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The Via Lacrimosa Galaxy is a somewhat large spiral galaxy located 657,000 lightyears from Via Sagittaria. It acts as the political and economic center of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. It is the location of many notable worlds, most of which under control of the Hegemony. Scipio is the most populous planet within the galaxy. The single most populous non-planetary object is Demiurge. The galaxy is the least dense spiral galaxy in the known universe with 100 billion stars spread out over 95 kilo-light-years.

The low density of the galaxy has leant itself to a remarkably low number of non-red-dwarf stars. Compared to other galaxies whose average red dwarf population is about 70%, in Via Lacrimosa, it is over 95%. As such, the metallicity of the galaxy is very low. While other galaxies of its size can harbor thousands of native sapient species, Via Lacrimosa has only two, Vexlores and Naidarans. Common species in the galaxy not native to it are Humans, Vrchans, and the Gainge.

Life is rare in the Via Lacrimosa as such, evidence for ancient life is sparse. The first confirmed civilization to have existed within the galaxy was the Triumvirate Civilization in the early 17,000's BCE. They created a large number of structures such as the original Demiurge station as well as the Caligne Ring. Upon the collapse of the Triumvirate it became home to various minor monarchies. These monarchies would be united under various duchies upon the formation of the original Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. From the early 10,000's CE onward, the galaxy would be dominated by either a united Hegemony or the various duchies composing the nation.

Extent & Regions

Every star within 48 kilo-light-years of the central black hole, Demiurge, is considered to be a part of Via Lacrimosa. It has two major arms, Ookami and Milize. Surrounding the core is a region known as Yasukt. The last major regions are the areas between the arms. These two regions are called Kosen and Rumitsh.

There exists one major satellite, the Cerise Galaxy. This galaxy is far denser than Via Lacrimosa and therefore is very valuable to the nations of Via Lacirmosa.