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Via Aurum is a massive emission nebula which is located near Orithiya. In its times of stability, Via Aurum has grown to prosper as an economically opulent zone, with industry booming in all of its major sectors. Via Arum is most notable for its nearby intergalactic gateways, which allowed nations from the Borealis Arm to migrate near Via Aurum. It is also renowned for its major nations, them being the Thulcandran Federation and the Sovereign Provinces of Aylathia. These nations have since spread all across Via Aurum.

The Thulcandran Federation, the most notable nation in Via Aurum, is well known for its use of the area. There exist a multitude of luminous star systems which contain the bulk of megastructureas in Via Aurum. There is also a large level of concentrated resources from Via Aurum, which fuels economic activity. The majority of these are in the form of pockets of gas, typically helium or hydrogen, which is mined. Additionally, there exists a very large volume of heavy metals in the stars of Via Aurum. The Thulcandran Federation has made the mining of this material a priority, using the natural resources to create a booming economy for their nation.

The Sovereign Provinces of Aylathia, another major entity, is also well known for its industrial development and economic development of the area. However, there is more fame in its society and military. With the natural resources of Via Aurum, The Sovereign Provinces of Aylathia has been able to build a strong infrastructure for its people, and has garnered a large standing army. Its government is also very centralized, allowing it to be highly efficient in its operations. The socialist planets are currently looking towards the future and expansion, and are currently seeking out new territory and colonization.


Via Aurum holds a very loose and asymmetrical structure, as noted by its gilded flocculent clouds. In comparison to Aylathiya, Via Aurum is known to contrast, making it very much visible all around. The surrounding area, as well as many of its insides, is sprinkled with many large megastructures, which are under jurisdiction by the Thulcandran Federation. The formation of Via Aurum is known to be from the Wane of Reality after she attempted to use her psychokinetic powers in order to create more of Sydiah's Architects. It was formerly classified as one of Sydiah's Hinterlands, but it has since been sterilized of major anomalous activity. What remains of Via Aurum's anomalies is its very long-lasting nature, and the fact that it has remained in the same position for many thousands of years. As such, Via Aurum is still thought to be apart of Sydiah's Hinterlands by some.

Across its many points in space, Via Aurum contains a large hub of the Sacred Sedruan Gates. This network, named the Grand Gateways of Thulcandra, is one of the most prominent hubs in Via Aylathiya, as it is holds some of the highest level of exports and imports for any gateway hub. It also serves as a major transport hub for the galaxy, with the Commonwealth holding several three routes which go through Via Aurum.

Major Realms

There exist a multitude of major objects in Via Aurum, which have gained notoriety since the Wane of Reality, the establishment of the Thulcandran Federation, and the prosperity of the nations in the nebula. These objects include the Eye of Aylathiya, Thulcandria, Taitheia, and the Grand Gateways of Thulcandra. There are also a large number of minor megastructures, which are mostly found in the outskirts of Via Aurum. Many of these structures have been built by the Thulcandran Federation over time, or by the Sovereign Provinces of Aylathia in more recent day.