dearth of civilizations, and in the mid-20,000s, the nation of Sagittarium invaded and decimated the majority of its outer parts. Today, the only large nations reside close to the core, the Free Nation of Garrea and Areial Union.

Some of the other nations of the UNFG are trying to recolonize the vast empty areas in the Elerad Arm, and this destruction is what gave most of the Flower Nations a distrust of humans.

Today, some of the galactic disk globular clusters are controlled by Sagittarium to this day, and they have become significantly more peaceful, mostly just staying in their respective clusters. A small faction of the Quorum of Nations believes that the UNFG should oust these colonies, although the vast majority believes that this should only occur if they start randomly invading places.

Galactic Halo

Name Image Notable Planets/Megastructures Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Galactic Halo Galactic Halo.png Saihera Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Dimostah

Saihera Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Suloom

Saihera Flag.png MegastructureIcon.png Corroloa

PPFN Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Nalachi

PPFN Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Devoro

~200,000,000,000 Star Systems TBA

The Galactic Halo is the sparsest region of the Florathel Galaxy, containing an area twice the size of the Florathel Galaxy proper, but with only twenty billion stars. The Galactic Halo is officially fully controlled by the nations in the galactic disk, but they don't administer this claim, and the Kingdom of Saihera controls just over 1/4 of it. The only other nation to properly control a significant part of it is the Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi, a reclusive, ancient nation that has only recently agreed to join the UNFG, located in the Nalachi Cluster, one of the many globular clusters scattered through the Galactic Halo.

Akradax Galaxy

Name Image Notable Planets/Megastructures Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Akradax Galaxy Akradax Galaxy.png Akradax Collective Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Akradax

Akradax Collective Flag.png MegastructureIcon.png Toralea

Akradax Collective Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Mire

PPFN Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Maxeres

~3,000,000,000 Star Systems UNFG Flag.png Total National Influence: 100%


Akradax Collective Flag.png Akradax Collective: 96%

PPFN Flag.png Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi: 3%

UnknownFlag.png Other: 1%

The Akradax Galaxy (often referred to as the Snow Globe Galaxy) is a dwarf elliptical galaxy orbiting the Florathel Galaxy, and is located ~11 million light-years from Aylothn. Being the core of the Akradax Gateways, Akradax has outsize fame for its size. However, it is also the home to one of the oldest standing nations in the universe, the Akradax Collective.

Akradax contains a dense forest of heavily modified worlds and megastructures filling almost every system, especially those within the Snow Globe Nebula. After almost four hundred thousand years of colonization, this is to be expected. These megastructures are very mysterious, with scientists being invited in to study them only very recently, and most of them not even being able to understand their function. The most important of these megastructures are the Akradax Gateways, transport devices scattered throughout the Florathel Galaxy area. These all appear to lead to a nexus near the central black hole of Akradax, which has been declared neutral territory for its extreme usefulness to all species in the Florathel Galaxy and surrounds.

Nellai's Object

Name Image Notable Planets/Megastructures Total Star Systems National Influence (%)
Nellai's Object Nellai's Object.png UNFG Flag.png PlanetIcon.png Nakuvoas ~123,000,000 Star Systems UNFG Flag.png Total National Influence: 100%


UNFG Flag.png UNFG Neutral Territory: 100%

Nellai's object is a strange galaxy. It is absolutely miniscule, at just 850 light years across, but it contains around 23 million stars. Nellai's object is also a quasar, emitting high-energy radiation in two opposite directions. It is currently going through an intense starburst spree, forming at a rate of 430 stars every year. Nellai's object is intensely pink, with hints of blue, green and red across its strange filaments of gas, which almost resemble spiral arms. Over a million OB stars, over 30,000 Wolf-Rayet stars and over 1,000 aroteon stars have been documented in Nellai's object, and it is currently the most inhospitable known galaxy in the Florathel Galaxy's systems. Fortunately, in around 20 million years, Nellai's object's starburst phase will end, but the "galaxy" will still be extremely dense and quite inhospitable. It is a distant satellite of the Florathel Galaxy.

There is only one documented habitable planet in the entire galaxy, located on the edges. Nakuvoas is the only colony in the entire galaxy, a barely habitable icy rogue planet, warmed only by the light of many stars light years away. Work is being done to put Nakuvoas in a stable orbit around a nearby star. Currently it is shared by the entire United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy.

Although the UNFG nominally controls the whole galaxy, this control is only really exerted at Nakuvoas itself and its immediate surroundings, meaning that many criminals choose to hide in this dangerous environment. However, no one really lives here so there isn't really an urgent need to flush them out, nor is it really possible.

Major Worlds

The UNFG contains many different major worlds, including industrial hotspots, population centers, and capitals. Others are historically important and are preserved for historical study.

PlanetIcon.png Astra PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Carlea PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Saleas PlanetIcon.png
Frealee Arm, UNFG Neutral Territory
Florathel Core, CFF
Frealee Arm, EFS
Unique Attributes:
  • Most populated planet of the UNFG
  • Hyperlane hub
  • Homeworld of the Carleans
  • near the Florathel Core
  • sort of a nature preserve
  • Orbits a red giant
  • Hyperlane hub
  • Icy world
MegastructureIcon.png Artaclate MegastructureIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Garrea PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Dimostah PlanetIcon.png
Elerad Arm, MIU
Florathel Core, FNG
Galactic Halo, Kingdom of Saihera
Unique Attributes:
  • Partially artificial planet
  • sustains much higher populations than regular planets of its size
  • tidally locked
PlanetIcon.png Frolira PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Tuar PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Nalachi PlanetIcon.png
Frealee Arm, FTIC
Frealee Arm, FTIC
Galactic Halo/Nalachi Cluster, PPFN
Unique Attributes:
  • Very close to Tuar
  • Very close to Frolira
PlanetIcon.png Devoro PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Corroloa PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Eiar PlanetIcon.png
Galactic Halo/Nalachi Cluster, PPFN
Galactic Halo, Kingdom of Saihera
Elerad Arm, Areial Union
Unique Attributes:
PlanetIcon.png Trezhath PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Ektara PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Wheda PlanetIcon.png
Elerad Arm, Trezhath Republic
Elerad Arm, Moktosha
Elerad Arm, Whedan Union
Unique Attributes:
PlanetIcon.png Encalet PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Akradax PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Toralea MegastructureIcon.png
Elerad Arm, Encalet Confederacy
Akradax Galaxy, Akradax Collective
Akradax Galaxy, Akradax Collective
Unique Attributes:
PlanetIcon.png Cluelflai PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Polinia PlanetIcon.png
MegastructureIcon.png Tancred MegastructureIcon.png
Florathel Galaxy#Paleas Arm, Cluelflago Entente
Florathel Galaxy#Paleas Arm, Federation of Polinia
Florathel Galaxy#Paleas Arm, Queendom of Tancred
Unique Attributes:
  • Uniquely, a rogue planet with life

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Citizen Demographics


Diplomatic Relations

Foreign policies and diplomatic relations of the United Nations are highly oriented around trade, protection, and co-operation. The UNFG is known to be very xenophilic, which uses a selection of carefully designed diplomats and has a focus on teamwork in nations it is allied with. Diplomatic relations with the UNFG also ensure a strong and rapid development of the nations involved. There are also many worlds dedicated to being embassies for various nations, with a large number of diplomatic and cultural sites. These are often spread across the local universe, giving the UNFG outsized fame, and some consider it a great power on the level of the Confederacy of Borealis and Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

Relationship Status National Opinion
Member Nation  Member Nation  Very Positive
Alliance  Alliance  Positive
Guarantee  Guarantee  Neutral
Trading  Close Trading  Little Thought Given
Military Influence  Military Influence in other Nations  Suspicious
NoOpinion.png  No Relations  Alarmed
Rivalry.png  Open Rivalry  Hostile
Conflict.png  Ongoing War

Alliances and Positive Relations

UNFG Member Nations

Member Nations which reside in the United Nations.

Member Nation Cnara-Frealee Federation

Member Nation Economic Federation of Saleas

Member Nation Marakat Interstellar Union

Member Nation Free Nation of Garrea

Member Nation Kingdom of Saihera

Member Nation Akradax Collective

Member Nation Cluelflago Entente

Member Nation Federation of Polinia

Member Nation Queendom of Tancred

Member Nation Frolira-Tuar Interstellar Commune

Member Nation Pecay-Po Federation of Nalachi

Member Nation Trezhath Republic

Member Nation Whedan Union

Member Nation Encalet Confederacy

Member Nation Moktosha


Nations which the United Nations is guaranteeing in times of conflict

Formal Alliance Virozic Republic

Formal Alliance Union of Narenna

Formal Alliance Lypan Technocracy

Guaranteed Independence Republic of the Spider Nebula

Guaranteed Independence Lanoir Confederacy

Guaranteed Independence Shev'ra

Guaranteed Independence Theocracy of Yaztas

Guaranteed Independence Dominion of Khae

Guaranteed Independence Amgorac Dynasty

Trade Relations

Trade Relations

Nations which hold major trade relations to the United Nations.

Established Trade Relations Confederacy of Borealis

Established Trade Relations Virozic Republic

Established Trade Relations Union of Narenna

Established Trade Relations Lypan Technocracy

Established Trade Relations Shev'ra

Established Trade Relations Republic of the Spider Nebula

Established Trade Relations Dominion of Khae

Established Trade Relations Theocracy of Yaztas

Military Influence

Nations which hold UNFG military assets.

Military Influence Virozic Republic

Military Influence Union of Narenna

Military Influence Lypan Technocracy

Military Influence Dominion of Khae

Military Influence Theocracy of Yaztas

Negative and Hostile Relations

Concerned By
Nations whose governments or standing of power may cause issues to the United Nations.

Established Trade Relations Aldorian Assembly of Clans

Established Trade Relations Aldorian Dominium

Established Trade Relations Aldorian League

Established Trade Relations Krizik Dominium

No Greater Opinion Aldorian Hegemony

No Greater Opinion Aldorian High Kingdom

No Greater Opinion Krizik Regime

No Greater Opinion Krizik Stratocracy

No Greater Opinion Zrelgerian Kraterocracy

No Greater Opinion Empire of Mankind

No Greater Opinion Plutocracy of Gish

No Greater Opinion Theocracy of Silverstar

No Greater Opinion Aldorian Military Junta

No Greater Opinion H.I.V.E System (Human-Intelligence-in-Verpletter-Extensive)

No Greater Opinion Kreigsleute

Nations which the UNFG has unfriendly relations with.

Open Rivalry Kormin Empire

Open Rivalry Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

At War With
Nations which the UNFG is waging war against.

Ongoing Conflict Somnar Hive