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"Viphid. The gorgeous violet light of the deep. When my travels turned towards the deep of Haven's endless oceans, I was amazed to see the numerous clusters of violet light fill my view within the darkened depths. Truly, even in the deepest and darkest depths, Haven's beauty is ever lasting."-William Tancard's: Haveborne Flora illustrated.


Viphid are a common species of aquatic Aquinlumismeridiem native to many salt water bodies across Haven, though they are most commonly found near the deeper depths of the Geilda Ocean, or clustered around deep hydrothermal vents located within the aforementioned ocean. The Viphid have a theorized global population of around fifty-seven billion. Due to their commonality, the Viphid are a fairly famous species of flora across Haven's various cultures, often times appearing in various works of cultural art and iconography.


The Viphid are among the most common species of Aquinlumismeridiem flora on Haven and as such, they share all of the baseline traits of the phylum. The Viphid consist of a long, stalk of graphite textured hardened AquinluminIfrarqel, which is a chemical compound exclusive to the Aquinlumismeridiem. At the end of this stalk, multiple pieces of hardened AquinluminIfrarqel jut outward in a similar manner to a typical flower species that take the natural bioluminescence the aforementioned compound takes under the cover of darkness. Their physical structure is fairly durable for the respective family they belong to, often times taking great amounts of force to break its structure, as it had to evolve as such to be able to withstand the great amounts of pressure its respective native environment inflicts upon it, usually taking around eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight pounds per square inch to break its structure. They also hold one of the longest lifespans of any species of Aquinlumismeridiem, having an average lifespan of around eighty hundred and sixty-seven standard years.

Viphid, unlike some of its contemporaries, does not grow as large cluster. Instead, the Viphid grow as a singular stalk that will begin to shoot out saplings all around itself, causing more singular Viphid stalks to grow, making it appear as if it grew originally as a cluster. The Viphid also use its bioluminescence to entice various deep sea species of Fauna to partake in its blossoming stalks to spread their saplings even farther outwards.


Due to both their commonality, and their extremely durable structure, the Viphid are often times used in the construction of many things such as underwater habitats and colonies, along with some surface structures and colonies as well. Along with being used for particle construction, the Viphid is also often used in many decretive pieces due to the violet light they naturally produce, with many people using the plant to illuminate an aquarium of theirs.

Many aquatic species, such as various deep sea fish consume the illuminating parts of the Viphid as they are designed to be ingested by creatures with the purpose of spreading the respective Viphid's saplings farther then it would otherwise be capable of doing. Along with using the Viphid for sustenance, many predatory aquatic species will use the Aquinlumismeridiem as a way of entrapping prey, patiently waiting for prey animals to be entranced by its violet glow, then strike as their guard is down.