Vihrie is an temperate terra planet in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. It is home of 2 separate late Type-1 civilizations of the Xcathli species, which inhabit the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet. It is located on the other side of the same system, the Txon System, sharing it with the human outposts in Nova Rexina.


The planet is essentially split in half by a massive mountain range which runs across the equator, similar to an equatorial ridge. This may have been caused by a massive body reaching the Roche limit in the distant past. The body would be ripped apart by tidal forces and cause some debris to fall down on the equator.


The two civilizations are so far relatively isolated from each other by this massive mountain range. They have made contact with several nearby, less-advanced alien species, but so far both civilizations have avoided conflict with foreign planets. Diplomatic relationships are rare, even between both civilizations. They have confined themselves to their own planetary areas. Xcathli is the largest and most advance of the two. So far both nations have rejected all offers (3, to be exact) of embassies on Vihrie. The nearest explorers from a major civilization are humans with whom they have some degree of small comercial contacts.

These two civilizations seem to be in uneasy peace with each other, although not much is known about their past relationships. It is quite possible that a massive war had erupted between the two sometime in the past though. Authorities have granted them a status of protection.

Some Human forces, have made public their willingness to invade and conquered the planet since it is a lush world compared to the most rough and arid world they inhabited, Nova Rexina.

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