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Volta weapons are energy weapons that fire high-intensity blasts of electricity at targets. These weapons are capable of decimating the nervous system of a target or bringing an enemy tank to a screeching halt. Much like laser weapons, volta weapons draw their power from detachable energy packs. However, the energy packs used by volta weapons are much heavier, made from denser materials to contain the crackling energy within. While this means that the packs are harder to break, it also means that it can be difficult for some to carry around multiple of these packs at once.

In addition to their lethal nature, volta weapons are also crucial in the capture of foes. Most volta weapons have a means to which they can adjust the intensity of their shots, with lower intensity blasts being used as a way to stun targets. Most volta weapons can also be overcharged. While this greatly increases the strength of its shots, firing a volta weapon for too long in its overcharged state will cause it to short-circuit, frying the weapon's internal systems and rendering it inoperable.

On many worlds, volta weapons are banned due to the intense pain they can inflict on targets. However, this hasn't stopped criminals from manufacturing their own, custom-built volta weapons, often coming with features such as oversized energy packs

Types of Volta Weapons

Volta Pistol

Volta pistols are the weakest and most common variant of volta weapon. They are typically found in the hands of law enforcement personnel, who value it's ability to easily incapacitate criminals while also being able to switch to lethal force if need be.

Volta Rifle

Volta rifles fire rapid-fire bursts of electrical energy. They have one of the highest firing rates out of any weapon, the fastest among these weapons capable of laying down hundreds of blasts within seconds. However, this also means they burn through energy packs much faster than other volta weapons.

Volta Gauntlets

Volta gauntlets are bulky metallic gloves that can be switched on to form a crackling energy field around the wielder's hand. Instead of energy packs, volta gauntlets are typically worked into many kinds of powered armor so they may draw energy from the suit's core.

Volta Cannon

Volta cannons are powerful weapons often mounted on vehicles or smaller starships. They often come with two separate firing modes; a concentrated beam for armored targets or a widely dispersed blast for infantry.

Volta Annihilator

Volta annihilators are massive, spinal-mounted starship weapons that are capable of shutting down entire battlegroups with a single blast. Due to their enormous energy requirements, only larger starships are known to mount these weapons.

Notable Users of Volta Weapons