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Vurilia Ysylo Jiutopati (Typically shortened to Vurilia Jiutopati or Vurilia) was a masterful thaumaturgy synthetic being, and was the acting leader of Sedrua. Vurilia was characterized by his usual exterior of gold-platinum nanomachines, which contained his consciousness for over 339 thousand years. Over Vurilia's life, he primarily served as a devout believer for Sydiaism, with most of his lifespan being dedicated to the love and re-mergence of Mother Sydiah. Up until the end of his nomadic lifestyle, Vurilia had an organic form, one which was heavily augmented and later replaced with a synthetic body. Vurilia held heavy political power over Sedrua, and influenced affairs in the Aylothn Galaxy, where his nation recently gained much control over. With the re-appearance of Mother Sydiah however, Vurilia was swiftly killed following a major change in her mindset.

Near the end of his life, Vurilia was noted by peers and diplomatic individuals to be 'logical' and 'stable', though many referred to him as an 'authoritarian' or a 'tyrant'. He had a heavy amount of paranoia about those who opposed him from within, appearing closed minded when it came to others. His mental instability and anger at people was known to play some part into his most recent behavior. Although, it would appear that he was quite rational otherwise, even if only outwardly so.



Vurilia held a metallic, gilded humanoid appearance which derives from the material of his body. He reflects no exactly known species, with his biological form less so. His synthetic form was composed of nanotechnology, which were primarily made up of a tinted gold-platinum alloy. Designed for an advantage in strength and defense, Vurilia's body was capable of surviving extreme temperatures, and was able to resist heavy levels of wear. The abundance of gold and platinum, as well as his nanotechnology also made his bodies expendable to an extent.

With full control over his body, Vurilia was able to further augment himself over the years. He had numerous Hardlight or Eidolite modular attachments which were in his body. Replication with nanomachines, as well as other attachments gave Vurilia heightened abilities. For example, Vurilia could gain additional strengths such as increased physical strength and psionic shielding. Most notably however, these modifications allowed Vurilia access to different forms of weaponry. Some examples include shields, melee weapons, or the ability to use marksman weapons. These powers made Vurilia's unique among his kind. In addition, they proved themselves to be extremely resilient to damage while using them.


Vurilia held a very stoic, almost emotionless composure on normal occasions. However, Vurilia was noted to act rather paranoid, aggressive, and antagonistic. Vurilia was also seen to act explosively defensive when in terms of his faith and ideals. Though, he usually held a normal, curious personality when confronted with new ideas and philosophies. This attitude indicated that Vurilia held no a firm belief system regarding religion itself; either way, he was rarely seen without his own thoughts. He preferred keeping things private unless there was an urgent situation present, especially due to his apparent paranoia.

In terms of leading his nation, Sedrua, Vurilia showed a very gleeful, almost prideful mindset. Attitude when talking in speeches or other formal events was slightly more mellow, yet still contains pride for his accomplishments, leadership, and his people. The years preceding his death saw Vurilia have a more forceful tone in his behavior, likely because of a need to assert dominance over others. Vurilia's mind was also effected by Sydiaism, and he showed a massive amount of support for Mother Sydiah. He remained prideful in her potential power and ability, through his life until his death.

In more internal terms, Vurilia was seen as rather arrogant and uncooperative. It was observed that Vurilia had a deep judgmental attitude. He also had an overwhelming level of suspicion to nations as powerful Sedrua, and people which were physically or politically as powerful as him. This paranoia was considered to be one of Vurilia's most glaring flaws, as it effected him in his daily life, through many notable events. His inability to accept opposing opinions and viewpoints was prominent, which led to him being unable to compromise when it comes to his beliefs.


Training for many thousands of years, Vurilia was fine-tuned his thaumaturgy abilities. He mastered five of the six branches of thaumaturgy, and refused to seriously develop in the fields of entropy. Even so, Vurilia was remained as one of the most powerful Magi in existence. He was overtaken by Mother Sydiah however, as well as The Algorithm in ancient years.

Vurilia had a very extensive background with battling. It increased his usage of Thaumaturgy and practicality of his thaumaturgic prowess. It also gave him an outward image of strength and power, which fueled nationalism in the eyes of the people. Vurilia was not undefeatable however, and was beaten on many occasions. In several instances, Vurilia's primary form was 'killed', yet the expendability of them did not effect much in his broader life.

Thaumaturgic Abilities

The expertise of Vurilia's thaumaturgy granted him a large selection of abilities. While Vurilia was not used to combat in modern times, he was known to engage in numerous bouts of battling through friendly duels are initiations. In total, Vurilia's training, abilities, and past experiences have lingered in his mind, allowing him to hold a high potential in combat. Below was a list of all known thaumaturgy abilities, including short descriptions.


  • Extremely Fast Flight
  • Pressure Force
  • Creation of Non-Space (Perfect Vacuum)
  • Limited Time Travel


  • Nuclear Decay
  • Nuclear Explosions


  • Energy Manipulation
  • Illusion Generation
  • Magnetic Field Manipulation/Generation


  • Heat Manipulation
  • High Level of Redirection
  • Pressure Manipulation
  • Kugelblitz Generation


  • Ability Dampening
  • Astral Projection
  • Body Possession
  • Consciousness Detection
  • Consciousness Manipulation
  • Wormhole Linkage
  • Mobility in the Aeterna Caligne
  • Pocket Dimensions
  • Telepathy

Non Thaumaturgic Abilities

  • Extreme Reaction Time
  • Extreme Speed
  • Extreme Strength
  • Extreme Intelligence
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
  • Master Swordsman
  • Master Marksman
  • Technological Linkage
  • Cloning


Over the course of his lengthy existence, Vurilia was experienced thousands of years of life in the years that he was awake. In the time that he was preaching, leading, and living his usually nomadic lifestyle, Vurilia was gained a large amount of close friends and closer enemies, which have shaped him to the person he was today. Most notably, his creator, Mother Sydiah, and his group of mercenaries/government operatives known as the Chosen of Sydiah made up his closest relationships. Below is a list of individuals and their impact on Vurilia. A surplus of their information will be available on the main page of the Chosen of Sydiah.

Mother Sydiah

Mother Sydiah
Mother Sydiah, also known by her name Yutira Phaygosora Sydiah, was Vurilia's creator, and was one of his closest relationships. On the year of his death, Vurilia attempted and succeeded at freeing Mother Sydiah from the Aeterna Caligne. As a result, his bond toward Mother Sydiah grew. However, the relationship was one-sided, with Sydiah quickly becoming enraged at Vurilia, the Chosen of Sydiah, and the Sedruan Government. Before his death, Vurilia was not seen with Mother Sydiah on any occasion. Vurilia also allowed Mother Sydiah to hold a major position in the Sedruan Government, much like him, his mercenaries, and justiciar superintelligences. Upon Vurilia's death from Sydiah's hand however, Sydiah took full control of her gifted power.

Rinnaq Jostoynia

Rinnaq Jostoynia
Rinnaq Jostoynia held very close relations to Vurilia, considering that she was the first member and effectively the co-founder of the Chosen of Sydiah. She was widely helpful to Vurilia in terms of her genius, perseverance, and power. Rinnaq was also a very important role as general director and advisor of The Chosen. Over the many years of accompanying Vurilia, Rinnaq gained his trust, and earned a high ranking spot in the Sedruan government. She was trusted for her wide intellect and abilities of protection, which was helped her in the modern day.

Itrian Ustya

Itrian Ustya
Known to be the one which created the Eyes of Sedrua, Itrian Ustya was well respected by Vurilia for his powers and capabilities in defense and in the government. Itrian was also one of the last members of The Architects, which created a sense of brotherhood between Vurilia and Itrian. Utilizing his countless 'eyes' through the Local Universe, Itrian allowed Sedrua to spy all across known space, into the affairs of other nations. Itrian's skill with Thaumaturgy and determination allowed him to join the Chosen of Sydiah, and gain influence over the Sedruan government. Ever since his introduction to the Sedruan government, Itirian was kept a close watch for Sedrua.

Thonde Eflein

Thonde Eflein
Thonde Eflein was one of the most intimidating and powerful members of the Creed in Vurilia's eyes. Being gifted the nickname of "The Weaver of Reality", Vurilia was observed Thonde's actions over their long and strenuous existence in the Aeterna Caligne. Their expertise in psyche thaumaturgyallowed them to defend the Suvaren Galaxy from the blight of Sydiah's Hinterlands. Thonde and Vurilia typically met in the Aeterna Caligne, with Thonde being initiated to the Chosen of Sydiah only a few years after their first re-encounter. They both frequently communicated about government activity and future plans for Sedrua.

Drizuna Cluytho

Drizuna Cluytho
Drizuna Cluytho was one of the dearest people to Vurilia, surviving as one of the last members of The Architects. Drizuna is one of the oldest members of the Creed, though they were not nearly as involved as they used to be. Primarily, Drizuna and Vurilia shared a very close and platonic friendship, often visiting each other and sharing sentiment. With Drizuna being an equal of Vurilia, they occasionally dueled or tested their strength or knowledge in other ways. Brotherhood between Vurilia and Drizuna was strong, like how it was between Vurilia and Itrian.


Shortly after a daring battle between Vurilia and Moonmoon, Vurilia grew to hate, but soon respect Moonmoon. Seeing the potential, Vurilia attempted to invite Moonmoon to the Chosen of Sydiah, promising ample housing, and protection no matter the location. It is speculated that Moonmoon could have either joined or rejected the invite to the Chosen of Sydiah. It is also known that Vurilia and Moonmoon typically conversed through pre-arranged meetings, which were reserved to speak about a volley of topics such as the Aeterna Caligne, The Chosen, as well as their battle and anything they may do to help with relations.

Apharos Strizotvia

Apharos Strizotvia
Holding a close relationship to Vurilia for many thousands of years, Apharos Strizotvia was a very respected man in his eyes. After learning the relative secrets of Sedrua, he was accompanied Vurilia over numerous missions and events. Since his arrival, Apharos was lived comfortably with Vurilia in the Suvaren Galaxy, away from conflict nowadays. While not necessarily in the Chosen of Sydiah, Vurilia treated Apharos like a brother, accepting him as he would any member.



Vurilia Jiutopati was first created as the first member of The Architects, a selective artificial species made by Mother Sydiah in order to create the empire of Sedrua. As the first Architect, Mother Sydiah intended to make him the leader of the ones to follow, in turn creating an assemblage of Architects who would ultimately serve Sydiah, as well as her new nation. In the moments since the creation of Vurilia, he would be disciplined, taught, and showed his purpose. He would go on to serve as a guard for Mother Sydiah, and would later learn about the Aeterna Caligne, thaumaturgy, and The Great Sedruan Prophecies. He would always remain skeptical of a fixed and defined future for his life and people. However, he would not contest the prophecies, only note them as one potential outcome of many.

In the years following his birth, Vurilia saw the creation of the second Architect, Itrian Ustya. They both came together and immediately bonded, showing respect and wonder for one another. They thought of each other as equals, though Itrian knew of Vurilia's leadership position. After the creation of the second Architect, Mother Sydiah directed both of them to a large facility around the central black hole of the Suvaren Galaxy. This facility, better known as B'Kalatala, would be the area where Vurilia and his followers would presumably reside for their existence. Both Architects planned numerous diplomatic and national activities, conspiring of a land with freedom, equity, satisfaction, but with worship to Sydiah, who purported herself as a goddess. In the days following transfer to B'Kalatala, Vurilia and Itrian aided on the development of The Architects, who would double their numbers in the span of a year. Rinnaq Jostoynia and Thonde Eflein were born.

Vurilia, seeing the potential of The Architects, soon got to work with privately teaching himself the ways of thaumaturgy. He would prioritize the administration and creation of The Architects tough, and would later form the Creed of Sydiah, which would allowed the highest of the Architects to forward administrative decisions in the nation to come. With many years, Vurilia would deeply respect and grow bonds with his fellow Architects, gaining support as The Architects would become a fully fledged assemblage of individuals. Their numbers increased very exponentially, and Vurilia would later prioritize the sects of thaumaturgy, for creation more Architects, as well as defense and gentle authoritative power.


Leader of the Empire


Rise of Modern Nations

Commonwealth's Eclipse

War over Heaven

Re-Introduction of Sedrua

War of the Ancients

The Exhumation