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The War of the Factions, also known as The Faction's Unionist War or the Unionist Civil War, was a conflict that took place between 40 834 CE and 42 008 CE (20 668 ALD - 21 842 ALD of the Lewis Calendar). It was a conflict of interests, political and religious views that had marked the nation's policies of the Union since the creation of this nation. This divisions and differences were based on how the Unionist Religion should procceed, how the religion should be expanded and who had the right to be implanted with the Gift Parasite.

To put things into prespective, the factions were divided into two major blocks: The Warlike Factions and the Peaceful Factions. Both of this groups also were divided on the question of allowing xeno intelligent lifeforms to adopt the Gift Parasite. This had created tensions on how the nation (who was born less than 5000 years ago) should continue to exist and expand through the new territories and among the newly discovered species. This also regarded the relations between humans from the Union and humans from other Lewis Nations or beyond. Conflicts of interest and political views had marked growing tension among factions until it could not be hold any longer and bursted in a series of uprisings, battles and warfare actions.



Warfare Factions

  • "The Conquerors": This faction also called "The First Faction" (based on the row of seats they are at inside the Theocratic council) thinks that their religion should be extended throughout the Galaxy and beyond through conquest, war, assimilation, proselytism or forced conversion. Any mean is worth the goal of extended the sacred religion to all the human species, with most usually considering all other species unworthy of the Gift. This is one of the mayor factions.
  • "The Nationalists": Also known as "The Second Faction", they think that only the citizens of the Union and its people are allowed to have the sacred gift, and imposing it to other humans outside the Union or alien species would be considered sacrilege and heresy. This faction is a minority among factions.

Peaceful Factions

  • "The Pacifiers": This faction, also called "The Fourth Faction" is up for peaceful conversion of all humans in the Galaxy and the Universe but not to Alien live or other forms of life. They want to extend their religion through preaching, and convincing other humans from other nations into the Unionist religion. They are one of the Mayor factions and one of the most popular.
  • "The Extenders": Also known as "the Fifth Faction" is up for peaceful conversion of people through the world of mouth and peaceful means of preaching. They want to extend the Unionist religion throughout the Galaxy and the Universe to Humans, Aliens and other lifeforms alike. They seek to extend the gift to all that can have it, such as humans or aliens or all life forms that want to receive, and can have, the sacred gift.

Mixed Faction

  • "The Lightbringers": Known as well as "The Sixth Faction" wants to extended the gift to all intelligent forms, human and not human, thought either war, peaceful conversion, assimilation, alliances or forced conversion, assimilation or any other mean. Basically war or peace are both means of conversion perfectly suitable for this Faction.



The Extender's and the Lightbringer's Factions are the only ones that seek to promote their religion not only to Humans but to Aliens and other lifeforms,


the Conqueror's, the Nationalist's and the Pacifier's factions, seek to promote their religion only among the Human species and not Aliens or other lifeforms.


The War began in the several systems. One of them was the Jul-Kapa system, which it's tensions with the Tryn played a key role in the Warlike faction being very active in that region.


This war culminated with the winning of the Warlike Factions, specially those of extremistic views. Soon after the war had ended, it was agreed between all the factions that a High Priest from the "Nationalistic" faction would raise to power, as it was the least extremist of the Warlike factions, which appeased all the Peaceful Factions. They did not have much of a say as the loosers of the war, but they preferred the "lesser of two evils".

A series of Warlike rulers followed. First from the "Nationalistics" faction, but the "Conquerors" soon overpowered their more moderate peers and stole power from them. This succession of High Priests from the Conquerors faction was culminated with the rise to power of Kerin Owango. He was first made the leader of this Faction but it didnt take him long to rise to prominence, becoming the High Theocrat of the Union serving for a prolongued series of candidatures. His policies were pro-action and pro-active against the growing tensions with the Empire of Mankind who finally led to the Imperial-Unionist War which was catastrophic for both sides.