“Such a horrible monstrosity could only be manifested by a force of pure evil... Whatever anomalies and torturous devices are held in here could spell the doom of all of us. This is why my sole duty will be to dismantle this repugnant artifact, for the betterment of the Universe.” -Ken Rasey, former General of the Confederate Military, weeks before the War of the Ancients.


The Vault of Secrets (Often referred to as The Great Library, the Zhelos-Diliadari the Quintet Puontari Federations, designated by the Anomalous Objects Repository as AOR 3-827, and abbreviated as The Vault) was a massive housing and containment facility for the storage of colonists, the containment of classified weapons, and countless historical databases. Being one of the many Vaults transported by the QPF, the Vault of Secrets happened to be one of the most important of them all. This is because the Vault of Secrets held many deep and valuable objects, intended to benefit the QPF after their long stasis. It is believed that the Vault of Secrets held many more endangering artifacts, though these have been hidden by the QPF if they do exist. Created for the purposes of storage and evacuation, the Vault of Secrets is equipped with many of the best QPF weaponry. These weapons were meant to deter precursor tyrannical forces, and eventually let out new-age colonists.

The Vault of Secrets is infamous for its trembling effect during the War of the Ancients, as well as its terrible effects in which it brought upon the Confederacy of Borealis and the Commonwealth. The Vault of Secrets is primarily known for The Vault’s Incident, which started the War of the Ancients. Many historical documents retrieved from the Vault of Secrets During the Vault’s Incident, the Celestial Plague was unleashed, and continues to wreak havoc in many areas of the Local Group. Not only has the destruction of the Vault of Secrets caused this, but it has also created an entire new faction nicknamed 'The Paragons of the Burning Crown', an offshoot group from the QPF which still harbors resentment for the major nations of the Virgo Supercluster.

It is unknown what became of the Vault of Secrets following the War of the Ancients, but it was likely destroyed along with other Vaults. Fragments from its original structure have never been found, though almost every artifact was recovered in some form. Many of these artifacts, like the Eternal Battery and The Hummer, are even usable after millennia of being idle. They are also still fairly enigmatic, with the best technology failing to reverse engineer their mechanisms. Many conspiracy theories claim that the Vault of Secrets still exists, but under control by the Confederacy or the Commonwealth for military purposes.

Celestial Plague

During the Vault's Incident, one of the most resented group of entities were dispersed, called the Celestial Plague. Being released shortly before the Vault of Secrets was destroyed, the Celestial Plague was intended to be a small contingency force of artifacts. However, POLIKY managed to turn it into an all-out assault force, which aided the QPF side in the Vault's Incident. However, shortly after the Vault of Secrets exploded in a furious supernova, reports of the Celestial Plague came up everywhere.

Soon enough, the QPF saw this situation as an advantage, and began to control the Celestial Plague. This soon elevated to the QPF intentionally spreading and manufacturing the Celestial Plague via the Nytrus-Pax Station. Other artifacts from the Vault of Secrets speeded this up, until the Celestial Plague became completely uncontrollable.


The Vault of Secrets operated on many kinds of mechanisms, which worked together in a self-improving unison. With a massive amount of resources at its disposal, the Vault of Secrets was able to self-improve for millennia. This ruled out any problems like travel issues and power efficiency. Communications were mostly kept aloft, until the self-improvement stopped and the Vault of Secrets (as well as surrounding vaults) went into a deep form of stasis. Energy conservation worked very well, until the arrival of the QPF remnant into the Virgo Supercluster.


The Vault of Secrets, belonging to the Quintet Puontari Federations, was affiliated and operated heavily by POLIKY. POLIKY, which slowly grew into a sapient tactical network, used the vault network to communicate with itself over many millennia. Soon enough, it grew into a patchy but singular network of sapient versions of POLIKY, which combined at the end of the emigration to the Aylothn-Sagittara Group. The QPF personnel, which has intermittent periods of waking and sleeping, saw this develop, and tailored the remnants of POLIKY to be a defensive tactical AI for the vaults.

In specifics, POLIKY held the most control over the Vault of Secrets, and even controlled when personnel woke and slept. The Vault of Secrets, having the highest amount of personnel and citizens of all vaults, was trusted by the inhabitants to keep technology secure. This was about what POLIKY did, initiating check ups and communicating with other vaults.

At the epiphany of The Vault's Incident, POLIKY managed to defend the QPF side with many drone forces. during the hard battle, the QPF saw POLIKY serve greatly as a tactical AI, and as a result they kept it for future use against the CoB. As the War of the Ancients escalated, the Vault of Secrets was long gone. However, POLIKY learned heavily from it, developing complex patterns for fighting against the Confederacy in only weeks.


Hibernation was a key feature in the Vault of Secrets, which was what helped the personnel get through the voyage to the Virgo Supercluster. Hibernation was done in many phases, with phases of waking up, sleeping, and states of semi-sleep so that POLIKY could monitor the live health of the inhabitants more closely. Nutrition was by devices which directed all vital substances to everyone. Many people in hibernation were also in a permanent sleep, much like other vaults. This required a bit more assistance by machines, which occasionally checked up and fixed any body problems caused by prolonged deep sleep.

Hibernation was very successful in the Vault of Secrets, as there were only a handful of incidents which happened during the voyage. Inhabitants and personnel of the Vault of Secrets were also strengthened and protected by the process. It was not until the last phase of hibernation, where POLIKY and various personnel were fully awakened, that the situation began to deteriorate. Some people, which were in a full-length stasis, could not be taken out and had to be put back in. Others who were in a state of partial hibernation were unable to move, and had to be healed. There was no way to wake them up properly, as they would have died if left alone.


The Vault of Secrets operated based around a series of two Eternal Batteries, which powered the vault during its entire voyage. Similar vaults of its caliber also ran on Eternal Batteries, but the Vault of Secrets was notorious for having more than one. The batteries were located in the center of the vault, and connected to each other via a large central power node. Each battery had an automated system that would equalize power all across the Vault of Secrets, and promote efficiency. The power system inside the Vault of Secrets (and other vaults) was efficient to the point that none lost power of the many millennia of traveling.

During a form of deep stasis, the Vault of Secrets conserved much of its power in the Eternal Batteries, which only emitted them in the form of heat. Fueling basic needs for inhabitants was also carried out. POLIKY, which ran the power district on the Vault, had to divert heat from other sections of the vault to keep it at a bearable temperature. These sections include the cryo-chambers, which were kept at a constant freezing temperature.


The Vault of Secrets traveled on a modified FTL drive, which has been lost since the Vault's Incident. The QPF, not wanting to reveal the nature of their personalized FTL drives, gave only meager hints of its functionality. Allegedly, the QPF warp technology uses slow but completely safe travel, which is what took the Vault its many millennia to arrive at the Virgo Supercluster. It is thought that this QPF warp drive works by winding up spacetime, and then unwinding it with great force. This process was then repeated, and the space between was traversed, which allows for extremely fast travel. Things like tachyonic travel are also suggested to be apart of the QPF's drive for the Vault of Secrets.

Movement with standard thrusters was very rare, and only done in high frequency upon arrival. These thrusters are apparently very efficient, and require minimal amounts of resources to operate. Working like an ion engine, these thrusters use very efficient electrical pulses to fire particles. The main power source was the Eternal Batteries, which make energy costs not a worry for the Vault of Secrets.


Storing valuables and resources was one of the Vault of Secrets' most excelling features. With much of its interior dedicated to the survival of inhabitants, a lot of the storage was also used for the upkeep of the people. There were many kinds of rooms in the Vault of Secrets, including medical wards, cryo-areas, administrative areas, and server rooms for POLIKY. The most famed area of storage in the Vault of Secrets was also a site for the containment of two artifacts, the Eternal Batteries.

Defense Systems

The defense systems of the Vault of Secrets was one to behold - considering that it fully defended against surmounting Confederate forces during the The Vault's Incident. During the deep and turbulent calamity inside the Vault's Incident, the Vault of Secrets ended up getting severely damages, but that was only after weeks of continuous bombing of the exterior and shielding system. The most infamous defense for the Vault of Secrets was its ability to self-destruct, which had the capability to explode in a similar fashion to a supernova. This self-destruction did happen uncontrollably, and is what caused the War of the Ancients.

History (780 Million BCE - 88071 CE)

The Vault of Secrets was constructed long after the QPF formed, during a period of rising tyranny and barbarism. In order to keep the peace, the QPF had to build many safe houses where it could store colonists, weapons, and data. The Vault of Secrets was one of the first Vaults to be constructed, with many of the QPF’s experimental technologies being stored inside. Surrounding vaults were also given unique artifacts, which have been taken in by the QPF in the time during the Vault's Incident.

As barbaric states rose and tyranny was being re-established, important personnel and many citizens evacuated to the Vaults. Soon, the Vault of Secrets and its many compatriots embarked on an ambitious journey to a distant galactic area - the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. The journey was long and treacherous, but the Vault of Secrets managed to arrive with most other vaults in the Virgo Supercluster. This was done with the help of the surrounding vaults, which acted together. Estimated to happen in the 1200s BCE, the trip to the Virgo Cluster was slow and tumultuous.

While there were many surrounding vaults near the Vault of Secrets, the intergalactic distances slowly separated them over thousands of light years. Eventually, all vaults arrived very isolated, but rediscovered at predetermined locations. The Vault of Secrets however was much different. Having its communication and positioning arrays damaged during the interstellar voyage, it was unable to communicate to other vaults. The Vault of Secrets was also incapable of determining if it was in the correct area. The passengers also stayed in hibernation for longer than expected, leaving enough time for other vaults to find each other and determine that the Vault of Secrets was missing. In the 85000s, search efforts were done to locate the Vault of secrets, to no avail. This was thought of as a saddening but temporary setback, considering that the QPF already knew how to make the enigmatic technologies.

It was not for three more millennia until the Vault of Secrets was brought up again - during a period of rising tensions. As it turns out, the QPF landed their system of vaults right next to the Confederacy of Borealis, and many unknowing claims of Confederate territory were initiated by the QPF. The Confederacy, looking for any kind of excuse to start an embargo or file sanctions, probed the areas near their borders for suspicious activity. By chance, the Vault of Secrets was discovered near the Confederate-Quintet buffer zone, and it did not take long for the Confederacy to discover that it held ancient weapons and powerful defenses. As a result, the squadrons of ships near the Vault of Secrets attempted to seize it, which ended up turning on the automated defense systems. Massive SOS signals and blaring electromagnetic frequencies were also emitted from the Vault of Secrets, which ended up attracting the QPF after several weeks of blaring. Personnel also woke up from hibernation, and armed themselves heavily.

The Vault's Incident (88072 CE)

What followed is known as the Vault's Incident, in which incoming QPF forces challenged the Confederate forces. Attempting to look inside the Vault of Secrets, masqueraded Confederate forces looked deep into the catalogs of the Vault of Secrets. Seeing the weapons and potential devastation, the Confederacy sent more units near the Vault of Secrets. The QPF, exhausted form the newfound tension, attempted to move the Vault of Secrets away, but this was seen as an act of trying to cover up the artifacts. More tensions and confusion arose, until the Confederate regional military received orders to fire upon the Vault of Secrets.

The explosion from the Vault of Secrets, captured from 398 light years form the site. In modern-day, the remnants of this explosion still shimmer, outlasting most nebulae.

QPF forces, unsurprised by the move from the Confederacy, immediately began to fire back and set up a system of defenses and bases. Both sides immediately called for backup, and conventional warfare become total warfare in only a matter of weeks. The Vault of Secrets itself was getting heavily bombarded, and its defenses were failing. This was when QPF retrieval forces arrived, and successfully took back all intact artifacts. The power source of the Vault of Secrets, revealed to be an Eternal Battery, was also under critical condition, and a meltdown became imminent after weeks of unrelenting bombing. Amidst an attempt to warn the Confederacy about the meltdown, QPF forces evacuated after realizing that the Vault of Secrets became unpredictable. Only hours after evacuation, the Vault of Secrets exploded in a bright swath of light and intense energy, annihilating Confederate forces and beginning the War of the Ancients.

The War of the Ancients
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