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Valhalla is a major terran system located within Vanaheimr in the Yggdrasil Nebula. It is comprised of ten major planets, one of which, Glaðsheimr, historically acted as the electoral capital of the Confederacy of Borealis. Today, the system serves no governmental purpose. The Valhalla system is one of the most densely populated systems within Vanaheimr and the wider Via Aylathiya Galaxy of which it is a part.

The system has a population of 1.9 quadrillion individuals, most of which residing within large rings placed around the star. Other than the rings, most individuals live in large cylinders distributed throughout the system. A comparatively small 44 trillion individuals live on natural bodies such as planets.

Valhalla was first colonized in 3,977 CE by a Human minority known as the "Vanir." These humans, escaping religious persecution, fled to the Yggdrasil nebula. The first star they colonized, on the edge of Yggdrasil, became their new home system, Valhalla. The system has since become the center of Eitr processing and refining, with Eitr production making up the majority of the system's economy. As the center of a large number of the local Hyperlane network, Valhalla is one of the most important planetary systems within Vanaheimr, beating out even its own capital in terms of development, population, and economic significance.


The system formed 6.7 billion years ago out of cosmic dust. Originally, it had nothing to do with the Yggdrasil nebula, however, 2 million years ago, it entered the area encompassed by what would become Carina. When the nebula formed from a powerful supernova roughly 1.1 Mya, Valhalla ended up becoming a part of it. It has since moved to the edge of the nebula where it lies to this day.

Glaðsheimr, the first planet colonized in the system as well as the most populous.

A Eitr Refinery dating back to the Triumvirate Civilization exists within the system. This Refinery, while very much decayed with age, served as the basis for the first modern Eitr refinery system in the galaxy. To this day, most Refinery designs are based on this original one. The original colonists in the system made sure to repair and use the object as quickly as possible once they discovered the myriad uses of Eitr.