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It is the fourth planet orbiting its parent star, and is orbited by 11 moons, 2 being barren worlds.

The surface is an arid wasteland, devoid of life however this was not always the case as it once supported life, even harbouring an intelligent species before their untimely nuclear demise.


The planet was once inhabited by a humanoid species known as the Vinosians, who were a late type-0 civilization. Judging by what's left of their skeletal remains, they stood around 7-8ft tall, had four eyes and a skinny stature although only a few of their skeletons remain and are heavily eroded, making it hard to determine their former appearances.

So what happened to them? Well, they were wiped out in a highly catastrophic nuclear war of some kind that left their world a desolate wasteland, even destroying one of its moons in the process, creating the planet's ring system.

It is thought that the nuclear blasts were so destructive that they outright vaporized any lifeforms, structures and water within a radius of a few million miles, leaving the planet completely irradiated for a hundreds or even a thousand years.

Ruins of what look to be small cities have been found on the surface by exploration teams however they are so eroded that most of them resemble rock formations. Remains of possible spacecraft have also been found across the system, most of them being concentrated around the sixth planet which is a large oceanic world, suggesting that the Vinosians may have attempted to colonize it in the past.

It is speculated that this "war" or whatever it was, happened around 6.3 million years ago.


Vinos has been nicknamed, 'World of the whispering winds' due to explorers claiming to hear inaudible whispers in the winds. Robotic probes have also picked up these sounds before suddenly deactivating under unknown circumstances.

That's not all, other explorers also claim to have seen vaguely humanoid shapes form out of the dust and dissipate shortly after. Orbital images of the surface have revealed the same "dust entities" as they have come to be called.

While many think that they are just a case of mere pareidolia, others think they are spirits of some kind and that Vinos is haunted by its previous inhabitants.

Whatever the case may be, Vionos has been mostly left alone with only a few orbiters studying and taking pictures of the planet in an attempt to find out more about its past.