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"A home away from home, a new beginning for Monkans after disaster hit hard its planet during the War of the Ancients. The Planet is an exact copy of what used to be Monkan's ecosystems. Rebuilt with exported fauna and flora, and with the genetic and biological banks of Alma and Lipna, thanks to which this project could be achieved. Many Monkans had the opportunity to have a home again. Utadan is now an increasing hub in the Pyramus Galaxy, a growing world in importance and economics, being considered by the Dalvans once more as their new seat of power in Pyramus. A new brilliant future awaits here." - Senator Maes Prim

Utadan is a Terran World of the temperate terra type, located in the Hona System, in the Pyramus Galaxy, inside the and in Herschel Space. It is a planet of the Empire of Mankind. It was completely terraformed from a previous suitable atmosphere for the process. The Planet was rebuilt completely in image of the former world of Monka, to resettled a planned 20 billion refugees, although just a bit more than half of them finally moved to Utadan, with some more moving in the following years. Some still have hope for Monka to be revived.

Utadan has nevertheless evolved a bit from its original Monkan upbringing, incorporating new adaptations and cultural changes demanded by the Planet conditions. Almost all fauna and flora are Monkan, but some have diverge slightly becoming fully Utadan, and in some cases being both, the original species and a changed one coexisting in Utadan.


The Population of the Planet is around 22 Billion, although some large amount of newcomers are arriving from different worlds of the Pyramus Galaxy and even from its closest neighbor, the Thisbe Galaxy. Around 17 billion are direct descendants and of full Monkan ancestry. 3 billion are mixed, either with Monkan and other ancestry or two other ancestries but born in Utadan and 2 billion people come from other worlds or have full origin in other worlds but born in Utadan.

Out of the 20 billion Monkan refugees that escaped the planet, only 15 billion settled in Utadan right after the project was completed, while around 5 billion remained in other worlds. Once they established themselves in Utadan and prospered, many Monkan refugees flocked to the planet during the following centuries. By the end of the second millennium, just 3 billion full Monkan refugees remain living abroad, while 2 billion full Monkans have been little by little resettling in Utadan.


Utadan has 6 continents, one of them being massive in size and four of them being peninsulas. The climate is somehow temperate, with mild summers and mild winter, although some areas have hotter summer and some other colder winters. Utadan has a similar orbit and weather patterns as Monkan does.

Two oceans are located here, one is known as Tepol Ocean and the Yadax Ocean. The latter is the biggest one and is connected to Tepol through a small straight. Tepol is more surrounded and has calmer waters, although due to its location in the tropics, is known for having more violent storms during the Summer, while being warm and quiet most of the Utadan year. Yadax has a wider range of climates, being the north and the south way colder and communicated by a small summer tropical fringed. Fish are abundant in the Yadax ocean as well as strong marine currents.

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