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Basic Information

Ustea is an Ecumenopolis located in the Lewis Galaxy in the B'va System. It is administered by the The Lewis Nations was colonized in the 55 000s by Humans. Due to its situation on a major hyperlane, more and more people and buisnesses sprung up on the planet until it was proposed to turn it into a ecumenopolis, to provide adequate living for all its billions of citizens. Its buildings were fully constructed within 1000 years, and have not changed much since first construction. From viewed from space, it appears as an aqua blue planet, Ustea has a total of 13 large districts making up the whole planet, few whom are controlled by factions of the Lewis nations. Unlike most city worlds whom have thousands of layers of city, Ustea is prone to having only two layers, but only one is inhabited by its citizens. Because of the few city layers, Mountains, rivers, and small lakes dotted across Ustea, though no oceans are on the surface to make space for citizens


In 55 217, an unknown surveying team discovered a habitable planet with about 1.05 Gs. It was only a few months later when the first skyscrapers were constructed, due to the large demands of people moving here. In a short period of time, the entire planet was covered in factories, shopping outlets, business areas, etc. Large corporations began sprouting up, many becoming very successful. In 56 203, the planets economy reached a peak, which would mean larger companies could no longer grow. This resulted in a worldwide state of economic depression. In 56 206, Prime minister of Ustea, Liam Arrbotch devised a solution to help fix the problem by spreading the population to the moons of Ustea. The first moon of Ustea, Lumi was colonized the year after, followed by Gingi and Tyru, at this period of colonization, people were leaving by the thousands, some even paid to do so by corporations. Shortly after colonization was complete, the economy returned to normal.

Ustean Founders

The founders of Ustea came from two different groups: Lumu pilgrims from Asamum, or Human buinessmen. While both groups were very different from eachother, they had one prime objective, and that was to turn Ustea into a residential paradise. Shortly after the discovery of Ustea, the Caoticol Corporation was founded by a young Liam Arrbotch, a Lumu male whom with his leadership skills, proposed that Ustea be made an Ecumenopolis due to its growing situation on a major hyperlane.

The Ustean Cold Eternal

From 59 571 CE to 59 623 CE, a malfunction in the Ustea Geoplanetary Shield caused an extended winter lasting around 100 years, the winter resulted in famine on a large scale, to make the matters worse, the planetary shield had locked down the planet, which meant that no outside source could provide supplies, it wasn't until 59 622 CE the Lewis Nations had been contacted that Ustea was in a wastlandish state. It took 11 months to put the Shield off.


Depths of Ustea:

Level 1

Level 1 is the surface level of Ustea, it is where all citizen and political activities take place on the planet, because of its population being only on Level 1, Mountains are a common sight on Ustea, though oceans have been buried underneath Level 1 to make space for population growth.

Level 2.1

Level 2.1 is a sublevel directly above level 2, it is where most maintenance and mechanical work is done, it goes as far as 900 meters below the surface.

Level 2 "The Underworld"

Main article: The Underworld

Level 2 is the farthest level below the surface, it is possibly the darkest and worst area of Ustea, it was once the surface area of Ustea, before it was made into an Ecumenopolis, on the ground, Dead foliage, dead fauna, and the occasional patch of dead grass can be found, towering kilometer high pillars hold up the city above. Floodlights illuminate anything of interest, that is, if anything can be found down here. Level 2 haunts Usteans, anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves down here will likely never see sunlight again. Level 2 goes as far as 5 kilometers down.



Districts of Ustea

District 1-Ustea Nature Reserve


The very first founded district, founded as a preservation as a previous Ustea, the founders of Ustea felt a sense of regret soon after construction began on Ustea, so it was ordered that a large space was left for nature, thus the only buildings in district 1 have since been abandoned an left to decay.

District 2-Caoticol District


District 2 is right next to District 1, and is where the Caoticol Corporation is located. The district has been known as the most wealthy part of Ustea, it is where the corporation´"s prime members are housed, as well as Ustean officials such as Liam Arrbotch himself.

As of now, District 2 is the capital of Ustea, but violent protests fighting for Extra terrestrial rights has caused District 4 to be the acting capital.

District 3-The port district


Current Governor

Liam Arrbotch
Prime Governor of Ustea and its moons, Lumi, Gingi, and Tyru
Political Party
National Origin
Republican Party of Peria
Peria.png Free Nation of Peria

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