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The Viana Cluster is a globular cluster located above Via Aylathiya. It is a fairly large globular cluster, consisting of 24,537 stars and being 118 lightyears wide with a huge black hole at the center known as the Centrality. The cluster is fairly unusual as it contains an odd amount of large A,B and O-type stars which is unheard of for a globular cluster. Things only get weirder from here as the Viana Cluster happens to be quite infamous for its anomalous properties as well as strange occurrences ranging from anomalous stars, silicon-based cubes to bizarre signals from the Centrality itself.

Humans first discovered the cluster in 4094 via telescopes, many being captured by its intrinsic beauty. Soon, an exodus was assembled to reach this far off realm which would soon arrive in 4124, the planet soon to be known as Viana Prime was settled. As civilization grew on Viana Prime, probes were sent out to the neighboring systems in 4140, finding a wide array of strange and interesting systems and worlds, such as Mirana and Zyvoori.

Notable species/races

Pluons of the VNS-1 Pulsar (although not intelligent, their oddness makes them worthy of the list)

Vinosians of Vinos (extinct)

Zyvoori of the planet Zyvoori

Orbs (Homeworld unknown)

More to come

Strange occurrences

The cluster is well known for many strange and unexplained features.

For example:

Vinos : Nicknamed, "World of the whispering winds", this planet is notable for the strange winds that sound like unintelligible whispers as well as strange humanoid dust formations.

Mirana: A planet famous for its vast cave systems of luminous crystals known as Ulendines. Some towns and villages were built in these caverns after terraforming was completed.

Dalacarth: A seemingly habitable planet but surrounded by a field of unexplained space-time anomalies.


A list of major events in Viana's history.

Pre-common Era:

12 Billion BCE: The Centrality is created from the collapse of a quasi-star.

10 Billion BCE: The cluster starts slowly coming together

8.1 Billion BCE: 98 Navis Caelo forms

7.7 Billion BCE: Vinos forms

3.5 Billion BCE: The Gesh-Ximban system forms

2.5 Billion BCE: Bacterial life arises on Zyvoori

3 Million BCE: The Zyvoori evolve

Common Era:

2647 CE: The Zyvoori send their first satellite into orbit.

3015 CE: The Zyvoori construct bases on their planet's moon.

3047 CE: A base is established on Fidani by the Zyvoori

4124 CE: Humans discover and start to colonize Viana Prime.

4147: Vianapolis has finished construction

4150 CE: Mirana is discovered.

4156 CE: Mirana's atmosphere is changed to be breathable and colonies are soon built.