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"The War of the Final Transition is a black hole for historians. So many worlds were utterly wiped out that records are scarce. In fact, we still find the remains of what were once major worlds to this day. If it weren't for the total collapse of basically every civilization in the galaxy because of the war, maybe we would know a bit better what actually went on. Our only records come from disinterested third parties which barely kept up with external events or testimonies from refugees on New Alexandria. No other war has deleted so much information. So many people died that even a ballpark estimate of deaths is out of the question. I don't ever want to hear, 'The War of the Ancients was the most devastating war for the galaxy' ever again." -Confederate Historian General Maika Vokc, 99961 CE

The War of the Final Transition, also known as the First Intergalactic War or War of Erasure, was a major galactic-scale war lasting from 1,285 BCE to 210 CE. At first, it involved only nations forming an alliance called The Local Axis fighting against a nation known as the Yohjan Confederacy. As time went on, the war came to involve every nation in the galaxy as the Triumvirate Civilization began its campaign of reconquest. In a total war involving well over 1 octillion total personnel (about 41% of total individuals alive in the galaxy), every country threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort. It saw usage of weapons unseen before in the galaxy, including the first utilization of Hardlight blades and Magi as soldiers. The death toll is entirely unknown, with estimation ranging from 500 septillion to 1 octillion, dwarfing the death tolls of any other conflict in Via Sagittaria.

The War of the Final Transition is generally believed to have started on the 6th of September, 1,285 BCE when the Yohjan Confederacy, under Hal Drusus, attacked The Empyrean. The Empyrean's allies, Dotskgard and The Lowuks Entente subsequently declared war. In a large number of theaters across the galaxy, the Yohjan Confederacy fought the three other great powers in the galaxy. As the war went on, all sides took more and more desperate measures to gain territory. The war quickly devolved into a war of attrition in which gains or losses in territory.

The war has several of what are known as "endings." The first ending occurred when the Yohjan Confederacy collapsed due to internal strife in 0 CE. Immediately afterwards, the largest fragment of the YoC, Erstes Konsortium, started an offensive against the Triumvirate. The next ending came when The Empyrean and Lowuks Entente defeated the Triumvirate in a decisive battle, forcing them to flee to the Via Lacrimosa galaxy.

The War of the Final Transition was so destructive that most records from before the war were destroyed or purged; most history from before the war comes from third party testimonials and archeological evidence, with actual documents being a rare find. Many times throughout history, what was known about the war was completely turned on its head by new archeological evidence. It is likely that new evidence could change a lot of what is known about the war in the future. It is directly responsible for the creation of almost every modern nation within the Via Sagittaria and Via Lacrimosa galaxies.


The war is generally considered to have begun sometime in 1,285 BCE, beginning with the attack on The Empyrean by the Yohjan Confederacy. Some consider the war to have begun in 1,301 BCE with the Yohjan invasion into Un'oit space. Within weeks, the other powers in the galaxy declared war on the Yohjan Confederacy. The second main phase of the war began in 763 when the Triumvirate civilization began an invasion of every nation within Via Sagittaria, regardless of the side they were on.

Just as the war is thought to have two beginnings, the war has two ends.


The beginning of the war can be traced all the way back to the original collapse of the Triumvirate Civilization. According to various historical writings from the Yohjan Confederacy, the Triumvirate collapsed in 15,089 BCE, giving way to a large number of smaller civilizations. The Yohjan Confederacy, The Empyrean, The Lowuks Entente, the Orcubor Coalition, and Dotskgard. Each of these nations were at odds with each other from the moment they formed. They expanded at blisteringly fast paces in large part due to the left over infrastructure the Triumvirate built.

The most aggressive expansion came from the Yohjan Confederacy, the nation of Humans. They expanded to an estimated 20 billion stars, a size so large it took tens of thousands of years for another nation to reach. The second largest was The Empyrean, the nation of The Ravis. The secular Yohjan Confederacy and deeply religious Empyrean entered a cold war starting in about 7000 BCE. Other rising powers such as the Lowuks Entente soon joined the side of the Empyrean, not for religious but political reasons. The most often cited reason was simply fear of the Yohjan Confederacy. The two of them formed an alliance called the "Local Axis" to counter Yohjan expansion.

The first collapse of the Triumvirate Civilization had not entirely destroyed the nation, but set it back for thousands of years. The Triumvirate had lost the vast majority of its territory and technology. The Administrator, the artificial intelligence which governed the nation before the collapse, took the reigns from the three leaders and began using the advanced technology to rebuild the empire. By the time the Local Axis formed, the Triumvirate was already expanding again, a reemerging superpower.