The Vanguard Republic is a Faction within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy, based around their capital world of Sovietsvastte.

The Faction is, in it's own words, dedicated to the liberation of the working people who live under other, oppressive Factions, and seek to unite all life in Verpletter under one glorious workers state - The reality however, is that it is a brutal dictatorship with it's sights set on conquest. Much about the Faction is designed to be powerful and strong, but also approachable, so those they conqour will intergrate easier, and outsiders may opt to become members by defecting from their Factions and previous allignments. Even it's name, the Vanguard "Republic" is a lie, designed to prey upon those who value democratic values.

The Vanguard Republic has a documented hatred of The Commune Federation for several reasons.

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