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Utopia Prime is a barren world located in the Tarmalyula Core, almost entirely covered in artefacts and relics from The Utopia.


Utopia Prime has existed for 4.83 billion years, making it one of the oldest worlds in Amoeni Space, or even the entire cosmos. Its K8 star is approaching the end of its lifespan, and is starting to swell up into a red giant, triggering huge changes on Utopia Prime. There are currently plans to siphon of mass from the star and restore it to its past state.

However, 2.8 billion years ago, things were different. The planet was a lush retinal world with a thriving population of over 40 trillion sentients residing on it, mostly Utopials. However, as The Utopia fell, the world fell into disarray and destruction. Only in the last billion years, however, has the planet been rendered lifeless and sterile, and only in the last 10 million years has the temperature managed to evaporate almost all the water left on the planet. Currently, Utopia Prime is a barren arid desert with temperatures reaching into the 140 degrees C.


Utopia Prime has a hot climate with no rainfall and minimal clouds. Its surface is almost entirely covered in desert, with no end in sight.

However, 2.8 billion years ago at the height of The Utopia Utopia Prime was a lush forested world with a cool climate. Water was extremely common and clouds covered the sky.