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Velanos is a Frozen titan orbiting the brown dwarf star, Velonia and is the homeworld of the Velonians, a race of hexapods with large snouts.

The Velonians are the planet's dominant species and live in Meg'ras (which is their word for cities) located in various areas on the surface. They have colonized various planets throughout the Velonia system with their most popular being the fifth planet. They have not yet travelled outside the Velonia system and while they do have the concept of alien life, they have no interest in contacting other civilizations. Nevertheless, they still showed hospitality towards the Human explorers of the Starlight Envoy that visited visited their system. They even offered to build a colony for humans on the system's fifth planet to which the captain denied in the fear that its long nights could cause darkness induced dementia to human colonists.

The system's fifth planet.


Velanos is home to some strange yet interesting forms of life with one example being the Balloon Trees. Instead of leaves and branches, Balloon Trees have a large airsac on top of them which resembles a balloon when inflated, hence their name given by the human explorers. They are a crimson colour and have four gill like breathing holes on their trunk which they use to inhale and exhale air. Balloon Trees also have four root/tentacle like limbs that they use for locomotion on ground. They feed by absorbing nutrients from the soil and will move to a different spot by using their root/tentacles to slowly traverse the ground. Balloon Trees grow to a height of 8ft and after maturity they will inflate their air sacs and lift into the air and relocate there selves to a another part of Velanos. They use the planet’s winds to navigate the sky and will inflate and deflate their air sacs to maintain altitude. While they’re in the air, they will deploy seeds from underneath which will slowly float down to the surface. After that, the Balloon Trees will drift just above the ground and feel for a suitable surface to land on. At the end of their life cycle, they will float up to the sky and their airsacs will inflate until they burst, leaving the trunk/corpse to drop to the ground.

Even the aquatic life is just as weird. For a example, a species known as the Shak'turath by the Velonians are enormous aquatic predators and are on top of the food chain on Velanos. The Human explorers referred to them as tentacled monstrosities. They are 140ft in size and their name "shak'turath" translates to "sea gods" which is what ancient Velonians thought they were and even sacrificed their own to "appease" them. Fortunately, Velonians don't do this anymore and are ashamed of how backwards and unethical their ancestors were.


Velonians have not yet invented the warp drive, although they seem to know how it'll function. Velonian ships are currently incapable of reaching other star systems and can only go as far as the tenth planet in the system. Their ships usually take two days to reach the fifth planet on its nearest orbit to Velanos whereas going to the Velonia system's tenth planet will take weeks. Despite having not yet left their system, they do have powerful telescopes on a small desert moon orbiting the tenth planet that allows them to observe other star systems as well as distant galaxies from the comfort of their home system.

The desert moon which their telescopes are located on.


The weather on Velanos is fairly calm and predictable however hurricanes, strong winds, tornadoes, whirlwinds and waterspouts do happen with the most common being small cyclones. A large hurricane sometimes forms around the equator and can last for months until slowly weakening.

This large hurricane commonly forms on the equatorial region however, Meg'ras along the equator are built to withstand it.

Points of interest

Nep'churka (capital Meg'ra of Velanos)

Dalps Altinum (Dark Sea)

The volcano island at the center of the Dark Sea. Ancient Velonians used to think that it contained magical treaures and believed that it was guarded by the Shak'turath.