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The Virozic Republic is a major state in the Florathel Galaxy, controlling significant territories in the Outer Paleas Arm. It seceded from the Union of Narenna shortly after the breakout of the Forever War, growing rapidly since. As of the 100th Millenium, it has become a heavy ally of the Union of Narenna due to a common enemy in the form of the Kormin Empire.


The Virozic Republic started from a former Union of Narenna colony, Virozesum. Due to multiple reasons the planet was the dominant seat of power and center of trade around the small Dragon's Head Nebula, allowing it to become dominant in the region immediately after its independence and for a rapid expansion simply by it annexing smaller colonies and planets without military action.

Before long, the republic had become a player in the galactic politics. With no powerful state towards the galactic rim and plenty of uncolonized systems, it geared its resources towards annexation and colonization of systems there. Following a series of diplomatic integrations, colonization processes, and no wars of subjugation, the republic had expanded to include about 20,000 systems and colonies, and is rapidly growing towards the far galactic extension.

Politics and Government

The Federal Council of the Virozic Republic currently has 2,431 seats - approximately one for every 7 billion individuals plus some additional positions.

While officially the government should be an unitary parliamentary republic, the state of affairs within the republic does not allow such. There is an undergoing attempt from Virozesum to slowly centralize power, but it is expected to take a while due to promises of significant regional autonomy and powers being an important driving force behind the peaceful integrations of many systems.

The Chief Executive of the Republic has very limited powers in comparison to its federal legislation - with no abilities to implement laws outside the central territories (Virozesum and its surrounding sectors, about 10% of the population), a treaty-bound limitations on federal taxation and duties, and inability to declare war with no supermajority. The central territories has about 17% of the parliamentary seats and many times fail to deliver their desired changes.

Major Worlds

PlanetIcon.png Virozesum PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Psinus Majora PlanetIcon.png
Paleas Arm, Capital Sector
Paleas Arm, Talusi Sector
Unique Attributes:


Virozesum from above.

The capital of the Virozic Republic is Virozesum, a terraformed planet in the Airozes System. Virozesum, being situated far from the front lines, is among the most prosperous planets in the region. The planet is surrounded by many orbital structures containing large segments of its population, and has no moons by virtue of its small hill sphere.

Virozesum is one of the key targets of the enemies of the Virozic Republic, as it is also the cultural capital of the nation. The system is home to almost a tenth of the total population of the nation.


The Virozic Republic is split into 21 provinces, with the counterspinward Salamar Province taking up over 47% of the nation's area and being sparsely populated with various small colonies and containing just 1% of the nation's population. Salamar even lacks an administrative capital. The other 20 provinces are somewhat similarly sized, with the capital Virozesum positioned towards the galactic rim in its own administrative division. Each province is split into various sectors, the largest example of which being the Talusi Sector.

For Judicial purposes, the Republic is split into 29 Judicial Districts that have no border similarities at all with the 21 provinces. Not many people keep track of which Judicial district they are in.

The Virozic Republic controls a large amount of territory officially claimed by the Kormin Empire due to the ongoing Forever War, but this territory is virtually uninhabited and ravaged by war.