The Voyager Galaxy is a small artificially barred spiral galaxy currently located in the Thavma Assemblage galactic neighborhood, 132 million light-years from the Via Lactea Galaxy. It is currently acting as a satellite galaxy to the Ambrosia Galaxy.


The Voyager Galaxy is a very unique galaxy as it is one of the few *known* galaxies that contain a civilization powerful enough to artificially control a galaxy's movement throughout the universe.

This civilization, nicknamed the Observers, are able to move the stars throughout the galaxy by manipulating the gravity that is outputted by the super massive black hole in the galaxy's center. This has also allowed them to force their galaxy into a small barred spiral as normally it would be too small to be able to do so. Using this method they are able to sling shot the galaxy across the universe at a velocity of 5,000,000 light-years per standard hour. How they are able to achieve this is currently unknown.

They do this to observe and learn about the neigh countless worlds each galaxy they visit contain, hence the name they have been given by outside observers. The exact reason they do this is unknown as they are very secretive. In fact, no formal contact with this illusive civilization has been established by any known individual(s) within Confederacy of Borealis or other civilizations. However due to them being observed for thousands of years they seem to pose no hostile threat.

The galaxy has most likely traveled to thousands of galactic neighborhoods. Most notably, it is known that the Voyager Galaxy has once visited the Aylothn-Lactea Group galactic neighborhood due to uncovered records by the Anera of a strange white galaxy appearing suddenly around 1,710,000,000 BCE. The Anera would also recount the galaxy's disappearance one million standard years later. With this, the Intergalactic Confederacy now knows that the galaxy remains in a galactic neighborhood in a time window of one million standard years.

It would arrive within the Thavma Assemblage galactic neighborhood in the year 2000 CE and has remained within its borders ever since. Mapping out and observing the countless worlds and lifeforms within its many members.

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