Ventemir (Often called the Youjo Galaxy) is one of the largest satellites of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, ranking at the second largest satellite galaxy of Via Sagittaria. The galaxy was home to at least four galactic-scale civilizations in its history. Currently, the Entente of Ventemir occupies a little under half of the galaxy, with a large portion of the rest controlled by the State of Tenshi. The Ventemir Galaxy is home to several species, the most common of which are the Atlins. Other species include the Orcubor and the Legions.

The galaxy is an irregular galaxy with a diameter of thirteen thousand lightyears and contains 1.5 billion stars, making it about one percent as large as Via Sagittaria. It is just under two-hundred-ten light-years away from Via Sagittaria. The galaxy has a population of Ventemir is almost 1.2 septillion.

The galaxy is littered with the remains of several ancient civilizations, the most common of which belong to the Triumvirate Civilization. These artifacts are typically fairly behind the technology of modern nations, with the exception of what are known as "Gungirs," ancient weapons mostly from the Triumvirate that far outclass anything capable of being created in the modern day. Two of the most infamous of these weapons are the ERS Moon Signal and the TRS Last Waltz. Both of these craft have long histories of being used in conflict. A single one of them would be enough to topple any civilization under Kardashev 2.2 status.

The Entente of Ventemir

Currently, the Entente of Ventemir claims the entirety of the galaxy, while, in actuality, the United Federation of Star Systems and several small civilizations control 100 million stars mostly on the side closest to Via Sagittaria. The nation has historically accepted refugees from wars, people looking for a new life, and sometimes even criminals from Via Sagittaria to bolster its own population.

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