The Vade were an ancient mid type two intelligent species located in the Vade Star Cluster in the Realm of Resonance of the Ambrosia Galaxy. They were artificially created by the Etymology in 2,406,006,000 BCE and existed up until' their destruction by their aforementioned creators in 2,406,000,000 BCE. They are considered to be one of the most complex artificial species' in the *known* universe.


The Vade are a complex, strange, short lived, and relatively unknown ancient intelligent species, created by Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Etymology in one of her numerous attempts to create artificial species. They were unique however as they were for an experiment to create a self replicating species that could grow, learn, and expand at unprecedented speeds. They were a rather fruitful race that existed in a complex peaceful society, devoid of even the most simplistic of conflicts, completely in contrast to their creators.

Though they had a very short existence as a species, they stand as one of the greatest feats of technology in the *known* universe. Which unfortunately caused their destruction as their creators began to fear them due to their perfect Utopian society, and complete synchronicity. And their mysterious and extremely powerful telepathic abilities. This attempt was only mostly successful however as one Vade is still *known* to exist. Their story is a sorrowful one indeed.

Their existence was colored by vast expansion as worlds upon worlds in their local star cluster would have large crystalline cities dotting their surfaces and skies, with several becoming complete Ecumenopolises. These cities would remain completely intact after their destruction as they constantly and automatically repair themselves.

The last *known* Vade in existence would be discovered by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems in 10,560 CE. Once found, they would tell them of their entire history from their beginning to their end. Afterwards, they would be placed in protective custody of the Ambrosia Alliance, in the hopes of finding out how they operate and how they may be replicated.


A Vade is made up of billions of nano-machines within each and every centimeter of their structure. These nano-machines combine to take the form of a small structure similar in appearance to your average, double terminated quartz crystal. They can also use these nano-machines to reform their structure into any other organic species they have come into contact with in their lifetimes. This reforming isn't flawless though, as it has a height limit of two thousand feet, and a weight limit of ten thousand tons. Their appearance will also look as if someone had made a statue out of quartz of the individual being replicated in question.

They don't need to sleep or eat. Instead, they only require a steady amount of natural light produced by stars. Making them impossible to operate on worlds that experience long nights, or within the night side of a tidally-locked world. This dependency on light is so powerful that if they go a minimum time of forty eight standard hours, they will shutdown and reform into their base forms until they receive sun light to recharge themselves.

Though a Vade operates as an individual with their own personality of wants and needs, they have no gender. Instead they take the identity of whomever they are imitating, or they will take the appearance of a non descriptive caricature of a species they have encountered with the desired trait(s) for whatever they needed.

Due to the lack of gender, the Vade reproduce asexually. However unlike most asexual species, the Vade require two separate Vade to replicate half of themselves into one entity, which in turn will form another Vade in around a standard years time.

Their abilities of sight, sound, smell, speech, taste, touch, movement, and speech depend on what species they are imitating at that given time. Once in their true form they are unable to do anything but reform themselves.

A Vade's consciousness is a vast complex interconnected web of artificial neurons, not unlike the C.Y.R.E.X, though much less powerful. This allows them to process information at near light speed and store it in a seemingly endless amount of space.

This aforementioned consciousness also had an inborn telepathic ability that would not be discovered by the Etymology until' around five thousand years of their existence. This ability allowed a Vade to telepathically communicate, and or completely take control of up to one thousand other organic species who lack their own psionic abilities.

Whenever a Vade is injured, the nano-machines that comprise their being will replicate themselves in order to repair the damage done to the structure. However if they are damaged too severely and too quickly that the nano-machines cannot replicate in time, the structure well be destroyed and the individual Vade will be essentially dead.

Their durability entirely depends on what organic being they are taking the form of. Because of this, they would usually take the form of tougher species. However in their base form their durability is much higher, as they lack the ability to defend themselves.

Their bodies constantly produce a loud, music like humming noise that any species that has the ability to pickup auditory signals that comes into contact with them will hear. Strangely this noise can be heard even in the vacuum of space. This noise is thought to be the Vade's nano-machines interacting with they're mysterious telepathic abilities. The tone and pitch of the humming will vary depending on the Vade in question as well. This sound can be heard in a one kilometer radius from the Vade producing it.


Each Vade operates as a unique individual with their own personality. Each having their own wants and desires, their own fears and morals. However, they all seem to view everything and everyone in a positive way, to an extent that it seems they've doped themselves into feeling no other emotion but all encompassing joy. Even when threaten or attacked they will do nothing but take everything in as something to be happy about.

As previously stated, the Vade have the ability to telepathically communicate with thousands of other individuals, or the ability to control the thoughts and actions of them. Not unlike the one similarly used by the Zythyns , albeit much more powerful in the telepathic department, though they lack any other abilities as they do. These telepathic abilities remain a complete mystery as they were constructed without this seemingly supernatural ability, though theories abound exist. These incredibly powerful abilities were the main factor for the Etymology's decision to destroy them as they could easily brainwash all of its leaders. This ability would also allow for all Vade to operate as a singular consciousness, however no such use of this power has been known to occur.

The Vade have been known to form familial bonds akin to parents to those who created them. As well as sibling like relations to other Vade that were formed by their aforementioned parents. They also would form friendships with other Vade they spent time with. And romantic relationships with Vade they spent the most time with that didn't fall under the two aforementioned categoriess. Especially if they helped in the creation of another Vade.

Vade's never used individual names to identify themselves. Instead every other Vade who had met them would remember them as a different Vade outside of any other one. So there was no need for names.

Vade have never been documented to ever fight as they have never been put in immediate danger. It is believed that if an individual attempts to attack a Vade, they will use their telepathy to mind control them and make them placid as those they mind control always are.

The universal environment that the Vade lived in were large crystalline cities with housing, civil-services, and entertainment buildings. And without the need for any form of currency, every citizen lived in lavish homes akin to a palace to your average person.


The Vade's Culture was built around the need for knowledge. Each Vade would spend all of their time trying to learn everything they possibly can. Once something was learned, a Vade would never forget it and it would add to the larger telepathic database of their people. Whenever a Vade wasn't actively learning something new, they would act somewhat more aimless then they normally would, however they would usually do something else to distract themselves.

The second most pressing directive of the Vade people was to expand and colonize. And due to their nature, they would colonize entire star systems in just a few short standard years.

Each Vade treated each other with complete respect and dignity. Always greeting each other with complete honesty and friendship. Due to this, the Vade never experienced war, much less any kind of fight. Leading to their practical Utopian society.

Due to the actions of the Etymology, the Vade were unable to expand beyond the Vade Star Cluster. As such, they're entire culture and history took place in the small star cluster's borders.


Vade government operated as a collective. Each and every law and decision needed to be agreed upon by every single Vade across their interstellar civilization. Whenever consensus needed to be met, the individual Vade would telepathically tell the limit of Vade around it, and then they would pass the message along and give their opinion on it. And so on and so forth. Once consensus is met, the new law or action would be set into motion immediately. These would happen at near light speed, making all of the Vade to reach consensus in mere minutes.

And unlike most governments, the Vade's didn't operate on any form of currency. Instead each and every Vade would preform a specific function for a certain amount of time, then they would move on to another one and that function would be preformed by another Vade as they felt it was their duty to help one another.


All Vade technology relied on the nano-technology that made their beings. Any tool would be created by using their nano-machines that would leave their body and form the tool that they needed. A single Vade could also create simple structures using this method. However if a Vade used too many of their nano-machines, their main body would think it was being damaged to the point where it needed to retreat within its base form.

Buildings were created in a similar manner. However several Vade would be needed to create complex structures such as skyscrapers, space ships, satellites, and so on. To create an average sized Vade city it would require around one hundred Vade to work in perfect synergy and would take around two standard months.

Due to the nature of the Vade and their need for constant starlight, you'd think it would make early interstellar travel difficult. This proved not to be the case. Instead, each interstellar star ship they constructed had a large light installed above the pilot's chair that would produce artificial starlight that would keep the Vade well energized until' they're arrival in their respective star system.



The Vade's history begins in the year 2,406,006,000 BCE, when Mystara of the Etymology purposed a plan to create an artificial species to see if they were able to construct a civilization that could colonize, and propagate themselves within entire worlds in relative small amounts of time. The chosen area for this new venture would be the Vade Star Cluster, a small open star cluster located in the Realm of Resonance as it would serve as a miniature controlled "galaxy." for them to exist in. The small population of the star cluster at the time was evacuated and given new homes under the pretense of using their home systems as grounds for "Military experiments." Afterwards, the Vade would be created on planet Somina.

After their construction, they were made to mimic various intelligent species of the Etymology, introducing them to more and more carefully selected species, and they would mimic them perfectly to every detail. At the start, only around three thousand Vade were constructed, however this number would grow drastically in the span of a few decades, with them numbering in the millions. Their technology would also grow at unprecedented speeds, going from your average early embryonic civilization, to a late type one people that colonized their entire home star system in the span of around two thousand standard years.

Though it was thought that they would grow in quick speeds, this exceeded what they expected by far. As such, they became a little worried of their creation, making sure that they couldn't go beyond their home star cluster.

The Vade would have cities across every celestial body that could hold them by the five thousandth standard year of their creation. With many worlds, like Somina for example, becoming full Ecumenopolis'.


Eventually, the Vade would discover an inborn psychic connective ability, and very little is known of this mysterious power to this day. They would begin to employ this power to link every Vade together, allowing for near instantaneous communication across star systems. They would also demonstrate this ability to their creators in the form of mind controlling several Etymology members, making them feel immense amounts of happiness.

This demonstration would ultimately cause' their destruction, as the Etymology became extremely fearful of this ability, and as what happened to many things that caused ill against them, they would be destroyed. The Etymology would launch large satellite arrays across every world in the Vade Star Cluster, and they would artificially heat them to extreme temperatures, essentially melting every Vade within them.

The Last Remaining Vade

All but one of them. Mysteriously, one Vade on their home world remained completely intact. This Vade would remain on Somina for hundreds of millions of years, even after the Etymology's destruction. They would live in complete isolation until' the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems would discover them and their home world. Afterwards, they would study the Vade, in order to discover how they and their powers operate, as well to see if they can be replicated. However, the knowledge of the Vade would not be disclosed to the larger Confederacy of Borealis they operated under.

Contact with the Vade

Contact with the last remaining Vade was made by a one: "Amissia Nuptias." on March 8th 10,560 CE after large radio bursts were detected while radar mapping of the Vade Star Cluster. The Following is a simplified transcript of this event.

*Amissia Nuptias' shuttle landed on planet Somina in a relatively flat spheroid area of the planet's Ecumenopolis. he would begin to take notice of a strange humming noise*

Amissia Nuptias: "Control." "I'm getting some weird interference with my helmet radio. I keep hearing this strange...humming noise."

Control: "Acknowledged Amissia." Head on back and we'll take a look at it."

Amissia Nuptias: "Roger." Heading back now."

*Amissia Nuptias would turn around and begin to head back to his landing shuttle, but he would stop as a bright white light would erupt behind him. As he turned around, there stood before him was a humanoid looking woman. However she looked like she was made out of quartz crystals. Once fully turned around the woman would begin to speak.

Vade: "Hello."

*Amissia Nuptias would seemingly flinch backwards and slowly step away from the woman.*

Amissia Nuptias: "Uh...Control?" "Are you seeing this?"

Control: "Copy Amissia, we're seeing everything. Attempt to make conversation with it. But DO NOT make any sudden moves!"

Amissia Nuptias: "Roger that Control."

*Amissia Nuptias would slowly and cautiously walk a little closer to the crystal woman."

Amissia Nuptias: "Hello?

*As Amissia walked closer he could better make out the woman's face. "She" looked exactly like his late wife down to every detail."

Vade: "Oh." "

"Goodness me."

"I must have scared you half to death there."

"Are you alright?"

*Amissia's stance would become more relaxed after "she" finished her sentence*

Amissia Nuptias: " that you Rixa?"

Vade: "No."

"I'm sorry."

"This was the one being that stuck out in your mind more then any other."

"So I chose this form to put you in a state of ease."

Amissia Nuptias: "Oh." "W...wait...You can read my mind?"

Vade: "Yes."

*Amissia would look at "her" and scan his eyes up and down. By his guess "she" was standing at around six foot three inches (much taller then his wife.) and "she" had a large grin on her face*

Amissia Nuptias: "How do you know how to speak English?"

Vade: "I read your mind, silly."

*Amissia would look down slightly embarrassed at asking an already answered question. He would then again begin to speak.*

Amissia Nuptias: "What are you?"

Vade: "I'm a Vade."

Amissia Nuptias: "A Vade?"

Vade: "Yes."

Amissia Nuptias: "What is a Vade?"

Vade: "Well...that depends." "A Vade is a person." "A people." 'A species." "And a piece of technology."

Amissia Nuptias: "Where did you come from?"

Vade: "I was in my base form until' I read your mind and chose this form."

*Vade would then begin to change into the base form to demonstrate, then return to their previous form.*

Amissia Nuptias: "I see." "Are there more of you?"

Vade: "No." "They're gone now."

*Amissia stance would lower*

Amissia: "Oh..." "Do you mind if I ask you what happened?"

Vade: "Not at all."

"We were once a great people who had grand cities, like the one you're standing on, spread across hundreds of worlds."

"The streets were filled with laughter and joy as we all helped each other coexist and form new friendships and loves in our lives."

"We would seek out new knowledge wherever we could find it, and we would use it to benefit our fellow Vade."

"But one day that all changed." "Our creators, what you call the "Etymology" would use massive weapons and burn our skies to a crisp."

"Though our cities survived, we did not."

*Amissia's face would form a sadden frown*

Amissia Nuptias: "I'm sorry..."

Vade: "Why?"

*Amissia would then take note that "her" face had not changed from the wide grin "she" appeared with.*

Amissia Nuptias: "Does that not sadden you?"

Vade: "Why would I be sad?"

"A Vade never feels sadness."

"We are always thankful for every microsecond we exist."

"Sadness only serves to slow one down and feel worse about a situation." "

I'm thankful that I got to live with my loved ones at all."

"And even if I could feel sadness, I've had hundreds of millions of years to cope"

*Vade would then begin to erupt in laughter for a minute straight*

Amissia Nuptias: "If everyone died, then how come you're still alive?"

Vade: "I don't know." "Everyone around me fell apart as the skies erupt in flames, yet I didn't." "I've remained here ever since."

Amissia Nuptias: "You said you were created by the Etymology." "For what purpose were you created for?"

Vade: "We were an experiment to create a controlled species that could grow, learn, and expand at unprecedented speeds." "

Though we were successful at it, we must have been defective, or we did something wrong for the creators to destroy us."

Amissia Nuptias: "How long exactly have you been alone here?"

Vade: "Two Billion four hundred and five million, nine hundred and eighty nine thousand, four hundred and forty years."

*Amissia's face would turn to pure shock*

Amissia Nuptias: "Have you ever left?"

Vade: "Why would I?"

"This is my home and I will never leave it."

*Amissia would begin to tear up in sympathy*

Vade: "Oh you poor thing." "Here." "Let me help you."

*Amissia would instantly stop feeling sorrowful, and instead he erupted in laughter of pure joy*

Vade: "There we go." "Don't you feel much better?"

*Amissia would stop laughing and look puzzled*

Amissia Nuptias: "What did you do to me?"

Vade: "I removed your sadness."

Amissia Nuptias: "You can do that?"

Vade: "Yes." "I am able to control up to a thousand other organics with complete autonomy within a fifty kilometer radius." "

If you'd like, I can demonstrate further."

Amissia Nuptias: "I probably shouldn't but...ah what the heck!"

"Just don't do anything weird!"

Vade: "Of course."

*Amissia would then enter into a trance and proceeded to sit down on an adjacent bench next to them. He would then exit the trance and become startled.*

Amissia Nuptias: "Whoa...that's freaky!"

"And you can do that to a thousand people?"

Vade: "Yes."

*As Amissia was about to speak again, his com link would begin to activate.*

Control: "Amissia Nuptias, your new objective is to make sure that it remains there before we arrive."

*Before Amissia could speak, the Vade would interject.*

Vade: "I imagine your friends will want to come here to study me. That's fine, just so long as they don't take me from my home."

*Amissia would then turn off his com link*

Amissia Nuptias: "I'm sorry Vade. You've lived here for countless years and now my people are going to come in and turn you into some sort of...military science experiment"

Vade: "I don't mind."

"In fact I'm looking forward to it."

*Amissia with a surprised look replied with.*

Amissia Nuptias: " are?"

Vade: "Yes."

"Understand that though I don't feel sadness, I still feel unfulfilled caused by isolation."

"I've been alone longer than I've been with someone." "

I would like to keep talking to people."

"Especially you Amissia."

*Amissia would give Vade a warm smile and then turned his com link back on*

Amissia Nuptias: "Sorry control, got radio interference caused by the local star." "The Vade isn't going anywhere, they want to remain here and receive company."

Control: "Glad to hear Amissia. Expect company in around three standard hours."

Amissia Nuptias: "Roger Control."

"Looking forward to seeing you folks."


*The two of them would continue talking about various topics until the arrival of the new "VADE RESEARCH DIVISION" or the VDR of the Department of Etymology Technological Reaserch. Once arriving, two men dressed in typical Ambrosia Alliance military garb approached Amissia*

Ugnara Ambrosia Alliance Solder: "Sir. You have been recalled back to Control. We'll handle things from here."

*Amissia let out a slight sigh and then proceed back to his shuttle. Before he left he turned at asked Vade one last question*

Amissia Nuptias: "Oh by the way. What's that sound?"

Vade: "Sound?"

*Amissia paused. Shook his head. And waved Vade goodbye.*

*After giving a briefing to his superiors, Amissia would be sent back to Somina as the lead researcher of the VDR, and he would remain there to study Vade ever since.*


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