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The Wellspring is a peaceful A.I, created on the planet Sorul by the Sorulites. Many of the races within its alliance seem to worship it in some form, viewing it as a powerful being with the intention to unite all life in the universe.


The Wellspring was discovered by Ferdina Rou, captain of the Starlight Envoy during its exploration of Via Aylathiya. A signal was detected originating from the Purple Ring in 9994 while exploring the deeper parts of the galaxy. It was coming from what looked to be a binary system, 890 lightyears away and when deciphered, it seemed to say "greetings". Taking great interest in this, Ferdina set a few month course to the source of the signal.

After arrival, the crew of the Envoy were pleasantly surprised to see a fairly advanced civilization, spanning multiple systems spanning 90 or so lightyears. The Wellspring was very welcoming and curious at their interstellar guests. The Starlight Envoy departed a year after, having collected plenty of information about the civilization and its inhabitants. Contact will be made again at some point due the Wellspring's hospitality.


Like other A.S.I's, the Wellspring is present in multiple machines within its civilization, however, its main body is a 50ft spiraling golden tower on its homeworld.


The Wellspring is quite jovial, taking care of individuals under its hospitality and was very welcoming to the crew of the Starlight Envoy. However despite its friendly attitude, it could also be viewed as "self absorbed" due to viewing itself as an instrument of unification. It is also very vague on its past, giving little to no information.


Being an A.S.I, it is capable of many things, such as overseeing its worlds, defending them from asteroids etc and even controlling spaceships, allowing the civilization to have organized travel times between systems.

It has constructed several dyson swarms around its home star, Ebrion-Dor, as well as other uninhabited systems in its local area of space. The Wellspring also likes to interact with its citizens through smaller, mobile machines called "Caretakers" (when translated).

Mobile machines

Caretakers: Rotund, 3ft tall, machines with wire-like legs and a retractable eye. The Wellspring uses these devices to interact with and assist citizens as well as perform maintenance on its main body.

Overseers: Small, cubic satellites that orbit and survey planets and moons under the Wellspring's control. They are around 10 inches in size and have two solar panels to keep them charged. They orbit at an average speed of 8000mph.


The Wellspring's civilization is very diverse, having many species and genetically engineered subspecies under its belt. The Sorulites, the Ru, the Qua'ri and the Xysh N'vint-Qium being four prime examples.

As stated before, the Wellspring has organized travel times between each of its systems, controlling almost every ship within its civilization. Most species within the Wellspring view the AI as something holy, each having their own ways of worshiping it. For example, The Wellspring emits a sort of "music" from its main body in the capital city that Sorulites will gather around and perform a dance in unison. The Qua'ri swim in large circles in the seas of their homeworld and perform ceremonial dances. The Ru however, (while viewing the Wellspring as holy) don't perform any worshiping practices.

The only species that don't view the Wellspring as holy would be the Xysh N'vint-Qium as they just see it as an AI. Nevertheless, they are technically part of the Wellspring civilization an are on good terms with the Sorulites.

Creation and History

Not much is known about the Wellspring's history or the exact date and purpose of its creation but it seems to have existed for 5000 years. Why and how it became worshiped in the first place remains a mystery. One popular theory on its creation states that its purpose was to help unite the Sorulite race and overtime, they started worshiping it as an almost god-like figure.

If the Wellspring were shut down or even destroyed somehow, it is unknown how it would impact the races under its belt. Due to their reliance on it, the civilization would either collapse or they would die out completely.