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The United Terran Federation, abbreviated as the UTF, and known more commonly as the Terran Federation, is a vast type 2.5 civilization of human origin found within the Terran Bubble of Nilus. The United Terran Federation controls around two hundred thousand stars, though only a quarter of them are properly inhabited, with even fewer having a substantial enough population to be commonly recognized by the nation. The United Terran Federation has two capitals, Theras, which is the cultural capital, and Indar, the economic and population capital. Auralia can also be considered the capital of nature of the Terran Federation, though it is unofficial. The United Terran Federation is a relatively young civilization, having only come into power two millennia ago.

The bulk of the Terran Federation's population is made up by humans, though a small percentage of Lumu reside within the nation as well. Due to their benevolent temperament, the Terran Federation appreciates the Lumu and sometimes places them in positions of greater authority than humans. The Zeth, a species evolved from the Lumu, are an exceptionally common species as well. Furthermore, the Via Aylathian Lyncisians are a minority species with their own autonomous territory. Furthermore, no species native to Nilus have expanded near the United Terran Federation or near any of the other human civilizations in the Terran Bubble

The United Terran Federation has positive relationships with all the other human nations of the Terran Bubble. An increasingly high amount of trade is going on between all these nations, with the United Terran Federation being the primary supplier of technological goods, as well as energy. Speaking of energy, most of the United Terran Federation's energy comes from either fusion reactions on planets or vast dyson swarms clouding many stars. Though several small conflicts have been waged within the United Terran Federation's territory, none outmatches the sheer brutality and deadliness of the Ether War. During that atrocious conflict, a high number of the Terran Federation's worlds were occupied, as well as trillions of innocent lives were ended. The only conflict that could ever come close to that was the Great Purge, a year-long conflict with an alien species during which hundreds of worlds were orbitally bombarded.

The United Terran Federation is a democratic nation, with the president as the general representative of the nation who approves members of the Terran Senate. The Terran Senate is a senate based on Indar, with three thousand members, and is tasked with ruling the nation, as well as voting for changes. Each state in the Terran Federation would have a local government of a hundred members, over fifteen of which are in the Terran Senate. Additionally, each substantially populated world has a smaller government, led a governor. When the world does not have a substantial population, it is ruled by the governor of the most populated world within its sector. Worlds with a population exceeding ten trillion get a seat in the Terran Senate, though there are only around three hundred such worlds.

General Information

United Terran Federation
United Terran Federation
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Major Worlds
Theras, Indar, Auralia, Tythia, Cerulepolis
Economic Type
Mixed Economy
Democracy Index
56.520 Sextillion Terran Credits
Military Status
Great Power
Economic Status
Great Power


The United Terran Federation is a democratic nation. The head of the nation is the president, whose term lasts twelve years and is voted on by the Terran Senate in secrecy. The president has no direct purpose in leading the nation; rather, the president merely represents the Terran Federation. There is only one parliament in the Terran Federation, which is the Terran Senate. The Terran Senate holds three thousand members and is based on Indar. The Terran Senate is tasked with ruling the entire nation as well as dealing with political affairs. There are numerous dedicated committees of the Terran Senate, each tasked with a dedicated purpose. Each member of the Terran Senate has a ten year term, and can be voted for by the public.

Each state in the United Terran Federation has its own local government, which consists of a hundred members. At least one member of each state government must be a member of the Terran Senate as well. However, the number of representatives a state has in the Terran Senate is largely based on its population. For every fifty trillion inhabitants, one state government member must be in the Terran Senate. Similarly to how the Terran Senate operates, the term of a state government member is ten years. However, state government members can only be voted to the Terran Senate by other state government officials.

Additionally, planets that are either very major or have a population of more than ten billion have a government as well. Planetary governments are ruled by a governor and a hundred additional members, as well as several committees. The governor of the most influential and populated planet in a sector is known as the prime governor. The prime governor is tasked with ruling planets that do not meet the aforementioned criteria. When a planet's population exceeds ten trillion, the government's members may become candidates for the Terran Senate.


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Adric Hyland
President of the United Terran Federation
Positive Attributes
Negative Attributes
Long-Term Planner
124 Years Old
Political Party
Terran Worker's Party


Political Regions

Unofficial Regions

Lyncisian Autonomous Zone

The Lyncisian Autonomous Zone, additionally known as the Lyncisian Republic, is a standalone area off the borders of the United Terran Federation established to accommodate Lyncisians who have moved to the Terran Bubble. It is currently very modest, with a diameter of roughly a three hundred light-years, three thousand populated worlds, and a population of twenty-five trillion people. The Lyncisian Autonomous Zone is a relatively new location, given that the species has only recently spread to the Terran Bubble. Despite this, the Lyncisians have become well-known and respected throughout the Terran Federation.

Mostly descendants of Ralteyan settlers, the Lyncisians living in the Federation remain a cosmopolitan people. They adopted many of the habits and traditions of their neighbors, and some have even enlisted in the Terran Military, although their numbers in it remains small. The Lyncisians’ natural life expectancy of 500 years on average has led to some conflict within it, as there are some elements of society that regard this long lifespan as an unfair advantage to humans. Regardless of this, the Lyncisians are seen as model settlers and a valuable element of society wherever they appear. The largest world within the Lyncisian Autonomous Zone is Amarzhol, with a population of roughly 15 billion inhabitants.

The Lyncisian Autonomus Zone is practically independent. It is ran by small-scale government similar to that of the Terran Federation. Regardless, the Terran Senate has the most power in this region, despite the fact that the senators has made no changes to the region. Headed by an official known as the Prefect, the government has managed to pass several laws that are technically in conflict with current Federation law. One of these is the declaration of the Lyncisian Migrator Faith as the Zone’s official religion, though others are still tolerated. A recent bill passed by the Zone’s government that aimed to de-regulate the use of cybernetics has led to minor frictions between the Terran and Lyncisian governments, as the former refuses to ratify the new law. Political disagreements notwithstanding, Terrans hold the Lyncinians in high regard and treat them as if they were their own. There are even a few starline companies which transport people from the Terran-inhabited areas to the Lyncisian Autonomous Zone.




Cybernetic Augmentations

The federation carefully regulates cybernetic cybernetic enhancements. By law, one can only enhance their life expectancy by fivefold, but this is expected to change in the coming years. This law dates back to the Terran Federation's early days, when people feared what living too long would do to one's mentality. Other cybernetic enhancements are permitted, but not in significant numbers. There are numerous classifications, ranging from A to G, that indicate how many augmentations a person has. Individuals who are above class F are subject to a number of restrictions imposed by the government. Individuals over the aforementioned class, for example, must be 'sedated' before boarding any commercial transport ship. For the duration of the trip, most cybernetics would rendered unusable.



An example of standard UTF architecture, with towering skyscrapers overshadowing the otherwise gloomy streets below

The United Terran Federation's standard architecture varies per world, though is noted to primarily feature dense urban centers with skyscrapers which shadow the streets below. Many of these skyscrapers soar to kilometer-high heights, housing the wealthy while the working class seeks refuge in the gloomy streets. Gray and black, as well as a few other darker colors, are the primary colors used in the United Terran Federation's architecture. The UTF's structures are frequently designed for functionality and continuous usage, rather than for aesthetics or attractiveness.

The majority of Terran architecture is built to be structurally sound; most skyscrapers are lined with layers of tungsten, while the structures below are made of common building materials like steel, concrete, and bricks. The UTF's buildings, on the whole, have more jagged edges than rounded ones, which is especially noticeable in the lower streets. The edges of the tallest skyscrapers are usually the only ones with a rounded design, lending a more refined aspect to the entire city.




A recruitment banner for the Terran Military

Since the United Terran Federation is a rather large civilization in relation to other neighboring ones, it has a massive and formidable military, the most effective in the entire Terran Bubble, with no equals. The Terran Armed Forces, as it is known, is made up of several branches, such as the Planetary Forces, Space Forces, Elite Forces, and Venator Corps, as well as organizations such as Terran Intelligence.

Every healthy person, regardless of gender, must serve in the Terran Armed Forces. The two-year tenure prepares individuals for combat while also giving them with a distinct role in the military. Everyone who has served in the conscription service and is still healthy and fit at the time of war must engage in their assigned function. The required duty and involvement in war applies only to individuals born in the UTF and who have had valid citizenship for more than two years.



The Ether War

Varian Conquests

Sunrise Conflict

The Great Purge