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The Warden of the West, (known to the eastern continent of Rahmiel as the "Bastard of the West") was an Amaranth Heir of an unknown racial form, who manifested on planet Haven's western continent of Bariquel in the year 757 YM. The Warden of the West is most well known as the catalyst of the First Great War of the West, a conflict that would engulf the entirety of the continent in a period of twenty years from 757 YM to 777 YM, the conclusion of which forming the first Westland Empire and ending racial-based kingdoms in the West. The Warden of the West would only exist on Haven for the war's brief period of twenty years, afterwards, he would mysteriously vanish from the conflict's conclusion and the foundation of the new Westland Empire. However despite his brief existence, the Warden of the West has held the distinctive honor as one of the most influential individuals to ever live, as the Empire in which was founded by the blood he so liberally spilt would change the course of the world's history forever.

The Warden of the West is most well known for his relationship with the very first Empress of the Westland Empire, Aylliana Ravenborne, then leader of the Free Peoples of the Westlands. As his entire existence on Haven revolved around Aylliana's cause, the two were inseparable and would eventually marry during their shared campaign against the collective powers of Bariquel, however after the Westland Empire's foundation, the Warden of the West would vanish from the face of Haven, seemingly to never return. Had he not, The Warden himself would have served as the Westland Emperor by marriage. Despite that, however, unofficially he is regarded as the First Emperor, oftentimes being referred to as such by the citizenry of the Empire.

The union between Aylliana Ravenborne and the Warden of the West would reach its apotheosis in the year 777 YM with the birth of their daughter, Reivana Ravenborne, conceived in the prelude to the Conquest of Silverspire, the greatest aim of the Free Peoples of the Westlands long and bloodied campaign. By the time of her birth, her father would have already vanished from the face of Haven, and the Amaranth Legatee would have very little knowledge as to who, or what exactly he was, as even her mother held very little knowledge in these regards as well.

Despite being so ubiquitous with world history, very little is know about the Amaranth Heir himself, as everything relating to him was shrouded in enigma and mystery. It is said that the Warden of the West never spoke a single utterance. Totally taciturn at all times, the Warden of the West only communicated through action, and reliance on Aylliana Ravenborne to communicate his desires and meaning, oftentimes believed to be embellished to reflect her own personal wants and wishes. Many even questioned if the Warden was even a man at all, and instead as an aspect of death itself given corporeal form as an angelic, all-powerful knight. The very race in which he manifested as for instance has been hotly debated throughout the centuries, most assume based on his appearance, he was amongst the angelic Inomeni of the realm Aetheriel, however, instances throughout his existence seem to point towards him having a Havenborne form, such as the Avelthyra, the race in which his wife happened to be.

Alongside being one of the most influential individuals in history, the Warden of the West is oftentimes regarded as one of, if not the single-most powerful being to ever walk the face of the planet. His prowess in battle was legendary, able to carve a bloody swath across the face of the continent, painting the land from shore to shore in the blood of his enemies. Any and all who faced him met the same fate, a swift death, be it man, beast, or the land itself, all crumbled at his hands. With just a swing of his blade, the landmass of the continent would change in accordance to its strikes, and the Warden was able to level entire mountain ranges, or even carve the seas in two. Famously, the Warden once was recorded as lifting the entire island of Renomera from the sea, high into the sky, then, throwing atop the kingdom of Silverpeak, creating the Renomera Mountain Range in eastern modern Dragonfall. The Warden was the single most effective weapon the Free Peoples of the Westlands had against the collective powers of Bariquel, as in most conflicts, the Warden would fend off an entire half of the opposing army alone, slaughtering all who dared stand in his way, however sometimes, only the Warden was necessary to win conflicts.

Countless individuals would ultimately fall by the Warden of the West's blade, as his genocidal madness would result in the killings of entire generational lines in the many battles he participated in. While the exact number may not ever be known, it is believed he killed more than half of all who died during the First Great War of the West, which itself killed over eight million individuals, more than thirty percent of the continent of Bariquel's entire population of the time.



While the Warden of the West did not ever vocalize any personality traits or opinions, traits of his character can be inferred by his actions, and these actions color the personality of an extremely violent individual, as every moment of every day that the Warden walked the world, he would summarily and swiftly take the lives of all who opposed his mission of unification, be it man, woman, child, beast or land, none were safe from the Warden's wrathful judgment.


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The Warden of the West's legacy today is ever-present within the Westland Empire, even over two thousand years after his disappearance countless pieces of cultural art and iconography bearing effigies of the warrior litter every corner of the Empire's fifteen provinces. Knights continent-wide, regardless of provincial allegiance give praise to the Warden and pray for his protection, guidance, overseer, and even for him to appear and fight alongside them. However, his influence is most strongly felt within the Westland Empire's capital province, Captimia.

Most notably, the Warden is an omnipresent force within the Imperial Royal Guard, an elite section of the Imperial military dedicated to the protection of the serving Emperor or Empress. As the Warden of the West was the very first to guard an Empress of the Westland Empire, and his very being was inherently linked to the Empire at large, his legacy is synonymous with the goals of the Imperial Royal Guard. This link between the Warden and the modern Imperial Guard starts at the very beginning as all within the Imperial Royal Guard of the capital city of Silverspire must endure the "Warden's Pilgrimage," a lengthy process of elimination between would-be recruits, involving extremely grueling physical and mental challenges, until' only a handful remain. Afterwards, all must pledge an oath to the Warden himself in the presence of the Emperor or Empress they will be charged with the protection of.

In the present era, the Warden of the West's name and visage in Westland Empire culture has been invoked with the creation of the "Warden Program," a paramilitary program founded in 3,020 YM, charged with the creation of superpowered beings, all instilled with values of the Empire, alongside total allegiance to the commanding Emperor or Empress. As well, each member of the program is referred to as a "Warden of the West," as the organization was framed around the famed Imperial defender. The Wardens themselves were created by the Westland Empire for fears that the Champions of Haven, a free organization of superpowered beings charged with the protection of the entire planet, lacking any political allegiance to any one nation of the world would begin to have asperations of power and may seek to depose the Imperial Crown and rest control of all within Bariquel.

While the vast majority of the Westland Empire's populace herald the Warden of the West as a hero of the Empire, his status as a virtuous being is tenuous at best, as many philosophers have called the acts he committed during the Empire's founding into question, some even openly condemning the acts of perceived evil. In truth, it seemed his alignment was far from either the extremes of good or evil. On the one hand, without the Warden of the West, the Westland Empire would have never come to be, and all of Bariquel would have remained under racial kingdoms who liberally slew and enslaved all not a part of their blood. While on the other, millions of innocent men, women, and children of the kingdoms that opposed him were put to the sword, many times by his own blade, as it seemed he did not have a care who opposed him, all would be summarily killed all the same. Famously, the Amaranth Heir, Oblivion Mystara of the Champions of Haven has oftentimes condemned the practice of revering the Warden of the West, viewing his predecessor Heir as a vile being of rage and death. Thus, while it seems to the common folk of the Empire, the Warden of the West was a great hero who heralded the beginnings of their resplendent Empire of the West, the more enlightened of the world view him as nothing but a rage-filled concubine of a would-be despot with grand aspirations of power.

Conversely, in the eastern continent of Rahmiel, the collective kingdoms of the Eastern Union use the people's veneration of the Warden of the West as further justification for their condemnation of the West in its entirety, believing that the peoples of the Westernland Empire heralding such a violent and deranged being as a hero is indicative of Western bloodlust and evil. As such, the Warden of the West within the Eastern Powers is viewed in a very different light, depicting the Warden in artwork and stories synonymous with depravity, cruelness, and disgusting crimes committed to innocents, referring to the Amaranth Heir by the given title of the "Bastard of the West."