Waimarrin is a tidally-locked temperate terra in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. While it was once the capital of a sprawling Type II civilization called "The Hand of God," it has since declined into a primitive society. It is the home world of the Serafim, a winged and slightly humanoid race. The planet is currently administered by the United Federation of Star Systems.

The planet is covered in immense ruins such as fragments of orbital rings, what appear to be remains of statues, ruined buildings, stadiums, and all types of ruined ships. What few Serafim remain live in these ruins, constructing small huts out of plant matter, scrap metal, and other easily scavenged parts.

The planet is administered directly by the Ministry of Tribal Management. The Ministry is currently tasked with moving the natives to a less polluted or toxic world, however, it is likely they would be exposed to various Info-Hazards if they had access to technology, so this project has been delayed numerous times.

Current Society


The History of this planet can only be gleamed from the various ruins of the civilization from around it. Mostly artificial satellites and bases on barren bodies were used for the information. Small unmanned missions have been launched to the planet in areas where no Serafim are present.


The planet came to harbor life approximately 4.1 billion years ago. This life was simple carbon based life and used a molecule similar to RNA rather than DNA to encode genes. Much like most planets, multiple mass extinction events delayed the eventual rise of intelligent life by several million years.


The Serafim emerged on the planet in about 350,000 BCE. It took them over 100 thousand years to develop from hunter gatherers into an actual civilization. From there, they advanced much like any other race. First gaining the ability to develop bronze tools and then later iron. This culminated in a technological singularity in 200,000 BCE, about the same time as humans came to be.

After that they quickly became Type I, saving their planet from the methane-induced climate change their earlier technologies caused. The planet became an Ecumenopolis in 175,490 BCE and the civilization of the Serafim became fully Type II in 165,821 BCE. From there, it became the typical galactic capital. Unlike many capitals, it was entirely homogeneous, as the Serafim viewed other intelligent beings as nothing more than animals imitating civilization.


On April 16th, 126 BCE the info-hazard struck the civilization. Due to how the communication network was set up, censoring it became almost impossible. Within days quadrillions fell to suicide, and quadrillions more became apathetic and stopped eating. Those that remained activated every artificial super intelligence they had to try to censor it. The Super-Intelligences ended up doing a fantastic job. They reasoned that the simplest way to destroy the info-hazard was to simply destroy the technology that allowed it to spread, ending with themselves.

The Last of the Serafim

One Super Intelligence reasoned that it would have to remain in order to make sure this technology never came back. So it rounded up the last of the Serafim and forced them to remain on Waimarrin. It destroyed all of the technology besides the servers it was housed on and the robots to enforce the ban on technology. It also maintained harvesting and repair technology so it could do this ad infinitum. The other Super-Intelligences terminated themselves shortly thereafter. Leaving the galaxy filled with ruins of The Hand of God civilization.

The End of the AI

That last Super Intelligence was destroyed by a solar flare that it couldn't detect (as all the satellites monitoring for flares were also a part of the communication network) in 65000 CE. This ended with the AI deactivating and the nuclear plants it was using to meltdown. The population fell from 3.4 billion down to 1.5 million and hasn't recovered since then.


The Entente didn't discover the planet until 99875 CE when a team of archaeologists started uncovering information about The Hand of God civilization. They traced the ruins to Waimarrin. This is when they were able to uncover most of the information available about the civilization. The history was pieced together from fossil records, the analysis of stories passed down from generation to generation, and the uncovering and cataloging of billions of artifacts in and around the planet.

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