Violnyn are a species of mysterious cephalapod looking silicon-based organisms native to the cool, dim, and mysteriously life-filled brown dwarf of Palos in the Paleas Arm of the large Flower Galaxy. As highly expansionist species, Violnyn have taken themselves all across the local cosmos, even going as far founding a vast civilization known as the Theoracy of Palos. Currently operating under the supreme emperor of Dhe'eyg The Tenth, the most powerful individual of their entire species.

The Violnyn are one of few species capable of directly inhabiting stars and extremely high temperature planets. Violnyn also have the ability to inhabit around 90% of the worlds in the universe, making them one of the most widespread sapient species ever.

One of the relative few species to have such a negative reputation, Violnyn have deep history of conflict and atrocities, even having civil wars that encompassed many systems in the past. In time they have forgotten their past conflicts, and have shaped to become into a more peaceful race.


Violnyn greatly resemble cephalapods, however their biology is far different than any other creature ever discovered. Their bodies are entirely sustained by complex nuclear fusion, keeping them alive. Violnyn are theoretically immortal, only dying when the nuclear fusion stops inside their body, which usually takes seven thousand years. Attempts for increasing the length of this process have been made, however none have yet to be successful. Violnyn have an ability to levitate above the ground by creating a repulsive force.

Violnyn, with their impressive resistance to extremely low and high pressure, and no need to breathe have the ability to withstand the dark and empty vacuum of space, easily thriving in it. Covering Violnyn is a hard organic temperature and damage resistant material, allowing them to thrive essentially everywhere. As such, many groups of Violnyn immigrated to Toverra, starting their process of evolution into the sapient spacefaring species they are today. The abnormal properties above give Violnyn the ability to thrive and survival on virtually every world in existence.

Many tentacles drop down from their small central body of around two meters in height and four meters in length. The amount of tentacles is unique on each individual, though there are usually five to ten, with 80% of the individuals having eight tentacles. These tentacles have the ability to generate electric current, making them effective as weapons, while most of the time they are used to manipulate the environment, like limbs. The coloration of the top shell and tentacles of Violnyn varies per individual, however the most common colors and black and blue.


Violnyn have exceedingly good vision, with the ability to see most wavelengths of light on the light spectrum. They have no sense of smell, or temperature. Violnyn have no pain receptors, essentially making them invulnerable to any sort of pain.


Violnyn reproduce by splitting themselves into two identical individuals, then fusing with another split individual. After this process, the newborn Violnyn make themselves a cocoon of radioactive elements, allowing the atoms to mix with their bodies, and to initiate the nuclear fusion inside them. After ten hours of being in the cocoon, the Violnyn emerges, fully matured.

Stellar Violnyn

Stellar Violnyn is the rarest type of Violnyn, characterized by their unique horns extruding from their top shell, along with the coloration of their top shell, which looks like a nebula. They make up approximately a little over 0.01% of the Violnyn population. Dhe'eyg The Tenth is a notable Stellar Violnyn.


The highly advanced technology of VIolnyn is often noted as peculiar by other nations. From highly advanced models of starships to plasma-based weaponry that could annihilate entire vehicles in mere seconds, the technology of Violnyn is extraordinarily valued by other nations. As such, many of the Violnyn corporations are some of the biggest in the universe.



Violnyn have a highly monotheistic religion, dedicated to the god of eternal power, Kha'dor'ean. This god is essentially an individual of a yet unknown and highly technologically advanced alien race, which the Violnyn worship. Violnyn note this individual as the Seeder, who gave birth to Violnyn. A reasonable explanation for this religion, is that a currently unidentified alien species seeded Palos with life, which has already been proven.


Possessing no natural vocal mechanism, Violnyn communicate thorough a exceedingly complex system of gestures and generation of electricity, making up the language of Paostero. This language itself has made communication between other species near-impossible. This has been resolved by most Violnyn, inhibiting a chip placed deep inside their bodies to translate the complex set of gestures to words.

Nations with significant Violnyn population

Notable Violnyn

  • Dhe'eyg The Tenth (Supreme Emperor of Theocracy of Palos. 95,642 CE - Current)
  • Tho'den (Naval Commander of Theocracy of Palos. 94,267 CE - 98,212 CE)
  • Er'ney (Famous Starship Engineer. 98,632 CE - 99,972 CE)
  • Eri'tenton (Famous Mercenary. 94,892 CE - Current)
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