Vexlores are a sapient carbon-based bipedal species native to the planet Err in the Occult Galaxy. While primarily located in the Occult Galaxy, large numbers also inhabit the Cerise Galaxy, Sheol Galaxy, and Via Sagittaria Galaxy. They are commonly confused for Humans, a species also common in the galaxies where Vexlores are found. They are the most influential species native to the Occult Galaxy and the only one besides humans to have ruled over it at some point. Many species from outside of the galaxy do not trust Vexlores given their aggressive history.

Vexlores are vertebrates with a tough internal endoskeleton composed largely of calcium compounds and protein. They have four limbs and one head with two eyes and one mouth on that head. Like most predators, these eyes are placed on the front rather than side of the head. On each hand exist five digits and on each foot 4 digits. They posses hair atop their heads mostly as a vestigial feature. They originally would cut it off but outside influence from other species caused them to grow out and decorate it.

They have a tribal nature developed over hundreds of thousands of years as living as primarily hunter-gatherers in grasslands. Since large numbers of the most nutritious organisms were mobile, they developed strong arms, endurance hunting, and sharp teeth meant to pin down and tear apart prey.


Vexlores are what are known as "Mammaloids," a species that convergently evolved into mammals. They are not true mammals given their lack of relation to the original, however, they share almost all of the characteristics.


Vexlores are mostly composed of water. They are divided into organs, tissues, and cells just like the majority of other species. They metabolize fructose or glucose and have adapted to tolerate plants in addition to their original meaty diet. Inside of their chests lies a large heart which pumps oxygenated blood through the body. They have a large network of liver analogs through their bodies designed to filter blood and detoxify whatever may enter their bodies. As a result, most anesthetics, alcohol, or drugs have little effect on the average Vexlore. Their internal tissues are slightly acidic (pH = 6.85) and they use oxygen as the primary electron receptors in their metabolism. They are mostly composed of carbon-compounds with genetic material stored in macromolecules containing four distinct nucleotides.

Vexlores have 36 chromosomes divided into groups of three. Much like most complex life forms in the universe, chromosomes exist to make cellular division more practical. 33 of these chromosomes are autosomes while 3 are sex chromosomes. The chromosomes are all labelled A1-A3, B1-B3, etc. The sex chromosomes are "a" and "A." Males have at least one "A" chromosome.

Reproduction and life Cycle

Vexlores reproduce sexually have two biological sexes, male and female. The females most commonly give birth to twins, rarely having more or less children at once. Children are most commonly born in pairs of male and female who are identical genetically apart from the sex chromosome separating them. When only one is born or more than two are born, they are always one sex. Vexlores, from birth, have their fangs, with the rest of the teeth growing in as they mature.

Twins grow up together and are the closest individuals to each other out of anyone, even sometimes closer than mates. Mates are simply individuals that pair with each other for reproductive purposes. They naturally have lifelong mates, with promiscuity only taking place when Vexlorian populations are mixed with human or Vrchan populations.

Vexlorian males typically take 17 years to mature physically and 21 to mature mentally, while females take 16 years to mature physically and 18 to mature mentally. The difference is mostly due to size as males simply have more mass to gain before their bodies can focus on brain growth. Males are typically born smaller as well.





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