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Via Lacrimosa is a somewhat large spiral galaxy located 657,000 lightyears from Via Sagittaria. It acts as the political and economic center of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. It is the location of many notable worlds, most of which under control of the Hegemony. Scipio is the most populous planet within the galaxy. The single most populous non-planetary object is Demiurge. The galaxy is the least dense spiral galaxy in the known universe with 100 billion stars spread out over 95 kilo-light-years.

The low density of the galaxy has leant itself to a remarkably high number of red dwarfs. Compared to other galaxies whose average red dwarf population is about 70%, in Via Lacrimosa, it is over 95%. As such, the metallicity of the galaxy is very low. While other galaxies of its size can harbor thousands of native sapient species, Via Lacrimosa has a handful, Vexlores and Farlas as an example. Common species in the galaxy not native to it are Humans, Demi-Vexlores, and the Gainge.

The first confirmed large-scale civilization to have existed within the galaxy was the Triumvirate Civilization in the early 17,000's BCE. They created a large number of structures such as the original Demiurge station as well as Holo's Ring. Upon the second collapse of the Triumvirate in 210 CE it became home to various minor monarchies. These monarchies would be united under various duchies upon the formation of the original Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. From the early 10,000's CE onward, the galaxy would be dominated by either a united Hegemony or the various duchies composing the nation.

Extent & Regions

Every star within 48 kilo-light-years of the central black hole, Demiurge, is considered to be a part of Via Lacrimosa. It has two major arms, Ookami and Milize. Surrounding the core is a region known as Yavukt. The last major regions are the areas between the arms. These two regions are called Kosen and Rumitsh.

There exists one major satellite, the Cerise Galaxy. This galaxy is far denser than Via Lacrimosa and therefore is very valuable to the nations of Via Lacirmosa.


13,500,000,000 BCE
Via Lacrimosa begins to form.
13,000,000,000 BCE
The Cerise Galaxy begins to form.
1,200,000 BCE
Mahou first emerges, it quickly takes over its home planet of Callithyia. It is the first sapient being within Via Lacrimosa.
~1,000,000 BCE
Modern Farlas are first created by Mahou.
970,120 BCE
Mahou begins expanding outside of its home system, becoming the first interstellar civilization in the galaxy.
900,112 BCE
Mahou collapses into civil war as it splits into numerous different consciousnesses. It loses much of its territorial gains.
290,000 BCE
The Vexlores evolve on Err.
187,644 BCE
Sedrua creates several outposts in Via Lacrimosa.
174,888 BCE
Mahou's civil war finally stops.
Mahou and Sedrua begin drafting treaties defining territorial rights.
167,000 BCE
Sedrua is at its height and controls the majority of Via Lacrimosa by this time.
127,000 BCE
Sedrua pulls all military out of Via Lacrimosa to use them elsewhere.
61,814 BCE
The Sedrua-Triumvirate War begins, minor battles take place in Via Lacrimosa.
59,700 BCE
Sedrua loses sovereignty over Via Lacrimosa to the Triumvirate Civilization
44,129 BCE
The Triumvirate contacts and uplifts the Vexlores.
The Triumvirate creates a non-aggression pact with Mahou.
The Triumvirate begins construction of the Demiurge settlement and creates the Gainge species to populate it.
35,000 BCE
A handful of Naidarans manage to find refuge on a life-bearing world in the galaxy. They represent the last remaining members of their species.
18,444 BCE
The Triumvirate finishes construction of the Demiurge settlement.
15,100 BCE
The Triumvirate begins construction on Holo's Ring.
15,089 BCE
The Triumvirate civilization collapses, leaving species in the galaxy on their own.
12,744 BCE
The Administrator regains control of much of the Triumvirate's old territory, most of which existed in Via Lacrimosa.
10,400 BCE
The Administrator finishes construction on Holo's Ring, causing the Vexlores to remain loyal to The Triumvirate.
7,812 BCE
The Administrator begins building significant amounts of infrastructure in the galaxy and finally allows the Vexlores to leave their home system and colonize stars beyond it.

Common Era

210 CE
The Triumvirate civilization collapses a second time, freeing the Vexlores.
It still remains within many parts of Via Lacrimosa, including the core.
The Vexlores first form Rune-Err.
9,007 CE
Rune-Err become a Great Power, capable of influence on the scale of the entire galaxy.
14,571 CE
The descendants of the first Naidarans in the galaxy form an interstellar civilization called Naidaro.
18,991 CE
The Great Empyreal Crusade begins. A large force of ships from Empyros invades Rune-Err and Mahou.
20,904 CE
As Empyros is defeated, for the first time, Mahou and Rune-Err do diplomacy with extra-galactic nations.
20,987 CE
The Neo-Terrans first arrive in Via Lacrimosa.
Drusidia is formed under the leadership of Hal Drusus II
22,771 CE
With support from Sagittarium, Drusidia begins purging remaining Triumvirate forces in Via Lacrimosa.
23,333 CE
The last vestiges of the Triumvirate are destroyed.
The Gainge are incorporated into Drusidia and reorganized as a semi-autonomous territory called Amme.
24,180 CE
The Blessing of Mars is created upon the death of Hal Drusus II. From then on, it would decide the next emperor of Drusidia.
Pyotr Drusus I becomes the emperor.
25,184 CE
Drusidia attempts to exterminate the Naidarans.
25,966 CE
Even with support from Sagittarium this fails miserably as Drusida sustain many losses.
27,945 CE
Drusidia, Amme, and Mahou unite under once banner into the "Neo-Terran Coprosperity Sphere."
29,001 CE
The Sphere collapses due to infighting.
34,122 CE
Drusidia attempts to invade nations in the Fusion of Crowns.
34,207 CE
The invasion ends in an armistice, Drusidia gains territory from the nation but fails to conquer it.
59,715 CE
Drusidia and Rune-Err enter a bloody conflict.
59,809 CE
The Emperor of Rune-Err, Nicodemus IV, and the Archon of the State of Tenshi, Meiko Takanashi III, marry, creating a military alliance between these two nations. The alliance creates a superpower known as "Tenshi-Err."
60,134 CE
After experiencing a total defeat, Drusidia surrenders to Tenshi-Err.
Tenshi-Err unites with Drusidia into the Dominium of United Duchies which also extends into a portion of Via Sagittaria and all of the Ventemir Galaxy.
Mahou, Naidaro, and Amme are also incorporated.
61,238 CE
The Demi-Vexlores, as a species, are created as a combination of Human and Vexlore genetic material.
62,812 CE
The Dominium begins a conflict called the Siege of Ambrosia in which it invaded a small galaxy known as the Ambrosia Galaxy to extract valuable resources.
63,001 CE
After gaining many resources from this conflict, the Dominium becomes a superpower rivalling even the Confederacy of Borealis in terms of economic potential.
63,101 CE
Using advanced Thaumaturgy, Dominium scientists create a being known as Prince Jeroboam. Jeroboam was immediately crowned as "Crowned Prince" as per the Blessing of Mars.
63,123 CE
As an exceptionally powerful being, capable of not only wielding the power of the Blessing of Mars, but also as an Amaranth Heir, Prince Jeroboam desserts the Dominium and begins wandering freely in Ambrosia.
63,131 CE
After witnessing the Dominium destroy a populated world, Jeroboam began destroying Dominium forces.
63,132 CE
Emperor Nicodemus IV personally ventures to Ambrosia to kill Jeroboam.
Despite being a gifted Thaumaturgist, Nicodemus is unable to kill Jeroboam.
Nicodemus flees to the capital world and orders Jeroboam to be hunted by the military.
63,133 CE
Jeroboam eludes the Dominium military. Using his Thaumaturgic abilities as well as his abilities as an Amaranth Heir, he manages to fly through space.
63,143 CE
Jeroboam finally makes it out of Ambrosia and ends up in Via Lacrimosa by travelling through a wormhole that was a part of the Janus Network.
63,144 CE
Jeroboam makes it the capital world, Err, and, overpowering local military assets, kills Emperor Nicodemus.
Several months after, Jeroboam tracks down and kills Meiko Takanashi III, the archon of Tenshi.
Jeroboam kills most of the advisors as well as the children of Nicodemus and Meiko.
63,145 CE
A strike force sent by the Confederacy of Borealis fails to kill or even debilitate Jeroboam.
Jeroboam flees back to Ambrosia, leaving the Dominium in chaos.
63,147 CE
Gen Takanashi X, a distant relative of Meiko III, claims the throne of the Dominium, however, few recognize this as legitimate.
In the same year, Drusidia declares independence as the Blessing of Mars chose a new emperor.
Vexlorian territory begins destabilizing as the government loses its means to keep order.
63,148 CE
Other species declare independence shortly thereafter, leaving Tenshi-Err as a mere shell of itself.
Remaining Dominium forces are removed from Ambrosia, ending the Seige of Ambrosia.
63,150 CE
Gen Takanashi X dissolves the Dominium as it soon becomes apparent that governing Vexlorian space would prove impractical.
63,151 CE
As Vexlores flee Vexlorian space in large number, they begin integrating into nearby nations such as Drusidia, Amme, and even the Confederacy of Borealis.
65,000s CE
Demi-Vexlores become more widespread as Human-Vexlore couples become more common.
Facilities to combine Human and Vexlore genetic material become increasingly common.
70,506 CE
Vexlorian space finally reunites back into Rune-Err under a distant relative of Nicodemus IV.
Via Lacrimosa becomes less chaotic as order finally returns.
88,073 CE
The War of the Ancients begins.
88,248 CE
Drusidia and Amme declare war on the Quintet Puontari Federation.