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"Well, at least this one does not have like 5,000 Levels..." - RCPD Chief


Volkania Prime, also known as Volkania is a terrestrial world located in the Capital Sector of the Jewel Cluster in the Eulciar Galaxy. The world is a massive ecumenopolis, a planet sized city known as Republic City serves as the Capital of the Federation of Free Jewel Systems.

Volkania Prime is about 12,000 Km and is almost completely covered in urban sprawl. Like many *Ecumenopolis, crime is rampant, but nowhere to the extent of other cities due to the fact that there are no underground levels, or an underworld, everything happens in one level. The dangerous parts of the city are in the Eastern Neighborhoods, made up of immigrants and refugees.

Early History

Not much is known about the early history of the world, but we do know that it was an agriworld, and that it was colonized in the late 10,000s CE. The Volkania Planetary Republic was founded in the early 50,000s CE, and Volkania became the capital, and with this, the world began to rapidly industrialize, with all cities eventually joining as one, thus Volkania City was born.

As the VPR Capital

Volkania City would be renamed to Republic City in 60,001 CE and would continue to have this name to the present day.

Image of Republic City taken from the Governance Tower