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The Wekluu Dominion is a state within the Nuurian Federation. It is located in the Kevenam Galaxy in Herschel Space and is considered to be the smallest of all the states forming the Federation, being of a similar size as the Association of Anuur. The Wekluu Dominion is a radical fanatic religious state, following Weeklunism. They have their religion as one of the most important aspects of their lives. It is central to it, and can be found permeating most aspects of Weklurian life. Wekluu, is how they usually call themselves as followers of this faith and thus chose to name themselves.

The state is formed by an alliance of worlds who are adherent believers on Weeklunism. Most of the worlds form a council known as "The Holy Group of the Wisest" which encompases representatives from each and every world within the Dominion's territory who gather to take action. Nevertheless, the teaching of Wekluu are proactive and highly military, so even if most of the Legislative and Executive power lies within the council, the Judiciary and some areas of the Executive are control by the powerful military. The Wekluu Dominion personel is almost as big as the one found in larger states such as the Ikla Compound or the Akinur Democracy. They are united to the Nuurian Federation not out of love for it, but because it represents their traditionalist and religious ideas and the common hatred they have against the atheistic Lorship of Nuur.


Notable Worlds

  • Nekuuk
  • Uluuku
  • Rokinu