100th Millennium Wiki

Good afternoon, everyone, the name's Duo. Not really sure what to say about myself. I've done a fair bit on this wiki, so enjoy all my stuff here. Don't hesitate to point out any contradictions or mistakes in my articles. I especially want to hear constructive criticism. Thanks.

I love this wiki and the community it created. It has inspired me to create all of the articles below. However, very few went without editing from many. Thank you all for your contributions.

The pages I created

  • Takanashi Antimatter
  • Omnite
  • Claes Dynamics

  • Planets

    Other Astronomical Bodies

    • Kanadett
    • Mili
    • Demiurge
    • Gira Gira
    • Odo
    • Hanabi

  • Treaty of Albedo
  • Jezebel's War
  • Great Empyreal Crusade
  • War of the Final Transition

  • Vlanoans
  • Kshi
  • Ror Units
  • Ravis
  • Llæns
  • Orcubor
  • Vexlores
  • Svartálfar
  • Thalians

  • The Administrator
  • Senku Takanashi I
  • Klein Vay
  • Freyja Zhang
  • Beatrix
  • Hal Drusus
  • Hal Drusus II
  • Jayvyn Drusus
  • Sagiri Takanashi IX
  • Rhys Sanctra
  • Sebas X
  • Lorelei Avana-Drusus

  • The Mayuneh Crpyts
  • The Ekrosian Guardians
  • ERS Moon Signal
  • TRS Platinum Disco
  • TRS Night Running
  • VSS Readymade

  • Temporary Storage for Images I like that no one else is using