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It is the fourth planet from its sun and is orbited by 9 moons, 3 being worlds, the others being asteroids. The planet has a 14 hour rotation, making days go by pretty quick by conventional standards and takes 2 standard years and 38 days to make a full orbit around its parent star.

Before colonization, much of the planet's surface was arid and lifeless, ruled by deserts and mountainous regions. Nowadays, expansive megacities dominate much of the surface, with even the nightside looking like a glittery ball of colorful lights. The planet only has one main ocean, along with several large lakes beyond it.


The weather on Viana Prime is typically calm and predictable, having an average temperature of 17 °C. Artificial rain is also created in order to keep agricultural communities in check. Hurricanes and other tropical storms sometimes occur along the equator although most of the cities are built to withstand them so they never cause much damage.


Viana Prime has a staggering population of 34.5 billion individuals, and is quite diverse, with several species from across the cluster living on the planet. Because of this, Viana Prime serves as a popular trading center and tourism hotspot, with many commuting there each day and trading goods or even just to experience the expansive megacities. The culture of Viana Prime is hard to pin point as it is often considered a mixing pot where various cultures can trade, meet or sometimes even mix.

Outside the megacities there are many smaller communities, which are where most of the planet's agriculture and farming take place. Some denizens also like to travel to these areas as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Strewn between the cities are also domed garden towers and large greenhouses that serve as a means of relaxation for citizens. Some farming is also conducted in these although healthier food is more preferably grown in the communities outside the cities.

Species and Races

As mentioned above, several species have made their home on this planet, here is a list of them:

Population by species
Species Culture/population
Humans 71% Humans inhabit most of Viana Prime due to it being their

first and capital world in the cluster. Humans on Viana Prime (who refer to themselves as Vianese) have diversified a lot since their forebearers first reached the planet, taking on many appearances thanks to genetic engineering as well as self expression being very prevalant in Vianese culture.

Feruuta 15% The Feruuta make up a good 15% of the population due to their involvement in founding the C.S.O.V, as well as Viana Prime's neighbouring planet, Ortolin, being a major colony of theirs. On Viana Prime, the Feruuta live in large, humid domed habitats, each having artificial desert-like environments inside them to replicate their homeworld's conditions.

However, if accompanied with a breathing apparatus, they can venture outside these domes as their bodies can withstand Viana Prime's natural temperature for a limited time (up to around 5 hours at best).

Vionia 6% Thanks to their ability to store in their own air, the Vionia are freely able to traverse Viana Prime's skies in orderly "roots" as to keep out the way of ships and air traffic. From the surface, they appear as moving dots, being considered an almost magical sight by those on the ground.
Zemus 4% The aquatic brothers of the Vionia, the Zemus live in small domed habitats within the planet's ocean and often trade with the planet's island communities thanks to their amphibious nature.