Via Aurum is a massive emission nebula which is located in the middle ring of the Aylothn Galaxy. Via Aurum is generally located between the two sub spirals of the Aylothn Galaxy, Rutun and Eqeyun. In its stable area, Via Aurum has grown to prosper as an economically opulent zone, with industry booming in all of its major sectors. Via Arum is most notable for its nearby intergalactic gateways, which allowed nations from the Via Sagittaria Galaxy to migrate slowly into the Aylothn Galaxy. As of the modern day, Via Aurum holds two major nations in its vicinity, which are the Thulcandran Federation and the Socialist Planets of Taitheia. These nations, holding a large number of species from the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, have since spread to encompass a large level of star systems in the Aylothn Galaxy.


Via Aurum holds a very loose and asymmetrical structure, as noted by its gilded flocculent clouds. In comparison to the orange of the Aylothn Galaxy, Via Aurum is known to contrast, which is known to have been a major sight in its area. The surrounding area, as well as many of its insides, is sprinkled with many large megastructures, which are under jurisdiction by the Thulcandran Federation. The formation of Via Aurum is known to be from the disappearance of Mother Sydiah, after she attempted to use her psychokinetic powers in order to create more of The Architects. It was formerly classified as one of Sydiah's Hinterlands, but it has since been sterilized of anomalous activity. Via Aurum is now known for its long-lasting nature.

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