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Basic Information

Ustea is an Ecumenopolis located in the Lewis Galaxy in the B'va System. It is administered by the The Lewis Nations was colonized in the 55 000s by Humans. Due to its situation on a major trade route, more and more people and buisnesses sprung up on the planet until it was proposed to turn it into a ecumenopolis, to provide adequate living for all its billions of citizens. Its buildings were fully constructed within 1000 years, and have not changed much since first construction. From viewed from space, clearly defined districts are represented in circle shaped zones, there are 57 districts in total. The largest district - District 41, is the capital of the planet and is where the Caoticol Corporation Building

Ustea Skyline

is located. The planet has three non-atmospheric moons, in order from closest to farthest: Lumi, Gingi, and Tyru. Lumi being the first moon to be colonized in 56 207.


Ustea Skyline

In 55 217, an unknown surveyor discovered a habitable planet with about 1.05 Gs. It was only a few months later when the first skyscrapers were constructed, due to the large demands of people moving here. In a short period of time, the entire planet was covered in factories, shopping outlets, business areas, etc. Large corporations began sprouting up, many becoming very successful. In 56 203, the planets economy reached a peak, which would mean larger companies could no longer grow. This resulted in a worldwide state of economic depression. In 56 206, Prime minister of Ustea, Liam Arrbotch devised a solution to help fix the problem by spreading the population to the moons of Ustea. The first moon of Ustea, Lumi was colonized the year after, followed by Gingi and Tyru, at this period of colonization, people were leaving by the thousands, some even paid to do so by corporations. Shortly after colonization was complete, the economy returned to normal.

In the 99000s, the Guild of External Power had placed an Osseter in orbit of Ustea

Caoticol Corporation and Law Enforcement

Founded in 55 421, the Caotical Corporation acts as the Government of Ustea and The B'va System. Watchers on Ustea are required to train 60 hours a week and travel long distances on shuttles. The dense population and rough air quality make working for the UCW (Ustea City Watchers) a tough job. Watchers are required to wear red and white bulk armor, each equipped with a strapped ballistic pistol.

The Caoticol Corporation is a large corporation headquartered on Ustea, they are the first corporation in the universe to purchase and claim an entire star system, however, most of the systems operations are controlled and monitored by the Intergalactic Federation. The Caoticol Corporation Building is the capital of Ustea and the corporations hq.


The residents of Ustea are very refined and wealthy due to the current state of the planets economy. Many civilians have enough wealth to purchase their own buildings on Ustea. The estimated population is around 5 trillion, based on a census scan in 57 800. However, the overall population might be much higher because of the population of Usteas moons.


Each Major District is controlled by a different lewis nation. The Ones Below are the first three major districts. Districts that are control of a Lewis Nation are usually built around the type of Nation they are.

District 41

District 41 is under control of: The Caoticol Corporation

District 41 is the primary district and capital of the planet, it is where the Caoticol Corporation houses its prime members and where most industry takes place.

District 41.png

District 7

District 7 is under control of: The Intergalactic Federation

District seven is the second largest of all 57 Districts, just after 41. The Architecture of District 7 is curved, white, and full of foliage.

District 7.png

District 12

Disrict 12 is under control of: The Empire of Mankind

District 12 is third largest of the 57 districts, the Empire was dissapointed to only be given the third largest, but the Caoticol Corporation made sure the Empire would promise to not engage warfare on the High populated Ustea. The Architecture of District 12 is rough, and the buildings are tall. Minimal space for foliage. District 12 is used primarily as the Spaceport

District 12.jpg

District 33

District 33 is under control of: The Republic of Sion

Discrict 33 is a moderately large district, it has space reserved for small bodies of water, as well as that, the buildings are geometric, and have less space for foliage.

District 33.png