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The Vengeance X-6 is a model of nimble yet destructive battlecruiser heavily produced by Andromia of the Palioxis Starfield. The Vengeance X-6 was designed to be a solid compromise between the Thanatos X-5 and the Tesla X-7, with a solid balance of durability and firepower that can outpower most ships in its class. As a tradeoff, the Vengeance X-6 can only hold a singular smaller ships in its central ship bay, compared to two for both the Thanatos and Tesla.

The Vengeance X-6 is commonly employed by the Terran Space Forces as a formidable battlecruiser, and it is seen as the 'symbol' of the previously-mentioned army. The Vengeance X-6 is the flagship spacecraft model used by the Terran Marauders, a fairly large pirate faction that has authority over three hundred star systems.

The Vengeance X-6 is a ship purely fit for combat, unable to efficiently take on any other common roles such as trading or exploration. Though its Quantum Shift Drive is suitable for open exploration, its fuel reserves are way too small to successfully go on an expedition.


The Vengeance X-6 utilizes three rear ion engines for sublight propulsion. These ion engines utilize a common type of starship fuel named xennen to generate the propulsion. The starship possesses a fuel hold that can hold ten tons of xennen, which can be continuously consumed for two weeks, if the engines were left to run at maximum power. The maximum acceleration the Vengeance X-6 can achieve with its ion engines is 50,000 kilometers per second, though this would take two weeks at minimum to reach. Unlike other ships of its class, the Vengeance X-6 possesses quite a powerful Quantum Shift Drive. With a rating of Class 2, the Vengeance X-6 can reach speeds up to 5 light-years per second, outrunning most military fighter craft. The Vengeance X-6 also has a backup Class 6 Quantum Shift Drive located deep inside its interior, in case that the primary Quantum Shift Drive would ever be damaged.

The Vengeance X-6's primary armament consists of two huge burst lasers, one on either end of the wing. The main firepower, however comes from its absolutely massive railgun at the bottom. This advanced weapon can devastate even the toughest of ships with relative ease, though it has a fairly long charging time of an hour. The Vengeance X-6 is also quite a strong ship, as its two heavy absorption shield generators can block out even the strongest of laser and plasma-based attacks. The Vengeance X-6 also possesses a singular and relatively strong matter shield generator for protection against any type of kinetic attacks. Besides that, the Vengeance X-6 possesses an external hull that is fully composed of avasteel, a strong steel alloy commonly utilized for shipbuilding. The Vengeance X-6 has an advanced onboard astronomical scanner, which can offer most parameters of any astronomical or stellar body. As a combat ship, the Vengeance X-6 possesses a singular highly advanced onboard starship scanner that can identify every registered spacecraft.

As the Vengeance X-6 is not capable of landing on planets and moons, it contains a central bay for a smaller ship that is capable of doing so. The Vengeance X-6 is only able to dock within stations and settlements utilizing a repulsor pad, a type of advanced landing pad which holds the ship in a stable position using repulsor field generators.

The Vengeance X-6 requires a power input of 25 megawatts per hour to run on minimal power and 500 to run at optimal operation. This fuel is generated by an average-sized onboard fusion generator, which generates electricity by using heat from nuclear fusion reactions. In this fusion process, two lighter atomic nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus, while releasing energy. This fusion generator uses deuterium-tritium fuel, and consumes about twenty hundred kilograms tons per hour. This generator can operate at optimal efficiency for two months before eventually running out of fuel.