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Wayfarer Alpha (Wayfarer-1) is an ancient space probe created by Humans in the early phase of space exploration, several decades before the first contact with the Triumvirate Civilization and launch of the Sarta Republa-X car.

The probe is relatively small with many sensors, communication means, an onboard scientific computer, and an RTG reactor, which which generates the necessary energy needed to operate the probe without the need for solar panels. There is also a plaque on the case with information about Humans and their home planet, which could be identified by potential alien civilizations.

It is known that the probe had a small engine for correction and acceleration, but mainly used gravity assists to reach more distant locations of the Helyar-Byutix system. This required precise calculations, which were performed by the best minds from all over Aegyn, since computer technology was not as advanced as it is today. There probably were more launches of the similar probes later.

According to historians, the probe was launched in a joint mission between the nations of Aegyn after a Global War, as a symbol of the future peace and prosperity of all Mankind. The recordings contain greetings in different languages, photographs of cities, nature, and various music. In addition, the probe mainly had scientific purposes, such as obtaining information and photographs of outer planets of the Helyar system and their moons, and then it reached the Byutix system, flying past several planets of its system. These photographs and data gave incredible ambition for humans. Presumably, it went beyond the Helyar-Byutix system 60-70 years after launching from Aegyn.

After the Triumvirate reformed and the Yohjan Confederacy was founded in 15th Millennium BCE, the probe was found by Humans on the outskirts of the nearby Espis Terenica System and returned back to Helyar.

The fate of the ancient interstellar probe became unknown after the War of Final Transition. However, in 99.956, Jarod Kenchis, one of the richest people of the Empire of Mankind in the Lewis Galaxy, stated in an interview that he owns an ancient human made spacecraft from Via Aylathiya, which is different from anything he has seen.