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Preceded by
LZF Flag.png Lowyzol Federation
41,356 CE - 90,075 CE
Succeeded by
Samutan Flag 2.png Samutan Galactic Faction

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The Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk, (UPE) Often referred to as the UPE or the U.P.E, was a Type 2.8 plutocratic civilization, which resided in the Nisrine Cloud (formerly known as Etheaunsk). The UPE used to exist near the Commonwealth in the galaxy of Aylothn, but their elusive and concealed nature, as well as the far distance made Commonwealth politics very ineffective towards them. Being in the middle of a sparse land of the Nisrine Cloud, the UPE developed merely on themselves, expanding and seeking to regain influence in the CUEN.

Existing as a plutocracy, the UPE was completely ruled by the wealthy populous. However, citizens were given the illusion of choice, as well as base amenities and needs to deter them from rising up against the government. Many centuries of this practice happened before any kind of revolution, showing its effectiveness. Near the end of its history, the UPE was recorded using nanotechnology to subliminally remove negative thoughts against the UPE. This is what began the revolution, as groups of outliers and political enemies did not want to forget of the truth.

== History == The UPE first began as series of refugee spacecraft, fleeting the scene of the Commonwealth's Eclipse. Seeing their form of plutocracy get dismantled, millions of plutocratic colonists embarked on an intergalactic journey, a journey in which not many would survive. As Lorokira was being bombarded by countless Commonwealth ships, the journey began and the forces of the UPE fell into silence.

During the painful intergalactic voyage, the colonial forces (now referring to themselves as the Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk) lost numerous ships due to unrest, revolt, and intergalactic conditions. Only a few key ships landed at the Etheaunsk Galaxy, formerly designated as Etheaunsk. As Uspayador Plutocracy ships arrived in various locations, they began to colonize numerous areas in small numbers and recreate their vision of a stable plutocracy.

Eventually, all surviving colonization forces stood together as one nation, which later became the modern Uspayador Plutocracy. Various reforms and decisions were done in order to prevent any future revolts or wars, and citizens had to be treated higher than what they thought was normal. Though meager, this would continue to serve the UPE for centuries to come.

Soon enough, planets were developed and cities were founded, with the millions of ships arriving in waves. However, with each passing wave, ships came in with less numbers and more damage. These eventually stopped, which signaled the end of any plutocratic reign in the galaxy of Peleunsk. Realizing that all possible colonists have arrived, the UPE decided to summon much of its forces to one dense area, and colonization truly began on that day.


During the process of trickling in the last colonists, the biggest cities on the most renowned planets were already complete, allowing for the new population to be allotted to sectors and for growth to increase as places flourished. A system of defense was constituted not long after, including the return of slow technological innovation, but most notably the return of the wealthy.

The wealthy returned rather slowly, with many waves of refugee ships arriving at the Etheaunsk Galaxy before the plutocratic idols could fully assume power. When they did, life mostly returned to normal for all citizens, but the wealthy were still worried of any kind of revolt. To prevent this, they had to slowly allot more amenities to them, while just barely keeping them satisfied enough to prevent any wars.

This event of expansion, general civilian satisfaction, and wealthy control happened for many centuries, as the UPE expanded further inside the Etheaunsk Galaxy. This caused a lack of cohesion inside the borders of the UPE, remedied back and forth with automated forces and heavy internal defense/police systems. However, the first tensions showed themselves in the forms of rising crime rates and a need for separatism in the minds of the people.

The wealthy, not wanting to see revolt and war happen again, decided to enforce an old but effective trick, a device which even they viewed as immoral. However, it was needed to ensure the future of the UPE. It would work with various nanomachines invading the brains of all citizens, subliminally removing any thoughts which corelated to anti-plutocratic ideals. This would be unannounced, and it was eventually released en masse.

Realization / Revolt

Numerous citizens, finding out that the government had made them forget, grew restless as uninfected groups began to rise by breaking the law and destabilizing much of the nation. Not realizing their mistake, the government observed in shock as these groups rose and combined, separating themselves from the UPE. Conflict began as well, as groups of armed individuals shot down any UPE ships in fear of infection by nanomachines.

As soon as varying groups combined under one common purpose, extremism seemed to be the only option for defeating the UPE. Revolutionaries would go to any length for destruction of plutocratic rule and for the people to be served rightfully. And so, a group of people called the Nawians were created, for the purpose of toppling plutocratic government and restoring a fair but beneficial government. Battles became more extreme as well, with the purpose switching from defending worlds to attacking plutocratic forces.

Battles would reign back and forth, but eventually the Nawians would send autonomous guerilla forces against UPE planets. Further destabilization happened in key areas, which culminated in the death of important plutocratic figureheads. The revolution was now in full swing, and it grew more in the Nawian's favor as they figured out a method to remotely alter the nanomachines that the government was sending out. Instead of erasing antigovernmental ideas, the nanomachines would seed them in the heads of people, which is what started the most bloody period of the revolution. Billions were slaughtered on planet-turned-battlefields, and the Nawians soon rose to complete power. A new leader, named Chaw-Sipom, was also ushered into power, and his forces soon stormed the capital of the UPE, now defenseless due to mass hacking of automated forces. Being completely powerless, the UPE soon surrendered and dissolved on the 18th of April, 54037 CE. Remnants would attempt to regain power, but Nawian forces happened to be too powerful for any future uprisings.