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Hello! My name is Minmus, but I can't change the fandom account to that name for some reason. I really like realism in my creations, and I've done some stuff on this wiki. Don't hesitate to point out any contradictions or mistakes in my articles. I especially want to hear constructive criticism. Thanks.

I am the main worker on Florathel.

I really like this wiki and its supportive community that helped me create the cool things I've made. Thank you for all you do.

My stuff

  • Sororbi Banner.png Sororbi
  • MHC Flag.png Moridian High Command
  • Providence Union Flag.png Providence Union
  • UnknownFlag.png Lareas Alliance

  • Some cool ones are coming ;)

  • Galaxies

    Star Systems



    Other Celestial Bodies

  • Ardaya Conflicts
  • Great Lareas War
  • Fall of the Providence Union
  • Peony Wars

  • Road Map

    • Providence Union/Other Historical Stuff
    • More flower galaxy nations, potentially getting other people on board the project
    • Great Lareas War
    • Important species
    • Important mentioned characters, and other stuff
    • Ancient nations, etc.
    • Lengthen articles
    • Make all red links non-red
    • Planet busting! (I am sure to accumulate planets I need to write about)
    • Moar planet busting! (Restoration of random stuff)