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Virozesum is a terrestrial planet in the Florathel Galaxy, and is both the capital and most populated planet of the Virozic Republic. Orbiting the orange dwarf star Airozes, the planet has a strikingly similar natural condition with proto-Angertharke and other young worlds, with photosynthesising bacteria which have only evolved on the planet for less than fifty million years.

Virozesum is located close to the Dragon's Head Nebula, in the Virozic Hollow (or Virozic Supersector) which is surrounded by 3 medium-sized nebulae, all part of the great Virenna Nebular Complex, a giant cluster of nebulae spanning almost 3,000 light years, similar to a larger Yggdrasil Nebula. It also contains the Crown Cluster.

Being the seat of the capital of the Virozic Republic, the planet has an advanced, diversified economy with multiple megacities across the planet. Many argue that the planet is the economic central of the Outer Paleas Arm, although the exact holder of that title is disputed and may not ever come to light.

The planet is home to a variety of unique cultures inhabiting its many cities and towns.


Virozesum was discovered first by explorers from the Union of Narenna around the year 14,000, and was almost immediately a group of colonizers was sent to the planet to establish basic infrastructure and habitation for a large population. By 15,000, the population was floating around the range of 2.5 billion with both immigration and natural birthrates contributing to the growth.

Due to its large populace, the Virozesians were relatively autonomous within the Union and developed a culture of their own. In terms of administration, the planet and several surrounding, less-inhabited systems were managed by an entity known as the Virozic Republic.

While significant trading and economic ties existed, the large population base of the planet soon saw it become a fully-fledged trade center of its own right, with ships exporting and importing goods and resources a common sight in the planet's orbit. Multiple spaceports were constructed both on the planet's surface and on the planet's main moon Zicavinum.

The planet was one of the first to declare secession from the Union of Narenna at the beginning of the Forever War, due to a disagreement with the endless fighting over who would become the next ruler. Local politicians were appointed into the leadership of the planet (and system), including the later-famous Zashary Lert.

While initially the secession was relatively peaceful, the Narennan Navy conducted an aggressive anti-secession campaign in the area and blockaded the orbit lanes of the planet to force a surrender. However, before long the fleet was withdrawn due to the secession movement spreading like wildfire throughout the galaxy and the area.

After the conclusion of the war, the now-independent Virozic Republic became one of the strongest entities in that particular region of the Florathel Galaxy. Both the population, economy, and industrial output of the system grossly outnumbers effectively all other planets there, and many system's economies are heavily reliant on trade with Virozesum. Hence, it was easily capable of integrating many smaller polities without a single war, allowing it to expand the Virozic Republic from about 12 systems into 105 in the first 15 years of its independence, becoming the effective controller of the Virozic Hollow.

Later in its history, both conquests and peaceful annexations became common in the expansion of the republic towards the effective microstates scattered throughout the western regions of the galaxy, which had only slowed down in the last few years due to meeting the borders of similarly-sized interstellar factions.


As the economic, political, and cultural center of the Virozic Republic which spans tens of thousands of colonies and about a trillion citizens, there is massive diversity of the inhabitants of the planet, and not just limited to cultural (for instance, 5 species hold political positions above that of a Mayor aside from humans). Regardless, about 45% of the sentient population are humans of various ethnicities, cultures, and traditions.

Of the ~24 billion inhabitants, about 7.5 billion (~30%) live in the rural areas of the planet, either working in agriculture, power generation, or certain heavy industries. The rest live in more urbanized territories, with many megacities sprawling across the vast landmasses of the large terra. On the small selena moon of Zicavinum, about ~350 million live and work either in the large stripmines, smelters, or on the spaceport where significant amounts of commodities are stored before being sent down the parent.

Zicavinum and its parent. While only having 1.4% of the population, mines and smelters on Zicavinum produces ~35% of the total metal output, especially for base elements such as Iron, Aluminium, or Silicon.

While there is significant amount of business and economy running around the planet, as with any large population there exists a particular issue of unemployment and poverty. While not as chronic as the poverty of the older times, significant inequalities have occasionally caused incidents ranging from strikes to demonstrations and civil unrest.


The economy of the planet is advanced, with many financial companies and high-tech industries operating from the planet throughout the republic. Slightly further from the planet, the large facility for heavy weapon production and manufacture is located at the desert moon of Veremies orbiting a gas giant, manufacturing weapons, ammunitions, and various other military supplies for the republic.

While heavy industries are limited on the planet, being moved to Zicavinum to reduce strain on the planetary environment, there are some heavy manufacturing plants on the planet producing chemicals and large machinery. However, industry on the planet is more oriented towards high-tech industry which relies on the heavy industries and mines from both the planet's surface and Zicavinum. Products include communication equipment, mining implements, electronics, and others.

Despite having a wide, flat area suitable for agriculture, the large population of the planet dictates that many are unavailable and that from what's available, the produce will be insufficient. Virozesum produces about 93% of its food needs - it needs to import the remaining 7%, which while sounding relatively small, feeding 2 billion people with imported food is quite a logistical challenge.

Most Virozic financial institutions have their headquarters at Virozesum, where business runs with more dynamic and capital flows around the economy faster than the rest of the republic. These financial institutions often invest in new colonizations, charted systems or not, helping to boost the habitation density of Virozic space. Many others run as most would expect.

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