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Throughout Vepletter exist roughly half of the intelligent species within Via Lacrimosa as well as the majority of Human subspecies. With its 25 sapient share of Lacrimosan species, Verpletter is the most fertile region in the galaxy.

Native Species Of Verpletter

The 25 known species of Verpletter are no doubt only a fraction of the total number of sapient species in the region. Just recently, a candidate for an industrializing civilization was found and later confirmed in 100,000 CE. Given the great difficulty in detecting pre-technological civilizations or sapient species, the majority of known species are space-faring civilizations that are easy to contact.

Note: Affiliation typically refers to the home-world and the broader species as a whole. Individuals and possibly whole colonies may have a separate affiliation to other factions or stay independent .

Species Homeworld Description Affiliation
Oswaihr Qal-Trenski Oswaihr are a herbivorous species that evolved as a prey species. They possess eye-stalks and large eyesa atop their skulls. In adition to two other pairs of eyes, they have three fingers and two thumbs on both of their two hands, and are typically purple skinned.

A particularly jumpy species, they tend to be very suspicious of outsiders, other Factions, other sentient species, or even individuals they have not met. This is a defensive measure they take, though they will let their guard down fairly easily after just a short while of feeling that they are not in immediate danger. Their society values loyalty and courage in the face of danger.

They were one of the founding members of The Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Elmaren Hosmiyr The Elmaren are a species of four-armed, large eyed humanoids that are native to a Rouge planet called Hosmiyr. They are evolved for life in the dark, and have enhanced senses to help them survive in such an environment.

They are a tribe-based society that has developed to a space-faring level. The various Tribes are called Taka, and are considered important to each Elmaren. They will always wear the emblem of their Tribe, no matter where they go.

They became one of the founding members of The Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Asren-Asheir Lazenteiyre The Asren-Asheir are a colourful avian species from the tropical planet Lazenteiyre. They possess four eyes, a sharp break, and long, barbed tongues. Instead of arms, they possess wings, which are covered in a variety of colourful feathers. They use their talon-like feet to handle complex technology.

They are an advanced species, whom place a deep focus on the ability to live ones life in as free and enjoyable a manner as possible. They are considered a relaxed species, owing largely to the utter lack of predators in their environment. In the past, they were a very bloody and confrontational people, whom would strike at one another based on the colour of their feathers.

They are a founding member of The Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Casorian Casoria The Casorians are an aquatic octopus-like species that come from the waterworld of Casoria. Stood upright, they are about half the size of the average Human being.

They have developed a huge underwater civilization underneath the oceans waves, and claim to have mapped the entire ocean floor. They are known for their high intelligence, their odd naming conventions, and their intellectual contributions.

After making first contact, they became the first member to join The Commune Federation after it's establishment.

The Commune Federation
Ther'Hakan Ther'Hak The Ther'Hakan are a species of one-eyed mammals that come from the Ther System. Often nicknamed 'Cyclopses' - Which they seem to like - They are a species that breathes Nitrogen dioxide, requiring they wear breathing masks when interacting with Humans and other oxygen based species.

Traditionally they were an isolationist species, and were actually hostile to the first contact teams that the Commune Federation sent to their world. At the time, they were suffering from a plague, which the Commune Federation was able to treat. Due to this act of kindness, the Ther'Haken ceased their hostility towards the Federation, and became members several years later.

The Commune Federation
Ik’Ik’Vikira Krieg (Liq’Ziq) The Ik'Ik'Vikira are a millipede-like insectoid species that were native to the planet known as Liq’Ziq, known now as Krieg. They are capable of reaching twice the length of the average Humans height, and have kertain body protections.

In Liq’Ziq society, they were the hunters of prey. They are an aggressive species, which comes from them being carnivorous. They do not seem to possess any animosity towards the Zek'eke'zka, seeing them as one part of their society, and themselves as the other. They possess an overwhelming hatred towards the Kreigsleute.

Many now live within The Commune Federation, hoping for the opportunity to take back their home-world.

The Commune Federation
Zek’eke’zka Krieg (Liq’Ziq) The Zek'eke'zka are a centipede-like insectoid species that were native to the planet known as Liq’Ziq, known now as Kreig. They are noteworthy for their speed, and their size - Twice the height of an average Human in length, though shorter than their Ik'Ik'Vikira relatives.

They were the labourers in Liq’Ziq society. They are a more subdued species. They do not seem to possess any animosity towards the Ik'Ik'Vikira, seeing them as one part of their society, and themselves as the other. They possess an overwhelming hatred towards the Kreigsleute.

Many now live within The Commune Federation, hoping for the opportunity to take back their home-world.

The Commune Federation
Esads Etune The Esads are an avian species from the world of Etune. They have four huge, powerful wings and two long, strong legs, with a long, powerful tail. Interestingly, they tend to use a set of wings as hands. They have six eyes and short, pointy beaks. The species has six distinct sexes, all of which possess a corresponding colour of feather.

They are well known for having a sense of manners that is considered somewhat alien to Human beings, such as it being considered a polite way of greeting by shoving someone to the ground. The Esads tend to only do this among themselves after several incidents with other species. They are a species known for respecting manners and customs of other peoples, even at their own discomfort, as they see respect as a deeply important part of any functioning society.

The Commune Federation
Famom-Patar Bezuno The Famom-Patar are from the nomad-based world of Bezuno. They are a long-limbed species with two mouths and the ability to shoot venom from under their fingertips.

The Famom-Patar never spend more than a year in one location, often feeling a compulsion to move elsewhere. This resulted in their entire world migrating to nearby towns which had been recently abandoned to live there, eventually meaning that the entire population of the world of Bezuno would then annually change locations. By the age of 24 - The age of maturity for the Famom-Patar - They have lived on every major cultural hub on the world.

The Commune Federation
Zrelgerian Zagrah




The Zrelgerians are a species of monochrome-skinned humanoids, whom have four distinct sexes, all of which have unique features and abilities to one another.

They are from the Zrel system, several planets that all report themselves to be the home-world of the species. These worlds have been home to what is referred to as 'The interplanetary wars', and have since become the center of the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy, a Major Faction within Verpletter.

The cornerstone of Zrelgerian culture is "The Game," A society spanning power struggle in which each individual within their society has the goal of attaining individual power, with the end goal being to surpass and usurp the Grand Emperor of the Kraterocracy.

Zrelgerian Kraterocracy
Yarshen Jinkesk The Yarshen are a species located in the Darkanesk system. They are a similar appearing species to Humans overall, but possess several differences. They lack a nose, have claws instead of nails, have coloured teeth, and several other distinctions. They are notable for their vast array of skin colours, primarily being bright colours, while their hair is often a dark colour.

Their society is one which is meritocratic to the highest degree imaginable - Every single conceivable bias they could exist within the population is accounted for to permit people to rise up through the workforce purely based on merit. Their society values contributions and seeks to have the best contributions be praised - This may be due to the constant conflict surrounding them in Verpletter.

Their federation is known as the Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta, or the JPKT.

Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta
Krietok Krik The Krietok are an insectoid species from the planet Krik. Approaching eusociality in behavior, the Krietok possess a strong sense of community and togetherness.

They are also renowned for being ruthlessly utilitarian when they colonize new worlds, and leave nothing to waste. It is in fact considered a criminal crime to waste any resource that could be otherwise used to some degree.

They are part of the Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta, or the JPKT

Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta
Paradeni Paraden The Paradeni are an artificial species of sentient androids, which resemble a humanoid species with tentacles as opposed to limbs. They have an artificial layer of skin, which appears to be made out of a steel-carbon composition.

According to their history, their creators attempted to exterminate them after they developed sentience, but were defeated. The Paradeni allowed their creators to leave their world millenia ago, and have no seen them since.

The word "Paradeni" means "Helpful one" in the Paradeni lexicon. They are members of the Jinesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta, or the JPKT

Jinkesk-Paraden-Krik Trifecta
Kessenski Sonoran The Kessenski are a reptilian species that are native to the planet Sonoran. They are a humanoid species with scales and frills.

They are a welcoming species, and were very accepting of Human refugees who came to inhabit their world alongside them. They were also very aware of the existence of alien life long before Humanity showed up, apparently due to visits from the Borshann. They are now active members of the Sonoran Union, contributing in just about every single way imaginable.

They share a 'Bond of Friendship' with the Sonorani Humans, whom they see as irreplaceable allies.

The Sonoran Union
Borshann Yaghūth The Borshann are a subterranean species from the moon of Yaghūth, and are one of the two native species from the Najima System. They are a four-eyed, three fingered, charcoal black skinned Humanoid species that has oil instead of blood.

They are an advanced species, able to hide their existence from Humanity when they arrived in Najima. After observing them for a while, they came to conclude that the Humans were a well meaning species, and willingly joined the Union between them and the Kessenski.

The Sonoran Union
Zetruiter Zuuvvun The Zetruiter are a humanoid species that appear to be made out of sentient rocks, with holes that glow green where their eyes would be, and appear to be telepathic.

Many of this species will spend their time alone, being a solitary people and often requesting to be given their own space in larger, more populated areas - This is not an act of mallice on their part, but simply a different evolutionary process via which they prefer solitude. They are not anti-social, and can work with other sentients, but this is more a preference for their civilization.

They are a subterrainian species. They were the first species outside of Najima that joined the Sonoran Union.

The Sonoran Union
Ghoz'ek Lloenov The Gohz'ek are an insectoid species from the world of Lloenov, which is according to them, an adopted home-world. They have not disclosed the reason for their departure from their homeworld, which they have not named either.

They possess insectoid wings and are capable of communicating between one another via pheromones. They communicate with other sentient species through a vocal translator, which translates their thoughts into words. However, this translates to their every thought being transmitted. This has lead to the Ghoz'ek being considered a particularly blunt species.

The Sonoran Union
Uuqaik Uuqak The Uuqaik are a species of green slime which are able to morph their shapes at will. They possess individual intelligence, and are capable of replicating the appearance of any individual they have encountered - However, they always appear green, no matter how otherwise convincing their morphs are.

The culture of the Uuqaiki is one of openness and transparency. Largely due to their ability to morph, appearances mean very little to the Uuqaik, and as such, they are far more concerned with words and actions.

The Sonoran Union
Agreb-Nakir-Lazen Icernia-Klavok-Karren-Izar The Agreb-Nakir-Lazen are a technologically advanced species, which possess two internal brains within their skulls, which have evolved to work in tandem with one another. They are a Humanoid species, with the main identifying factors being their pale white skin, and blood red eyes.

To outsiders, they are seen as arrogant to a degree, whom love to argue for the sake of argumentation itself. with a tradition of intellectualism, this is not entirely untrue. It is difficult for the Agreb-Nakir-Lazen to comprehend that debate is not an art to some people, or even just a form of basic communication, and one they struggle to respect. They are also stubborn, often refusing to back off of projects after committing to them.

Regardless though, they are incredibly valuable members of the Sonoran Union, whoms contributions have been immensely beneficial to everyone within the Union.

The Sonoran Union
Kustreok Garzan-Kar The Kustreok are a plant-based species of sentient trees, possessing bark in place of skin, and sap in place of blood. Like trees on other worlds, they inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

They are considered to be an incredibly proactive species, with what appears to be a genetic compulsion to give themselves a task and complete it as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. they have an incredible work ethic, which can often leave them coming across as an impatient species. It is often recommended they be put into some sort of stasis for long, extended space journeys.

Their homeworld, Garzan-Kar, is a swamp-like world, and is well known for producing materials useful in terraforming worlds.

The Sonoran Union
Xugzar Queswewi The Xugzar are a reptilian species, akin to humanoid Gekos. They are on average a meter taller than the average Human, and are known for being incredibly resilient to changes in their environment.

They are an incredibly adaptable people, whom seem to flourish when given a challenge. They have an incredibly competitive culture, with sports being an incredibly major part of their way of life. They are the architects of the Sonorani Interplanetary Stadium, in which various member worlds within the Sonoran Union compete in various sporting events, similar to the Olympics.

They are also an agreeable species, often accepting to assist other Factions in similar projects. The Xugar were responsible for assisting the Commune Federation in the construction of the Federational Olympic Station.

The Sonoran Union
Os'ai Os'ai'ai The Os'ai are a telepathic species from Os'ai'ai, which resemble small gorillas.

The species is known for not utilizing any real form of verbal communication, in spite of being ostensibly capable of doing so. They instead communicate almost exclusively telepathically. Due to this, conversations with them rarely last more than a few seconds, as all thoughts and the likes are instantly transmitted.

They are members of the Sonoran Union

The Sonoran Union
Ver Ver The Ver are an airborne species from the Gas Giant also known as Ver. They are incredibly resilient to pressure, meaning that they can travel to the center of their gas giant with little to no difficulty, which they did in order to mine it for resources.

The breathing function and eating function of the Ver seem to be the same as one another, consuming the gasses that they inhale. This process absolutely dictates that they leave their home-world equipped with the gasses they need to survive in truckloads - Those gasses being hydrogen and helium. They are capable of inhaling and eating other sorts of gasses, such as Amonia and Sulfur though.

They possess a series of floating cities that poke above the atmosphere of the planet, which allowed them to escape the confinements of their world early on in their existence.

The Sonoran Union
Ancek Ancek The Ancek are a blue skinned species that appear to be similar to Humans in most other aspects. They tend to also have orange hair.

They are subject to oppression under the Liberty Empire, whoms FreeMines Consortium Corporation use them for cheap slave labour.

Many are associated with the Ancek Liberation Front, which their species is most well known for on a wider scale.

Ancek Liberation Front
Yehrer Yiskoni The Yehrer are a reptilian snake-like species native to the moon world Yiskoni, orbiting the blue Gas Giant Salvation.

They were the first species the Deciarchy encountered when exploring the moons after the Overlord told them to settle on the moon of Rapture. The Yehrer were not aware of the existence of the Overlord until the Deciarchs told them and proved it to them. Immediately, they worshipped the entity as a God.

It is said that they were the founders of the Cult Of the Overlord.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Ens'Starre Divine The Ens'Starre are a species of green skinned giant humanoids that breathe on Helium. They appear to be hunched and have huge muscles.

Their world was discovered by the Deciarchy, due to the Creators Eye Nebula overlapping into their solar system. However, when they refused to join the Cult of the Overlord, the Deciarchy crushed their systems and civic structures.

The original Ens'Starre culture has been destroyed, and a zealous devotion to the Overlord put in its place.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Fokkats Stakkof The Fokkats are a species of fox-like mammals which come from the world Stakkof. They are humanoid, and possess bushy tails.

They are known mostly throughout Verpletter for being traders, and many see them as shifty dealers. They are also skilled informants, which they use to provide the Deciarchy with information.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Ayxi Yzar The Ayxi are an avian species that are akin to crows, with two sets of wingsjutting out of their backs. They possess a set of thin arms, at the end of which they have a set of claws.

They were willing converts to the Cult of the Overlord, and now act as airborne troops for the Deciarchy

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord
Sarshak Sasak The Sarshak are a species shark-like sentient creatures that come from the water-world of Sasak. They appear to resemble Humanoid sharks. they are capable of emitting a glowing light from underneath their skin. This allows them to see in the dark depths of their ocean world better.

They are a particularly aggressive species, and are often used in battle against any aquatic species that the Deciarchy faces against. Before they were inducted into the Cult of the Overlord, they were a fanatical species to the Faith of the Deep, which suggested that at the core of their world, the spirit of their lord resided, and was waiting to be released. They abandoned the worship of this god when the Deciarchy drilled to the centre of their world and debunked their faith. they now cling to the Cult of the Overlord to fill in the void.

The Deciarchy Of The Overlord

Non-Native Species Of Verpletter

"Outside of Verpletter's native population, there were others there during the Seal-Off - The visitors from other galaxies. The most obvious were the Humans, who would later shape the very face of Verpletter. And then you had all the Mutant offshoots that would arise in the next few millennia. But to assume that Humans were the only ones poking their noses into the business of the small dwarf Galaxy would be an immense misunderstanding of the geopolitics of that place at large."

There are a few dozen species in Verpletter which are not native to the galaxy. Regardless, they have developed within Verpletter after the galaxy was separated from the rest of the universe, and have set up within the galaxy, regardless of if species still exists in the wider universe.

This refers to species that did not originate in Verpletter - This means sub-species that evolved in Verpletter are not counted as Native species due to their extra-galactic origins.

Note : Affiliation typically refers to the settled world and the broader species as a whole. Individuals and possibly whole colonies may have a separate affiliation to other factions or stay independent.

Species Settled World Description Affiliation
Humans Various Humans are from Aegyn, in the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy.

They are one of the most prosperous species within Verpletter in spite of being foreign to it. Many of the factions within Verpletter have huge Human populations, or are run by Humans outright.

They tend to be an immensely diverse species in nearly all respects, including the values that they hold. Some seek to protect as much life as is possible, regardless of if it is human, or if it is even sentient. Others care very little for this, seeking only to benefit themselves, or their Faction at large. It is impossible to tell what values a Human holds by simply looking at them or the tendencies of their species.

Elaven Fasia The Elaven are a human sub-species that resemble elves from fantasy stories. They tend to be taller than the average human, have pointed ears, and possess black sclera. They are considered to be an exceedingly attractive species to those who are not from their homeworld of Fasia.

Elaven culture is based around the process of bettering oneself as an individual in whatever ways are considered lacking in that individual. For example, an intellectual Elaven may seek improvement in the arts, seeing it as a field in which they lack knowledge of. Elaven culture is based around becoming the most whole that a person is possible of becoming.

They are the desendents of another colony ship that was trapped in Verpletter. They share their homeworld with a number of sentient sub-species.

The Commune Federation
Dwanvo Fasia The Dwanvo are a human sub-species that resemble Dwarves from fantasy stories in Human culture. They are shorter than the average Human, and tend to be stronger.

Dwanvo culture has a fondness for perfectionism - Craft is considered integral to the mental well-being of a Dwanvo, and they will usually always try to master their craft to the best of their ability. If they master a craft, they will learn another. The more Crafts a person has, the more worthy of respect they are.

They are famous for their abilities to construct huge sub-surface cities. In modern space-faring times, they have found another field of expertise - Star-ship contribution. They share their home-world with a number of sentient sub-species.

The Commune Federation
Qar-Qar Fasia The Qar-Qar are a human sub-species that resemble horned, pale humanoids. They also tend to have red or white hair.

Typically they reside in the mountains of Fasia, where they practiced a form of pseudo-Communism before The Commune Federation arrived. they place a large value on community and communal living, and seek for anyone who desires to have such a life to be able to live it freely.

They were some of the most vocal advocates of joining The Commune Federation. They are considered to be incredibly hard workers in the fight for egalitarianism within the Federation.

The Commune Federation
Ororks Fasia Ororks are a human sub-species that resemble Orcs from human fantasy. Their skin tones vary from green to red and black, and are noticeable for having a set of tusks.

Interestingly, Ororks tend to have a peaceful culture, but have been to scapegoats for much of Fasia's existence until The Commune Federation arrived. It is considered cultural taboo for an Orork to refuse to assist another person if they have the ability to do so.

The Commune Federation
Skyborne Fasia The Skyborne are a sub-species of humanity that evolved wings that could allow them to fly in 1G environments. These wings grow from the shoulder-blades on the individuals back. The colour between these wings tends to be as varied as hair colour.

Skyborne are well known for being considered an incredibly competitive mutant-species, due to a culture that put a big emphasis on perfection over their flying abilities. This translated into other areas, and now many Skyborne seek to be the absolute best at everything that they do.

While proud, they are not arrogant, and are still valuable contributors to the Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Aquasi Fasia The Aquasi are a sub-species of humans that developed gills and webbed fingers and feet, allowing them to breathe underwater and swim effectively while submerged. They are also capable of breathing on land, allowing them access to nearly all the land of their home-world.

The Aquasi are a species which puts a lot of value on artistic expression and aesthetics, and produces a great number of artisans. They are one of the largest cultural exporters from Fasia, and it is often thought that it is largely their works that make Fasia such an enticing world to visit for those within the Federation.

Their cities are often considered the most beautiful in Fasia.

The Commune Federation
Sürunen Fasia The Sürunen are a Human sub-species that developed a reptilian appearance as they survived in the deserts of Fasia. They are the most noticeable deviation of all the sub-species of Fasia due to their reptilian adaptations.

The Sürunen also controlled the largest amount of land, (Not counting the Aquasi, who had vast underwater territories) claiming an entire continent-wide desert as their own. They had a House based system, which often managed one aspect of society - The House of Trade would handle matters of trade, for instance.

They are now active members of The Commune Federation, helping with the settling of desert worlds, as well as the management of various aspects of the Fasian system.

The Commune Federation
Frugis Cicero The Frugis are a Human sub-species that evolved on the moon-world of Cicero. They are notable for their blue skin and cat-like eyes. Many non-Frugis consider them to be cute.

They are also known for their warrior-like culture, and for overthrowing the feudal system that developed on their home-world. They are also famous for their sexual promiscuity, and openness about engaging in sexual acts with anyone they are physically compatible with.

The Commune Federation
Yettar Hadasamui The Yettar are a Human mutant sub-species from the frozen tundra world Hadasamui. Unlike the Frugis of Cicero, the world is kept in perpetual darkness, and is overwhelmingly cold. Due to this, the Yettar evolved to be far more hairy than regular Humans.

The Yettar have been subjected to multiple invasions of their home-world ever since they landed after the Seal-Off of Verpletter. This made them very suspicious of any outsiders who tried to make contact with them. They were brought into the Commune Federation by the Frugis, due to their similar environments, needs to evolve, and shared genetic history.

That have been valuable in the settling of ice worlds, and in communicating with other isolationist species. They have been able to bring several isolationists out of their self imposed isolationism, and create alliances, or even join with the Commune Federation.

The Commune Federation
Empatehr Aesyure The Empatehr are a fur-covered, bovine-like species which has settled the ice-cold planet Aesyure. The walk on all four of their limbs, utilizing a type of mild telekinesis in order to move objects around them - but can only do this within a two-meter radius of whatever it is they desire to move.

According to them, they were separated from the wider universe during a research expedition. They have often been targets of the Kreigsleute. They joined The Commune Federation not long after the Casorians, seeking the protection of the Federation. They have contributed immensely in the fields of xeno-science and advanced various technologies forward.

The Commune Federation
Magi Various The Magi are a Human mutant sub-species that have formed on various worlds near the center of the Verpletter galaxy. They have not deviated much from the physical appearance of Humans whatsoever.

It is however, their mental abilities which have evolved. The Magi have developed various psychokinetic abilities that allow them to perform various abilities by utilizing their newfound powers. they refer to this ability as Magic.

The Magi tend to develop different psychokinetic abilities depending on which star-system they are located within. One, for example, may allow the Magi to develop pyrokinetic abilities, while the other may allow them to freeze water vapour in the air, making them cryokinetic.

Cosmic Commonwealth of the Magocracy
Pyros Pyro The Pyros Are a Human mutant subspecies which had developed chalk-black skin, and the ability to generate and resist fire. They are a pyrokinetic species and the sole dominant species of the Pyros Hegemony.

The Pyros have a childish mentality, often seeing conquest and territorial expansion as little more than a game to be played. This is not the universal attitude, but many interactions with Pyros leave mental psychologists estimating that they do not seem to have the mental capacity beyond that of fifteen years of age at the most.

The Pyros Hegemony

Forces of Nature

"You have to admire the average Verpletteri - On top of constant conflict, ideological warfare, complex networks of alliances, outside influences, hostile worlds and who knows what else - On top of everything, they have Forces of Nature that can be just as deadly as any sentient life-form - And they still carry on, and keep fighting to uphold their values. I can think of a dozen galaxy spanning nations that would crumble under that sort of pressure, but they just refuse to give up their values. I'm amazed that their galaxy isn't just on constant fire."

Due to the nature of Verpletter, and it's overabundance of life, there are some alien species which can only be classified as a 'Force of Nature' - Species that tend to cause intense damage to the native population. The open hostility that these creatures might have for sentient life varies from species to species, with some openly seeking to destroy any sentient life they come across, while some cause harm to sentients entirely by accident and unawareness.

Some Forces of Nature species can actually be beneficial to sentients who manage to utilize them correctly, though this can often be a considerable effort for little proportionate gain.

Togis Rays

Togis Rays are huge manta-ray like creatures that possess a red complexion, and feed off of void ecologies - Ecosystems that create themselves around asteroid belts and the rings that surround planets. they release a spore which allows for the creation of more void ecologies in the places that they visit, allowing them to create more food sources for themselves as they travel.

Togis Rays are a peaceful Force of Nature, but have been known to batter entire fleets without meaning to. The average Togis ray is about 430 km in length, and fleets of them can be visible from the surface of whatever worlds they travel past. The Commune Federation has been able to tame many Togis Rays, whom now fly alongside their fleets.


The Gygas-Gycar are an unknown, unseen telepathic species that reside in the Klystruck Nebula, capable of transmitting their thoughts over thousands of light years. What they want and how they intend to acquire it has not been made clear to any Faction within Verpletter, but it is clear that the species has an interest in spaceships, not seeming to understand why sentient beings need to use them to travel through space. They have managed to convince many crews into committing suicide by persuading them they too did not need a spaceship to survive.

The Gygas-Gycar have been marked as a Force of Nature until first contact procedures can be officially made, and the subject of why they are so interested in spacecraft has remained unsolved as of yet.

The Kara

The Kara are a species of suspect sentience, whom are driven by a compulsion to engage in immense conflict and violence. Xenobiologists have suggested that the species seems to be capable of asexual reproduction, simply duplicating itself ten times once every three days. This meant that worlds that are attacked by them constantly face the threat of a growing horde of Kara whom seek only to batter them into oblivion. Kara are located throughout Verpletter, and have been a thorn in the side of a great number of Factions.