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The War of the Two Emperors is one of the most important conflicts of the Empire of Mankind, the second biggest war after its formation, right after the Nobility War, although not the bloodiest suffered in this nation's history. It happened soon after the Slave Revolts. The conflict took place in 35,910 CE and ended in 36,201 CE (15,744 ADL - 16,035 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar). This means that the conflict lasted for 291 years. Sometimes, this war is referred to as "The Fourth Civil War", but it's actually of a different nature that the previous ones and is named differently by Historians.


The Emperor, Teragan I was married to the Empress Faranis. Prior to its marriage, Teragan, then Heir to the Throne, was in love with Halmara, the only heir of the Hayalon Family and the daughter of Gildorn Hayalon, the head of the High Aristocratic Family of the Hayalons. But Teragan was already betrothed to Faranis when he met Halmara, and as it was his duty, he married her.

The Emperor's wife, gave birth to a son, named Arnor, heir to the throne as Arnor III. However, he still continued with his lover for many years, and Halmara gave birth to a son, called Roldar. Many years later, Faranis gave birth to Netis and some years later to a daughter called Mara. Finally some many more years after Netis's birth, Larissa was born out of the union between Teragan and Halmara.

Then, the Slave Revolts took place, and this events complicated the matter. Thetis slave population revolted heavily against their masters and took their rage against the Hayalons. An Horde of slaves took the Hayalon palace where Gildorn and Halmara where at and killed them. Soon the revolt was ended by military intervention. The Emperor Teragan, after hearing from this news, travelled to Thetis and order a mass execution of everyone of the slaves involved in the assault to the Hayalons palace, as well as their families in order to serve as punishment for all, deter future revolts and ease his own anger and rage. The dead of Halmara took the Emperor into a depression and soon died.

Arnor rose to power as Arnor III Tarnos. But soon after he had been crowned, Arnor III, all of his family and all of Netis's family, died in a hunting accident in Tarnis when two of the Imperial hunting ships collided. This event is known as the "Imperial Tragedy". Although some of the Imperial members survived: Kador nephew of Arnor, Netis brother of Arnor and Ildorin son of Netis. Netis and his son Ildorin survived but not his wife and other sons as well as Kador's Mother, Mara.

After the death of Arnor III, Netis II rose to power but was depressive and inadequate for rule, so he soon abdicated the throne in favor of his son Ildorin, known as Ildorin I. Sadly he soon fell very ill and died suddenly before he could reach medical attention. He died without descendance or brothers to take the throne. Netis had already died as well.

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This meant that the only surviving candidate to take the throne was Netis's nephew and Ildorin's cousin, Kador. Mara had died in the Imperial Tragedy alongside his brother Arnor III. War soon broke out between the two Imperial bastards, Roldar and Larissa, and the cousin of Ildorin, to claim the Imperial throne for themselves. Roldar said he was a legitimate bastard since he was son of Teragan I and Kador was just his grandchild through his daughter. He also claim to not be a fully bastard, since he was the son of a High Noble woman, Halmara, who could trace back her ancestry back to several Emperors of the Tarnos Dynasty. He argued he was not only of higher blood than Kador, as he had double Tarnos blood from both sides of his family, but that he was not really a bastard. He said so due to his noble status as a High Aristocrat and his primogeniture, as he was in fact born before Arnor III. Since all male lines have been extinct he claimed to be the following Male in line and not Kador

Kador argued he was the rightful heir, since Roldar was just a noble bastard of his grandfather and nothing more. Being of the Nobility did not make his claim more important than his, a legitimate descendant. Mara was in fact a woman, and applying to the Imperial rules and laws of that time, male sons where to be emperors first and in case of no male heirs, the daughter could take the throne. This meant for him that his mother was the next in line, but since she was killed in the Imperial tragedy, he was his rightful son and heir.

Kador V was crowned in Tarnis, since crowning himself quickly was important once Roldar had declared war for the throne over him. Soon after, he travel all the way to Elpida, to be crowned as the Emperor in the Dome of a Thousand Stars, the official and symbolic place where emperors crowned themselves. Roldar I was crowned in Thetis and he made Thetis his new capital. Soon war escalated quickly between the two. For many years several battles took place until the troops of Kador V successfully attacked Thetis and finally killed Roldar I. This, however, did not stop the war and Larissa escaped and was crowned Larissa I in Alma.

The war soon entered a cold position, since none of the pretenders could advance in the war. Peace talks were then taken an Kador V and Larissa I married, ending finally the War and being both co-rulers of the Empire.