One of the inhabitants of Isiaeor.


A form of sapient airborne plant life, they resemble large flower shaped gas bags with multiple tentacles and what could only be described as a sepal which they use at higher altitudes to protect against the deadly solar radiation and the cold. They can also stand atmospheric pressure from one to four ATM.

At their widest they are 2 meters and they have a height of about the same. They are also bio-luminescent, appearing as bright lights in the night sky. They can shift through the colors of the rainbow and it is one of their forms of communication. Two of their stems seem to work like human eyes, able to see all in the visible spectrum.

As they are plantlike they live mostly off of sunlight and the moisture of the evaporated water from the surface. However they can also feed off of the other plants that reside in their domain if necessary.

They have a relatively short lifespan of 17 to 30 terrestrial years of age. The mating process of the Vionia is similar to the reproductive process of flowers on Earth. They also have an incredible memory.


The Vionia first appeared above the planet’s surface about 2 million years ago. As they were airborne they quickly spread out, letting the winds of the planet blow them around until they evolved the ability to move on their own and even against the winds.

With no concept of territory they evolved a society of simple nomadic traveling and remained like that for hundreds of thousands of years. The strange lights in the sky did pique their interest a bit but not much.

They had no way of keeping written history but even if they did they had little history to speak of. Thanks to their memory, however, they do remember the stories that their ‘parents’ tell them.

The first significant moment in their own history was first contact with their sea brothers in 9521 when a Zemus probe appeared in their territory. Many curious Vionia gathered around the probe where they were shown strange images of the surface that they could not comprehend at first. Many of the scholars of the Vionia put their minds to the task and eventually a pseudo dialogue was established with these strangers from the surface.

Many more probes were sent to the Vionia’s domain where the Zemus taught them everything they had learned about their world. The Vionia responded in kind, telling them as much as they could about their part of the world. Finally, a manned ship made its way up from the sea and made actual first contact.

With this new knowledge and ideologies from the Zemus, the Vionia were more than eager to explore the surface and the stars as well as the eleven moons. The Zemus built a massive ship that mimicked the conditions of the Vionia’s part of the sky. The ship was perfect for the Vionia to pilot with minimal help from the Zemus.

Over the next few hundreds of years the Vionia and Zemus spread across their solar system, terraforming and colonizing a couple worlds and many asteroids. They developed a primitive version of Warp Drive in 9972 and used it to explore their nearby star system, looking for worlds to colonize.

One day the Vionia on the homeworld saw another strange probe enter their atmosphere. They recognized that it wasn’t Zemus tech and moved to intercept it. They didn’t get a good look at it but they knew they had discovered something new. They contacted the Zemus who had just discovered it themselves. The probe then broadcast a greeting in the native languages.

The Vionia were especially interested when they said that the species that had made this were land dwellers. A few months later a massive ship appeared in orbit. First contact was made with the two races and the Confederacy.

With the discovery of this new super advanced civilization the Vionia eagerly sent representatives to Earth to explore the homeworld of these strange land dwellers. They were surprised to find land plants that so eerily resembled them, such as flowers.

The Vionia established their first extragalactic colony on a world in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy only a few years after first contact with the Confederacy.


With no land to defend, the Vionia for most of their history were a peaceful nomadic race, mostly letting the winds of the higher atmosphere blow them around, only moving to get food or to explore something unusual or to mate.

With first contact, their curious nature began to become more apparent as they took to exploring the surface of their planet as well as their own system and surrounding space. With first contact with the Confederacy, the Vionia became full blown explorers, studying all they could on this advanced civilization from outside their own galaxy. Their current population is 3.2 billion.

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