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The United Planets of Garrius-Hade, or simply the United Planets, is a capitalist, interstellar nation within Ammeria, a region within the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. It is one of the founding members of the Ammerian Galactic Security Council. It is also an ally to the Confederacy of Borealis, which it established after the split of the Yohjan Confederacy.

Its population primarily consists of Hadians, the natives to Garrius-Hade and founders the United Planets. However, over the millennia, the population has diversified as new colonies were established, or annexed a civilisation's capital world through military force.


A shining beacon of democracy in the Local Universe, the United Planets prides itself on communitarian values. Everyone is granted the same rights as each other, regardless of their beliefs or who they are. Often in times of emergency, such as war scares or pandemics, the government will enact laws that serve the public safety rather than the safety of the individual. Nepotism is also a common practice in society, as families are encouraged to work together.

Garrius-Hade is the capital world of the United Planets, and a major economic and industrial centre. It is considered sacred land, which, despite protests, are attractive to citizens seeking residence. It is currently home to 4 billion citizens.

The residents speak Uxxi (pronounced as: Uk-Shi) which is an ancient dialect from Garrius-Hade. As the Hadian population grew, the language became more widespread. In ancient times, it was spoken by a small proportion of the Hadian population. As empires rose and fell over centuries, Uxxi spread to all areas on the planet. Five hundred years before the United Planets' was founded, most nations adopted it as their main language. When the nations unified into the United Planets, they all agreed to designate Uxxi the official language of the Hadians.



The origins of the concept for the United Planets dates back thousands of years before 20,640 CE. While it was a time of pessimism, there were many who dreamed of the Hadians' greater potential to become almost like deities in their own right. Despite their idealism, they inspired a generation of Hadians, centuries after their deaths, to pursue the age old dream.

Intergalactic Hegemony Era

After millennia of dominating the galactic stage, the Hadians managed to successfully settle a few million worlds in the neighbouring galaxies. Cultural movements, for quite some time, were born out of the desire for autonomy. Some colonies were granted this, as they proved to be significant economic and military powerhouses throughout the Nitza Cluster.


The United Planets' is primarily a social democracy with a written constitution. It is led by the head of state, the President, and the government is led by the Prime Minister. It is effectively a two-party state, however, other parties do exist.

Hade-Ring Parliament

Parliament sits in the Hade-Ring, a spherical space station in high orbit around Garrius-Hade. During elections, citizens vote for their local Representative, and vote for each presidential candidate. The President is elected based on the number of votes cast in favour of them. In the event that one candidate is left, if the others have decided to drop out of the race, that candidate immediately assumes the Presidency. However, elections for Representatives continues on as normal.

Civil Rights

Citizens are protected by Article VII, the freedom of speech and expression, and Article VIII, the right to self-defense.

The economy is focused on equality of opportunity, raising the careers of highly skilled citizens. Employers are required by law to hire based on qualifications, rather than identity. However, there are no laws that declare discrimination illegal.

Diplomatic Relationships

The United Planets' has maintained many alliances through the millennia. It established its first diplomatic relationships with neighbouring civilisations. soon after it was founded in 20,640 CE.

United Planets-YoC Relations

Diplomats in their dozens were sent to the Yohjan Confederacy to establish contact and maintain a peaceful relationship. When the Confederacy succumbed to conflict, the United Planets was among many nations to offer words of support. The United Planets' watched on from a safe distance as the Confederacy disintegrated. For a long time, Ammerian residents were afraid to migrate toward the Aylothn-Lactea Group, as the government recognised it as a war zone.

United Planets-Borealis Relations

For years after the Split, tensions were high and there were mounting fears among Hadians that a similar fate was in store for them. As time passed, the anxiety faded as the economy grew stronger and citizens had strong hope for a bright future. Relations with the Confederacy of Borealis improved as diplomats convened dozens of meetings to ensure peace and stability.