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"The Wendstone Wolf, one of Haven's most majestic and rare creatures. I've only had the pleasure of coming into contact with these magnificent beasts only once, which was when I was crossing the Themeltin Badlands in northern Bariquel. The day was cold, and I was taking extra care to not fall to my untimely death within the many crags in the maze of scars that were beneath me. As I wandered, I came across this majestic white-colored wolf. She was magnificent and gigantic. As she starred, I felt my heart begin to quicken, for I surely felt as if she would pounce, but she would only watch as I made my approach, never moving an inch. Truly I was blessed to experience such a moment."-William Tancard's Guide to Haven's Glorious Creatures.


The Wendstone Wolf are a rare species of predatory canine mammal native to cold, rocky outcroppings and are most commonly found on the continent of Bariquel. They are among the rarest species of their respective family of Canis Lupis on planet Haven, with a global population of only around one thousand five hundred known individual wolves. As well, they are considered to be one of the largest species of canine on the planet.

Due to their rarity, they are regarded as a protected species by the Haven's Nature Conservation Department , meaning that any hunting or endangerment of the animal's natural habitat is strictly prohibited. Along with their rarity, the Wendstone Wolf is a cultural icon to many, standing as one of the most culturally significant canine species of planet Haven.


The Wendstone Wolf's baseline physical structure and appearance is very akin to that of many other canine species on Haven. They have a quadruped build, with two front-facing eyes, and a large, slanted snout on the front of their face. They have an elongated mouth filled with around forty-two razor sharp teeth, allowing them to shred their prey's flesh with ease. Along with this, the Wendstone Wolf's teeth are specially designed to shred through thick rocks as they make their dens within thick rocky outcroppings. and stand at an average height of around six feet (one meter) and an average weight of around one hundred and eighty-nine pounds, (eighty-five kilograms)

Their bones are extremely durable and flexible, as the Wendstone Wolf needs to traverse very dangerous and craggy outcroppings of rock which sometimes form into labyrinthine mazes of canyons. With their powerful bone structure, they are able to withstand falls from great heights and walk away relatively unscathed, while the flexibility of their bones, combined with the great muscle strength of their hindlegs, allow a Wendstone Wolf to jump over thirteen feet vertically, and over thirty-seven feet horizontally, allowing them to easily leap across large gaps.

The senses of a Wendstone Wolf are also specially developed to be able to locate prey and optimal hunting locations among the confusing layout of their respective natural habitat. With their honed eyes, a Wendstone Wolf is able to see several kilometers in a distance, and they use this to be able to locate prey deep within small crags, nooks and crannies, jump down to the prey, then jump back atop to the surface. While their ears have evolved to be able to pickup small vibrations deep within the ground, to also assist in the hunting of prey. Their noses are also developed in a similar manner, being able to pick up the faintest of scent underneath the rocks to determine the exact location of prey, as well as the respective species they belong to.

A rather unique trait of the Wendstone Wolf compared to other canine species on Haven is the texture in which their fur takes. Rather then having a soft, hair-like feeling, a Wendstone Wolf's fur feels like small pebbles and other rocky materials, giving it a very rough and grainy texture. With this fur, a Wendstone Wolf can withstand the many small pebbles and rocks that are flung towards them during the more windy days and nights of their respective native environment. The eternal organs of the Wendstone Wolf are also specially developed to withstand the harsh environment.


The Wendstone Wolf is a very calm and collected creature, often times pursuing prey in a very calculated manner, keeping watch over the unfortunate creature they have chosen, searching for the slightest sign of weakness in its guard. Once it detects an opening, it will pounce upon its prey with great speed and power, tearing it to shreds. If a creature is deemed to much of a threat, or too much effort to take down, then the Wendstone Wolf will simply ignore them and continue onward.

Along with their calm nature when hunting, the Wendstone Wolf is very calm and calculated in all aspects of life, always searching for the optimal way in doing anything from crossing the triecious landscape of their native environment, to locating precious sources of freshwater. Whenever a Wendstone Wolf is fortunante enough as to encounter another one of their kind, they will enter what's known to the Haven populace as a "welcoming ritual," which in-turn involves the two to bow their heads at one another, then proceed to examine the other, then wander off back to a different location.

Wendstone Wolves are very solitary creatures, often times spending their entire lives by their lonesome, many times living a full life without even mating once, however, this is not always by choice as the Wendstone Wolf population is so low it is oftentimes difficult for two compatible partners to be able to come into contact with each other. Whenever a Wendstone Wolf is so lucky to encounter a mate, then the two respective Wolves will spend the remainder of their lives together, having several litters of pups together in a shared rocky den of their creation. Typically, a female Wendstone Wolf will have litters of three to six pups, and it will typically take around sixteen standard years to reach maturity, as the Wendstone Wolf is long lived for a canine species. Once a Wendstone Wolf reaches maturity, it will depart from its mother and father, then begin to hunt and search for their own mate among the endless rocky outcroppings they call home.